A Foray into the Forest

Little Freddy in the Forest

Little Freddy in the Forest

The story of a boy who regularly explores the woods

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Most kids these days will spend time on their digital devices, surfing the net or playing video games. But there are kids who drop their gadgets and switch it out with what they find in their backyard, investigating the bushes and flowers, and communicating with the insects and birds. For one inquisitive little boy however, the backyard isn’t enough to contain his enthusiasm and instead regularly goes to the forest to satisfy his appetite for knowledge. And his story is told by T. Steele Petry in the book Little Freddy in the Forest.

T. Steele Petry is a physician turned painter and poet after years of providing medical care as a health professional and retiring after he had fulfilled his oath and more. Switching out a stethoscope for some acrylic paints and a pen, Petry now pursues his passion for the arts, a result of which is his “Little Book” series that includes this one with Freddy. This series for kids, a collection of eleven books, contains Petry’s poetry and illustrations, and was made straight from the heart of a passionate storyteller.

The titular Freddy loves nature and every day he goes out and explores, not to fish or hunt, but to observe and learn. He is so comfortable with the wilds that he arrives safely at home every night! The entertaining words of Petry’s poetry can be easily read with its large font and the illustrations reminiscent of other great children’s works are definitely going to captivate any reader flipping through the pages.

It is a book that can stoke the fires of curiosity and exploration in any child. Get your copy today!

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