Survival on a Whole New Level

Easter Armageddon

Easter Armageddon: Challenges and Choices of our Times

A time warp sends a man to a world that forces him to survive

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, February 18, 2021 / — Many of us have forgotten our connection to nature, having been used to what the modern world has given us. Life is easy, for the most part, not having to think where to get water, food, shelter, and light when the sun goes down. What would happen if all that is taken away, and on top of that, you are transported to an entirely different world you’re not familiar with? This is the story of Easter Armageddon: Challenges and Choices of our Times by author Lyle Fugleberg.

A 45-year veteran of the architecture industry, Lyle retired from the award-winning company he founded in Winter Park, Florida, and took to writing, sports, and volunteering for community service afterwards. The aim of many of his works is to start dialogue among people on how to start saving Mother Nature for this generation and beyond. It is his life passion to save the Earth and this is reflected in all his writings, including this book.

Easter Armageddon: Challenges and Choices of our Times is about outdoorsman and Eagle Scout John Anderson. While on a fishing trip to seek answers to questions about his spirituality, he unwittingly stumbles upon a time warp that not only transports him through time, but also to a virtually different environment. With rescue almost guaranteed to be impossible, John must survive using only his skills, his wit, and his determination.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, suspense, and an overall good adventure story, then this book is for you. Grab yours now!

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