A Jungle Gym of a Different Kind

Little Jenny in the Jungle

Little Jenny in the Jungle

A story about a girl whose playground is the world

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — When a child plays, they are not just trying to amuse themselves and have fun. They are actually learning about the world, indulging in their curiosity and creativity that can both help shape the way they grow moving forward. Normally, kids would play and explore in many different ways, in different places, the most common of which is the typical playground or jungle gym. For one girl however, jungle gym takes on a very literal meaning! And author T. Steele Petry’s book, Little Jenny in the Jungle, shows exactly how.

Petry, a painter and weaver of words through poetry, is a retired family physician. After years caring for patients 35 and older, Petry now focuses on pursuing his passion for the arts, putting acrylic paints on canvas to create beautiful art and writing books that reflect his love for poems. His “Little Book” series, of which this latest book is a part of, now spans eleven books and all show the love and care he used to give his patients as a medical professional.

The book is about a girl named Jenny whose playground are the jungles of South America and Africa. It teaches kids, and even adults, about different animals and plants found within the wilds of those regions, using beautiful photos and rhyming words that everyone can enjoy! Large fonts and clear pictures make the book easy to read and understand. Joining Jenny in her adventure will surely be a delight to kids who love animals!

This educational and entertaining book is a must-have for kids. Get a copy of Little Jenny in the Jungle today!

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