Non Profit Launches Business Pandemic Preparedness System

Press Conference June 1st, 2021, 11:00 am EST; the world needs pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and universal safe business practices.

We have to change the narrative. We need to take the politics out of our governance. We need to come together as a community if we are to be successful.”

— Steve Anderson

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 31, 2021 / — Over the past year, SmALL businesses have felt helpless, hopeless, unsupported, and confused. Witnessing the pain and challenges felt and faced by honest, hardworking people in our communities, it became very clear we MUST take action. This sparked the inception of the organization called Social Distance Management (SDM).

Edward Henry Company (EHCO) has made the decision to give away all licensing rights and intellectual property of SDM, which includes Social Distance Advisory (SDA), Social Distance Compliance (SDC) systems, and research to SmALL Business is Essential (SBE).

SDM believes that all businesses need universal compliance measures to operate safely during a pandemic and other unprecedented times. By having access to these practical systems, SBE will have the resources it needs to develop the support for all businesses. ALL businesses are essential, and business continuity is the focus. Any opportunities managed from these systems will help all businesses secure and implement adequate steps to stay open, thrive, and have their voices heard.

The Journey of Social Distance Management

In March of 2020, EHCO started SDM with a mission to stand by businesses. Two months later, on May 11, 2020, with extensive research, collaboration and data collection, they released their first version of universal compliance standards.

Under SDM, sub-resources, including SDA and SDC systems, were established to display universal compliance guidelines and assess the threat levels in specific areas to protect the population. The idea to start SDM came from the utmost care about people and businesses, not from a political approach. Universal health measures and the life of our economy are not two isolated conversations. It is ONE conversation.

To contribute to the information gathered, in July of 2020, a Research Internship was formed to discover and outline details on various businesses in Canada and the United States. The outcome of the research included details which contributed to SDC, such as further development of safety protocols, requirements for operation, compliance measures, capacity limits, and PPE requirements. SDM used the data collection to create additional tools, such as self-assessment audits that provide a checklist for what businesses need to stay compliant and operate safely.

Taking its cue from other systems such as ISO, Homeland Security, The World Health Organization, and research from John Hopkins University, SDM developed its Advisory system. This system was developed with the intent to assist businesses and communities in preparing for crises and mitigating restrictions. “There needs to be accountability to the decisions that are being made that affect our small businesses,” said President of EHCO, Edward Henry.

The Advisory system narrows in on the WHO’s Pandemic Phases and the Homeland Security system and uses five levels of risk and threat: low, moderate, substantial, severe, and critical. The colors associated include green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Each phase clearly defines which business practices, products, and services are considered essential and non-essential and the types of businesses permitted to open during each phase. The Advisory system is currently in the process of implementing data from John Hopkins University, along with data collected by other reputable models.

Despite the aforementioned systems, resources, and extensive research to support our findings, ambiguous guidelines still remain. Therefore, businesses are left without genuine reasons as to why they cannot safely reopen and recover.

A Multi-faceted Problem Requires Innovative Solutions

Stand By SmALL Businesses and Our Communities

SmALL Business is Essential

After spending some time in the development phase, SDM ventured out and sought support from government officials and local politicians. After COUNTLESS meetings and constantly being redirected elsewhere, it was time to take drastic action. Edward Henry states, “Limited power is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.” This year has been about a lot of the wrong things, and in the beginning, SDM was seen as a profit-making opportunity, and taking advantage of a terrible situation. The lack of change cannot continue. Coming together as a collective unit is essential.

For sustainable change to happen, SDM’s resources need to be placed in the right hands. They need to be placed with an organization that isn’t narrow minded, but bilateral with its thinking so sectors, such as health and business can come together. SBE is a not-for-profit association that operates based on three core pillars: pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and safe business practices. SBE aims to collectively arm small businesses with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely while envisioning economic recovery and stability through business unity.

