Jean Fallacara Joins Biohackers Update as the Company’s Chief Operations Officer

Jean Fallacara acquires Biohackers Update Magazine and become the COO

Biohackers Update Magazine

Subsequent to the Acquisition, Author and researcher Jean Fallacara joins the BIOHACKERS UPDATE team

I'm excited to begin the new year as the company's Chief Operations Officer. I’m looking forward to helping the company reach new heights and grow alongside my highly talented team members”.”

— Jean Fallacara COO

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 21, 2021 / — Subsequently of the acquisition of the Magazine, Neuroscientific researcher, calisthenics athlete, and author Jean Fallacara joins BIOHACKERS UPDATE, offering his extensive knowledge and experience in biohacking and business management. The magazine aims to share all the essentials from the biohacking world to the community, including hacks, updates, and trends. All articles are backed by true user-based stories and science and are posted on one easy-to-find resource.

Fallacara comes with a rich academic background in genetics, biotechnology, neurosciences, immunology and, biochemistry. He uses biohacking, neuroplasticity, cognitive functions, nature, and technology to enhance his clients' physical performance to help them feel and look their best.

Talking about his new position at BIOHACKERS UPDATE, Jean Fallacara stated, "I'm excited to begin the new year as the company's Chief Operations Officer. I will oversee all investment and growth of the company's influence and reputation. Investor outreach, writing growth, public speeches, and expansion plans are all a part of my portfolio. I’m looking forward to helping the company reach new heights and grow alongside my highly talented team members”.

With a BSc in Biochemistry, Sc. B. in Immuno-Pathology, MSc in Genetics, and P.Eng in Biotechnology, Fallacara also has several certifications. This includes Neurobiology—Understanding the Brain from the University of Chicago, Neuroscience—Biohacking Your Brain from The Science of Sport University Colorado.

Jean Fallacara has years of experience in using technology products for the science business. He is also the founder of Cyborggainz. This is an online platform that applies functional neuroscience to sports and fitness. Cyborggainz is designed to offer personalized workout and meal plans to the members. The platform also offers an exclusive CYBORG package compromising biohacking and mindset changing strategies to help people boost their mental health as well.

His researched publication, "Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock," was a top pick on AMAZON, KINDLE, and other platforms. This book highlights neuroplasticity and biohacking. Fallacara opens up about his struggles to combat attention deficit disorder (ADD), how he helped those around him during challenging situations, along with insightful information on mind training and calisthenics.
Those looking to take a step forward on the journey of mind and body transformation can contact Jean Fallacara through the information given below.
About Jean Fallacara
Jean Fallacara is a biohacker, athlete, speaker, and CEO of Z-SC1Biomedical, backed with over two decades of experience in the fitness and tech industry. He's been working as an experienced professional focused on tech-based products for the fitness business. Fallacara has established and led many science-technology companies. He’s also authored the book ‘Neuroscience Calisthenics.’

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