A Safari Adventure

Little Sally on Safari

Little Sally on Safari

A story about a girl who gets lost and is found by animal buddies

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kids love exploring, especially in the formative years of their youth when their minds are craving to learn more about the world. Sometimes when this happens, they get lost, whether they’re just running around in the mall or straying too far in the park or the playground. For Sally however, her exploration led her to get lost in a safari where normally people would need a lot of outdoor skills to get out of. This is the story of author T. Steele Petry’s book, Little Sally on Safari.

For years, Petry worked in the medical industry as a health care physician, providing service and advice to adults. When he decided that he had worked in this field long enough, he retired and put his energies to pursue his other passion: the arts! Petry turned to painting acrylics on canvas and writing poetry, with the latter leading to the creation of the “Little Book” series. This collection of now more than eleven books is composed of entertaining and educational books, the first of which is this story.

The tale is about a little girl who wanders around her home in Africa and in the process, gets lost. However, being a friend of the animals of the wild, Sally knew just who to ask for help to get back home! The book shows Sally talking to different animals, using their traits and talents to aid her on her way, with the story told using large font text for easy reading and illustrations made by Petry himself.

It is a book that both adults and kids alike will definitely enjoy. Get your copy right now!

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