This pandemic is not just a small business problem; it’s a world problem. The government’s attempt to segregate businesses into non-essential and essential classifications created ambiguity. This ambiguity initiated the thought that, not some, but ALL businesses are essential. As EHCO releases all of its SDM systems, traffic, assessment, and auditing models to SBE, a new leadership position begins. SBE’s goals encompass the severity of the issue at hand, which is why there is no better person for the job than Steve Anderson. As a Social Entrepreneur, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, and Community Champion, Anderson takes over as President of the not-for-profit association SBE. Edward Henry states, “My choice to recruit Steve Anderson was because of his character, coaching background, competitive nature to overcome challenges, and his experience with a multi-faceted range of individuals.” Speaking to Anderson’s character, he doesn’t make excuses. Steve is a good man, and SBE needs his character to bring everyone together.

Along with Anderson’s motivating character, he is the first African American to coach an Olympic team in indoor or beach volleyball and the first to win an Olympic Gold Medal in either practice. Anderson is highly committed to being the driving force behind SBE to support ALL businesses. He, along with the efforts of SBE, will pave the way towards a better normal.

Our current actions reflect our future results. If we don’t continue putting in effort and showing our care for our businesses, we will continue losing pieces of our community and, in turn, our economy. Small businesses have experienced unfair measures and restrictions, putting them at risk for permanent closure. Continuous lockdowns are not a solution. “This current pandemic has cost over $20 trillion because we were not prepared,” said Edward Henry. The definition of insanity is to perform the same actions and expect different results. “We will do this over again if we don’t start changing the way we do things,” he added. The focus needs to be on Social Distance Compliance and universal protocols to preserve business continuity. If we want an improved normal, we need to stand by SmALL businesses and our communities. There is no better time than now to help businesses transition from lockdowns and longer than expected restrictions.

Register for Zoom Press Conference

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Limited Space for TV Media only, call contacts below to confirm or email

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Drane Ranger Now Providing Septic Tank Cleaning Services to Commercial and Industries Properties in Houston

One of Texas’ finest in liquid waste services has expanded its services.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 / — Representatives with Drane Ranger announced today that it is now providing septic cleaning services to commercial establishments and industrial properties in Houston.

“We are excited to be able to offer septic tank cleaning and maintenance services to businesses too,” said Jeb Woods, spokesperson for Drane Ranger.

“Your septic tank performs an important function, storing and breaking down sewage so that it can be disposed of safely,” added Woods. “If you have septic tanks, they need professional attention from trained and experienced experts.”

Woods went on to explain that since poorly-maintained septic tanks will lead to system failure, which is very costly, it is imperative that individuals have their septic tanks regularly cleaned, drained, and inspected.

Drane Ranger, according to Woods, offers several services aimed directly at septic tanks, including regular services for commercial and industrial properties in addition to residential properties.

“Drane Ranger does not only septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas for residential properties, but also commercial and industrial properties as well.,” Woods revealed and added, “Our team is trained to handle all your septic tank needs in a professional and timely manner. Drane Ranger offers a full range of services for all parts of the septic tank system to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency.”

Drane Ranger is committed to the safe, responsible, and sustainable treatment and disposal of all non-hazardous wastewater. The company prides itself in complying with all local and state regulations in both our disposal methods and the certification of all our staff. Doing so ensures that customers receive the best experience possible but also helps Drane Ranger keep Houston and the surrounding areas beautiful for today’s residents and all the generations to come.

For more information, please visit: and


About Drane Ranger

Since 1985, Drane Ranger has been focused on two major components of a successful business: customer service and outstanding work. We ensure that your needs are met, whether that’s helping with that grease trap or handling your liquid waste that needs fast and proper disposal. We are always courteous and mindful of your customers and business.

Contact Details:

13911 India St
Houston, TX 77047
United States

Jeb Woods
Drane Ranger
+1 281-489-1765
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The Wait is Over! Book Two of the Vivianne Murphy Mystery Series has arrived

Real Estate, Dating, and Death book 2 cover

Real Estate, Dating, and Death is now Published and is Available on Amazon Books.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2021 / — In this, the second novel in the Vivianne Murphy Mystery series, a dead bride is discovered murdered at Vivianne and Venice's brokerage, a homeless family is found sleeping in a vacant house and Viv's mother, who is a force, is having open heart surgery.

