Kovels.com Top 14 Antiques & Collectibles Searches in 2020

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Kovels Top 14 antiques & collectibles searches for 2020

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Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2021

Kovels.com examined their most searched-for items of 2020. Here are 14 antiques and collectibles categories that collectors are looking to buy or sell.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, US, January 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Kovels’ Top 14 list is based on hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on Kovels.com in 2020. The searched-for categories offer a glimpse into what collectors are looking to buy or sell. With more than 1 million prices, collectors go to Kovels.com, the Internet’s best source for expert-reviewed antiques and collectibles prices and information.

Kovels’ Top 14 list reflects a year in which collectors had time to value old collections and maybe find some new passions. Depression glass is the top search, followed by colorful McCoy pottery. Remember, a search can either be for buying or selling. Collectors look for ceramics, glass, bottles and toys that they want to identify as valuable. Common everyday pieces, especially those with any flaws, are hard to sell. But the rarities such as Flambe Red or other specialty Wedgewood, Satsuma vases more than 18 inches tall, working vintage or antique stoves, 18th-century or earlier Delft (most modern Delft isn’t made in Holland) and old working toys in good condition sell well. Interest in newer collections is reflected in Pyrex being in the top 14.

Kovels’ Top 14 list for 2020:

1. Depression glass
2. McCoy pottery
3. Wedgwood
4. Lefton
5. Occupied Japan
6. Ironstone
7. Nippon
8. Haeger
9. Satsuma
10. Dinnerware
11. Stoves
12 Delft
13. Pyrex
14. Toys

For detailed information on specific types of antiques and collectibles such as furniture, pottery, glass or toys, visit Kovels.com and view the specialized “Identification Guides.”

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