Author L.C. Renie Talks About Mental Health Issues

The Author of "Tides Beneath Unshattered Love" talks about mental health issues. L.C. Renie is a big supporter of mental health treatment

USA, February 19, 2021 / — L.C. Renie, who has been described as one of the most exciting new authors on the planet is set to release her new novel in 2022. Her new book which has been described as a thriller suspense romance is set to be released in February 2022.

"Tides Beneath Unshattered Love" tells the story of Dr. Alexandria Belmont who will question her lifelong friendship with Samantha. She will discover the connection between sultry-voiced Alessio, Samantha, and her ex-husband, Frederick Montgomery.

L.C. Renie is not just an author, she is also a big supporter of mental health issues. So, we decided to sit down with her and talk about mental health issues and how writing can help.

1. L.C. Renie, first of all, can I ask how you have been dealing with COVID19 Pandemic and has it affected your mental health in any way? Thank you for asking. For the better part, I’ve dealt with the safety change lifestyle wearing a mask to protect others and keep a lot of hand sanitizers handy. I’m an essential public health worker frontline food defend inspector in the food processing industry. Whereas, my life is on the line every day to ensure food safety measures aren’t compromised and all food processing establishments are in regulatory compliance. I enjoy serving in the public health sector and before the pandemic I volunteer to organize and sponsor feeding the homeless people without permanent shelters. As far as my mental state of mind, I’m blessed that I’m not affected mentally and can perform my job duties proficiently with social distance, handwashing, and wearing a mask as part of my regular attire.

2. You are a big supporter of mental health issues, how do you spend your spare time helping mental health awareness? Virtual Take Action Advocate during and before the COVID19 pandemic with reputable non-profit organizations and participate in outdoor activities to raise funds before the pandemic, and any other avenues to bring awareness of such causes.

3. With the COVID19 pandemic, do you believe there has been an increase in the number of people who suffering from Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health Issues? I’m not a licensed psychologist, but yes, if not worse because confinement or isolation of any kind involuntarily may trigger severe mental stress and depression. If someone is already diagnose with psychosis may cause an increase in anxiety and other symptoms, but a normal mental person may experience minor temporary symptoms. Everyone mental state tolerance level are different and the will to keep healthy.

4. How can anxiety affect a person’s way of life? Anxiety can take up a lot of space in someone life if they don’t acknowledge there is something mentally not functioning correctly. From my personal experience, anxiety is a horrible feeling anxious mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have to stop everything and meditate to relieve that undesirable emotional feel. I take long walks without thinking about work, chores, and things of this world, because tomorrow has its own cares. Hopefully, others find healthy natural ways to relieve anxiety to gain a peaceful mind and peace with inner self.

5. Do you feel social media platforms have a duty to look after the mental wellbeing of their users? Well, when children are involve with social media bullying from peers or any other person, it would be wise for parents to intervene. Social media situations can become political. I stay away from politics. I use social media for business purposes only.

6. Each year more than 800 000 people commit suicide, why do you think that figure is so high, and what can be done to reduce that figure? A lot of people worldwide suffer from some sort of degree of depression and those who has severe mental illnesses may feel emotional helpless, in isolation, and some medication side effects may cause suicidal thoughts. Any one feeling mentally ill, is wise to consultant with their primary care physician for further evaluation or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress.

7. Men are ten times more likely to commit suicide than women, why is that? Number one experience with men in my family, refuses to go to the doctor for anything, it’s must be life-threatening, men shy away from talking about how they feel in my family. I would think many other men feel the way they do as though it’s a weakness, not manly to share their personal deep inner feelings even when there is a mental problem and don’t wont to burden others. Whereas, it just as easy to not want to exist, than to talk about their emotions and mental state of mind. Women, on the other hand, I am not afraid to share and talk about not feeling well. It’s okay, not to be okay, but it is necessary to get the appropriate medical care needed in order to be healthy for yourself and family.

8. If someone has reached a point where they think ending their life is the only solution, what would you say to them? First I would ask can I give them an agape hug to show compassion and willing to listen and let the individual know he/she isn’t alone. Offer professional medical help or advise them to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if not comfortable talking to me and all calls are confidential.

9. How important is it that someone seeks helps when struggling with their mental health? Extremely, important to get the appropriate medical evaluation and to prevent harming one’s self or others.

10. As an author you are well-aware of how helping can help with mental health, but can you share with those that suffer from mental health how it can help? It’s easier to isolate or ignore there’s a mental disturbance, as a little girl living with a love one that stuffed with schenzphenia delusions and hallucinations wasn’t easy, but with patience, love, commitment and medical support system helped in many ways to prevent any danger to self and others to convince love one to get psychiatric care and to commit taking medication as prescribe, but the reality with meds sometime may cause adverse side effects. It’s possible to manage mental illness, if you’re seriously committed in health-wellness there’s hope.

11. I have heard that Expressive writing can help with mental health, can you explain what is expressive writing and how can it help? Expressive writing of deep inner thoughts and emotions. My personal experience is writing to my potential novel readers, I can open up to share the character thoughts and raw emotions in writing “Tides Beneath Unshattered Love” is a mental healing for me personally, what I mean is witnessing a love one stuffer that way as a child affected me mentally in distress. Writing the novel is therapeutic, helps relieve my mind of things I can’t control but helps with patience to accept the thing I can’t control and enjoy the one’s I can, if that make sense. Mental health treatment is similar to sobriety making a commitment to self towards wellness. Writing your thoughts on paper may help some individual, whereas, reading a good book to escape into someone else’s world can be relaxing and healthy for the mind.

12. Men who suffer from health issues are less likely to seek help compared to women, how can we fix this? It takes love, patience and convincing to get the necessary treatment that is needed. Providing mental health education pamphlets to read and reassure there’s a loving support system in the family working together without judgement. Men can be stubborn to the core, but I believe in commitment may help those who really wants help and to live hopeful.

13. Would you like to see Government around the world do more to tackle mental health issues? Yes!

14. You are currently finishing off your novel “Tides Beneath Unshattered Love PARIS”, which will be coming out in early 2022, has writing the book helped you deal with the problem of the COVID pandemic? Yes, it has. I started writing during the lockdown, even though I’m an essential worker which was mandatory to work throughout the shutdown, thus far. I write to share my heartfelt thoughts, that may touch the lives of others who may feel mental isolation in silence or depression consumes their whole life from enjoying the things they take pleasure in… this novel is dedicated to everyone because we all at some point has experience minor if not severe anxiety, depression, or mental suicidal thoughts. My heart goes out to every reader to encourage hope and one love.

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