On a personal level, Venice becomes romantically involved with Bryan, who is moving out of state and Vivianne becomes concerned Venice will follow him. That is, until Viv starts dating a former client who’s handsome, amusing, and insanely rich.

In some of the many subplots, Viv’s niece has a run in with a kidnapper, there’s a wedding, another murder, and a tense final act.

Paperback $9.99. Available for sale at, under Kindle eBooks. Click for book available in Kindle or paperback –

Kate Kenworthy
Ashley Addison Mystery Novels
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Paid To Die: The Exploits Of A Rock & Roll Bodyguard

Paid To Die Novel - The Exploits Of A Rock & Roll Bodyguard

Paid To Die Novel – The Exploits Of A Rock & Roll Bodyguard

Dwayne Warner, a bouncer in some of the toughest biker bars in Los Angeles County

Dwayne Warner, a bouncer in some of the toughest biker bars in Los Angeles County

On May 30, Paid To Die, the Rock & Roll Bodyguard novel, along with the release of the single Paid To Die, by The Tooners will be released for the first time.

The book reads like a premium cable TV mini-series and The Tooners’ song is a good theme song for it.”

— The Rock & Roll Rehab Blog

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 30, 2021 / — In 1978 a new style of music came to America from England. It was rude, obnoxious, and confrontational and the band spearheading this new British Invasion was set to tour the South, the least likely place they’d be welcomed. Anticipating a violent backlash to this coming culture clash, the band’s record label needed to hire a security team that could handle any situation that may arise. The man they chose for the job was Dwayne Warner, a bouncer in some of the toughest biker bars in Los Angeles County.

For twenty years after that historic tour, Dwayne’s brother, Neal Warner, co-founder of the L.A. multi-media band The Tooners, insisted Dwayne’s ever-expanding and exaggerated stories of life on the road needed to be recorded for posterity. But being a biker, the idea of being perceived as a “rat” was unacceptable and as a professional bodyguard who worked with bands such as Steppenwolf and Van Halen, telling tales about his employers was unprofessional so he adamantly refused to write about his experiences.

Neal, a professional cartoonist and writer, decided an acceptable alternative could be to write Dwayne’s stories in the form of a novel. Names, except for Dwayne’s, would be changed and the “facts” of what happened on the tour would be buried under a mountain of action-adventure movie-style scenes. Dwayne had imagined his memoir being titled Paid To Die and Neal’s band, The Tooners, had already recorded a CD (Rocktasia) which included the theme song to Paid To Die so that was chosen as the novel’s title.

The novel was written in 1999 and was intended to be an elaborate joke for Dwayne’s eyes only. Stories of experiences shared by the brothers were included in the book knowing that Dwayne would recognize, and hopefully appreciate, this very personal novel which included a lot of something the two brothers had in common; a very sick and twisted sense of humor. However, the joke was ultimately on Neal, the author, when his brother refused to read the novel citing plausible deniability fearing those caricatured in the book might recognize themselves and sue. The joke fell flat and was locked away on a hard drive for another 22 years.

Sometime in the year 2020, fourteen years after the sudden death of Dwayne Warner at age fifty, Neal Warner was self-quarantining in his home when he realized that if he were to die from the Cornonavirus pandemic, his finished novel, Paid To Die, the story about his only brother, would die with him. And so, on May 30, 2021, the 65th birthday of the late Dwayne Earl Warner, a limited edition printing of the novel Paid To Die along with a release of the single Paid To Die from the album Rocktasia by The Tooners will be made available for the first time.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

CONTACT: Dave Rudabaugh

Dave Rudabaugh
Unsigned Records Multimedia

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The Grazia Gazette: Hamptons will published six times this summer and be distributed in the New York’s East End and select locations through-out New York City.


The expectation to share everything is intimidating. It’s a constant pressure that takes real thoughtfulness to navigate.

— Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline

MONTAUK, NEW YORK, USA, May 29, 2021 / — Pantheon Media Group is proud to present the first-ever cover feature of Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons, a limited-edition iteration of GRAZIA USA targeted to and created for the most influential in America’s summer playground, featuring Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline in Salvatore Ferragamo.

In her first high-fashion cover feature, Cline, 23, wore a series of looks exclusively from Ferragamo’s 2021 pre-fall collection. In the cover interview by contributor Aaron Rasmussen, Cline speaks for the very first time about the experience of becoming famous – and finding love on set – in the middle of a pandemic.

Cline describes the tight-knit nature of the Netflix series’ set, and how the cast members continue to keep each other grounded in the whirlwind of Hollywood.

“The first season of the show felt like going and shooting an indie,” Cline says. “It was very tight-knit, so the filming of the first season felt very intimate in the best way possible. We really vibe with our crew and our cast, obviously. We immediately had chemistry, and we immediately started hanging out, which is amazing.”

“We all kind of started in the same place when we got the show,” she explains, “and we just stuck together. We're all going through the same thing and it just helps to have people around you who understand and who are there for you. We keep each other grounded and we hype each other up. We’re all each other’s best hype man.”

Although she worked as a child model for years, Cline says that the experience of fame in the 21st century – and the social media component that comes along with it – has been challenging.

“I’m still learning,” Cline admits. When it comes to engaging with fans in a healthy way. “It’s new territory for me.”

“The expectation to share everything is intimidating,” she continues. It’s a constant pressure that takes real thoughtfulness to navigate.”

Still, Cline is focused on being a star with staying power, in the model of ingenues-turned-A-listers like her role model, Scarlett Johansson. For her, staying grounded as a millennial mega-star requires a regimen of meditation, journaling, workouts, and other means of self-care.

“I’ve met a lot of women in my time here in LA – really independent, powerful women – and I admire that. Bottom line, just being able to be around that kind of energy and women who are such bosses is incredible,” she says.

Read the full feature on, or pick up the inaugural issue of Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons at Zero Bond, Soho House, and other exclusive locations in NYC and the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend.

Grazia is Italy's fashion bible, published by the Mondadori Group. For 80 years Grazia has remained in step with changing tastes season after season, style after style. At the top end of quality and design, Grazia is the most accomplished ambassador of the “Made in Italy” brand and is a preferred advertising vehicle for designer, fashion, and beauty companies. Thanks to its experience, excellence, and brand value, Grazia is the first Italian weekly magazine to extend its successful formula abroad with 21 editions worldwide in 23 countries, creating the most dynamic magazine network on the market and the global platform

Pantheon Media Group (PMG) is an independent next-generation media company that brings one of the most prestigious European fashion magazines to the biggest fashion market in the world. PMG is the exclusive publisher of Grazia USA, the latest franchise of the iconic fashion bible, first launched in Italy in 1938. Also uniquely focused on beauty, culture, society, status, celebrity, and luxury, Grazia USA publishes digitally first and later in print, with the release of the first of its quarterly 400-page magazines in 2021. Grazia USA does more than just inform and inspire an educated audience of influential readers: It is unlike anything the fashion industry in the United States has ever seen. We do not serve readers, we serve users. PMG is a 360-degree media business that is poised for the future, broadening storytelling into virtual and augmented reality, video, television, audio, e-commerce, live events, branded content, innovative advertising solutions and beyond. PMG is headquartered in New York City.



United States: Pantheon Media Group,

Betsy Jones
Pantheon Media Group
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‘The Road to the Crown’

True Stories from Young Pageant Queens Who Discovered How to Impact their Community Through the World of Pageantry

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2021 / — Meet Visionary Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Pageant Queen Trinity Bush and 16 beautiful Co-Authors, at their Nation-Wide Book Launch on June 2, 2021!

Trinity Bush, Pageant queen, affirmation writer, and kid CEO of Beyond What You Can See, launches her new book ‘The Road to the Crown’ on June 2, 2021. Leading a powerful group of 17 pageant beauties, Bush and her co-authors share their incredible personal stories of discipline, determination, and courage. This book is a page-turner that offers honest, fun, and revealing true stories of how each young lady found their confidence and their voice while competing for a crown and title.

