A Boy of the Same Feather

Little Billy and the Birds

Little Billy and the Birds

A tale of a young lad who is friends with beaky fellows

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — When a kid makes friends, all of us would think of and imagine them talking to and playing with other kids, in the schoolyard, out on the street, and online over the internet. These friends and the interactions they all share are all critical parts of childhood and can shape the way their lives turn out as they get older. For one special boy however, said friends are feathery, beaky fellows in the form of birds! This is the story of author T. Steele Petry’s book Little Billy and the Birds.

After he retired from years of caring for adult patients as a physician, T. Steele Petry turned his attention to pursuing the arts he is passionate about: painting on canvas using acrylic paints and putting words onto paper in the form of poetry. His written work eventually expanded into the “Little Book” series, which started with a book called Little Sally on Safari, and has since spanned more than eleven volumes of different tales designed for kids aged two to seven.

Little Billy is an educational book about a boy who regularly meets up and interacts with his bird friends. As the reader flips through the pages, they are taught different facts and information about our avian friends, using large, readable letters and colorful, pleasing photos that make it very easy to follow the story. Whether it is read out loud or just followed with the eyes, this book will hold the attention of kids for hours on end while teaching them about feathery fellows!

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