Dying, Meeting God, and Going Back to Life

I Was Scared to Death When I Died: The True Story of Bryan Killebrew

I Was Scared to Death When I Died: The True Story of Bryan Killebrew

Bryan Killebrew’s account of his encounter with death

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When we think of stories about death, what usually comes to mind is the macabre, morbid, gruesome accounts. This one is different. The book I Was Scared to Death When I Died: The True Story of Bryan Killebrew gives us a journey on a narrative like no other. Bryan Killebrew got his fair share of media attention for this story. And through the book, readers will understand why.

It all revolves around Bryan Killebrew’s story, who is also the author of the book, and an account of his “true” death experience. It begins with a short chronicle of his childhood, where he shows that he actually didn’t lead an extraordinary life before. Like the usual 16-year-old kid, he also didn’t care much about the world around him. But different things can happen to us, regardless of our expectations. And most certainly, Killebrew didn’t expect he’d “die” at a very young age. He was just peacefully eating his bowl of goulash when he suddenly became unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital. Later, the hospital declares him dead. But this is where the story completely took a different route. God lifted him during those moments and asked him if he would like to meet Him.

Bryan Killebrew grew up in Arkansas. His interests are the things you’d usually expect with many other kids—baseball, boating, football and fishing. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. But it all changed when he experienced a glimpse of God through his first “death.”

The book is an interesting take on life, death and faith. Killebrew goes as far as showing us every detail of his supernatural experience. Readers who are enthused by miraculous stories can definitely look forward to Killebrew’s account of his unanticipated spiritual journey.

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