A Boy’s Best Friend

Little Dougie and the Dogs

Little Dougie and the Dogs

The story of a little boy who befriends canine companions

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There is a saying that describes dogs: “Man’s best friend.” In reality however, dogs are everybody’s best friends, especially kids who at a young age can connect with our canine companions and treat them not just like friends but siblings even. One exceptional kid named Dougie takes this to a whole new level in the story of T. Steele Petry’s Little Dougie and the Dogs, an educational tale of a boy who goes to the dog park and meets different canines, teaching the reader about them in the process.

T. Steele Petry has been painting and writing ever since he retired from being a physician after years of service in the health and medical industry. Painting and writing have occupied Petry’s time since hanging up the stethoscope so to speak, which resulted in this and over eleven other books that are all part of what he calls the “Little Book” series. This collection of books for kids (and kids at heart) from ages two to seven all serve to educate and entertain about the many topics they cover.

The story is about Dougie, a boy who loves talking to dogs and exploring the world in the process. He goes to a dog park and meets many different canine buddies, from a German shepherd to a golden retriever, and lots more in between. Each illustration of a dog, which is an original painting of each, is accompanied by very useful information that can be easily read and understood by young readers.

If you and your kids like dogs, then this book along with the rest of the series belong in your shelves so get yours today!

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