Doubles Domination

Bob Allcorn, a resident of Naples, Florida and Montclair, NJ has published a new book that collects the very best doubles tennis tactics, strategies & formation

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2020 / — Bob Allcorn, a life-time resident of Montclair has published a new book that collects the very best doubles tennis tactics, strategies, formations, set plays and mental tricks learned from the best pros all over the world – not just ideas from one pro, but the best of the best of all ideas from over 1,000 hours of lessons with more than a hundred pros and researching every book ever written going all the way back to Bill Tilden in 1929 – all explained in an easy to comprehend and easy to learn format.

Doubles Domination: The Best of the Best tips, tactics and strategies, published by BookBaby, is now available online. From turning the losing set into a championship point to improvising the game through the upper psychological edge, this guide is a complete synthesis of everything that a doubles’ tennis player needs to know to win at all club and tournament levels.

“It is not your usual guide on tennis tips, tricks and tactics; it is a quest of what it takes to be the best of the best, to evolve your game—and inspired from the biggest and known names and mavens of the game,” Bob Allcorn said. Benefit from the acumens of world-class pros by getting their insights. The author has taken lessons from hundreds of pros around the world and has compiled the best tips, tactics, strategies, and set plays in one easily readable book. Even if you apply just some of the many ideas, you will observe a dramatic improvement in your game. The book reveals the tips and techniques of top doubles’ players.
The in-depth insights include all aspects of the doubles game – serving, returning, server’s partner, returner’s partner, poaching, fake poaching, squeezing, pinching, targets, drills and plateaus.

About the Author:
The author, a dedicated doubles player and former successful litigator, has taken the same keen eye he used during his 40 year litigation career and during his writing of 800+ page treatise on litigation strategies and applied those tactics to use on the tennis court. He has taken information from pros all over the world, including Martina, the Bryan Brothers, Gigi Fernandez, Nick Bolletieri, former All-Americans and many pros who specialize in doubles tactics.

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