You don't have to wait to be an adult to make an impact on the world. These authors challenge readers to think differently not just about the world of pageantry, but also about what it means to be beautiful from the inside out. At just six to fifteen years of age, these ladies share a fresh perspective on what it takes to wear a C.R.O.W.N. Read about the journey of a young lady who was completely nonverbal and how pageants changed her life, the beautiful and biracial redhead who boldly embraces her uniqueness, the high school student who embraced a fork in the road and discovered a new passion, and many other stories like this. This book provides answers to the questions so many parents are asking; what are beauty pageants really about and how can my child benefit from them? These are real-life examples and stories that will inform and inspire.

In this book, Bush shares her own experience of becoming the 2019 North Carolina National American Miss Jr Preteen and she shares her unique strategy for winning both a tangible and intangible C.R.O.W.N. Today, at 10 years of age, Bush is not only a pageant queen but she is also the CEO of Beyond What You See an audio affirmation and clothing company. She is also a philanthropist, national speaker, and educator.

“I am so excited that we are sharing our stories with so many aspiring pageant queens! Often, we think that pageants are all about mean girls, fake hair, and self-absorbed parents, but these are only the antics highlighted by reality TV. The world of pageantry is about confidence, grit, and perseverance. That's why our book 'The Road to the Crown' is so important. We're empowering others to realize that they can thrive and shine on their road to earning a crown”

The much-anticipated official launch of ‘The Road to the Crown’ features stories from Paris Ndu (Age 6), Sophia Audrey-Jean Sanders (Age 8), Jurnee Elyse Bush (Age 8), Alexandra Wilcox (Age 8), Twins Caylee and Abigail Hauck (Age 8), Reaghan Danee (Age 9), Jaksyn Brown (Age 9), Zaria Martin Riley (Age 9), Cortney Lisby (Age 10), Jazmine Vanessa Palma (Age 10), Jazel Bella Johnson (Age 10), Abigail Hauser (Age 11), Elyse Faith Woodson (Age 11), Laci Brown (Age 13), and Cloriesa Keith Darden (Age 15). These stories will inspire the young and old to dream big, make moves and create major change. Join our authors at the official launch and national release on June 2, 2021

Genre: non-fiction self-guide
Publication Date: June 2, 2021
Publisher: Raising A Mogul, LLC/Zandra Brand Publishing
Format: paperback. Digital available to readers in August.
Price: USD $20.00

For more information about the book launch and to request an interview email, contact:
Patrice Bush

About Trinity
Trinity Bush is the 10-year-old powerhouse hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. She holds many pageant titles and the ones she is proudest of are her 2018 Carolina Girls Rock Jr. Preteen and 2019 North Carolina Jr. Preteen titles. As a busy 5th grader at Southlake Christian Academy, Trinity is a girl who loves to discover new things. She loves science, American sign language, writing, and reading! Trinity uses her platform to speak to audiences about facing their fears and embracing self-confidence. Trinity is the founder and CEO of Beyond What You, LCC. The mission of Beyond What You See is to empower and inspire people to embrace their perfect imperfections, face their fears, and do it anyway. She is an accomplished keynote speaker, author, audio recording artist, and apparel designer.

Learn more and connect with Trinity at

Tamara Zantell
Raising A Mogul, LLC
email us here

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Author Felix Cipher is Lord of the Reads with Phenomenal new YA Fantasy Frolic "Heroes of MidAria"

Spellbinding series "Heroes of MidAria" centers around a crossbreed angel demon who finds himself compromised within a forbidden world.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 / — There is something special about young adult fantasy. Perhaps the limits YA authors set upon themselves deliver extra clever, humanistic stories more adult-oriented than some of their older counterparts?

YA fantasy definitively taps into our moral compass and provides an ability to stand up to the forces of evil—whether those forces are dark lords or hallway bullies.

Fantasy has often been a genre that transpires through travel and visiting unknown worlds of discovery and adventure. But sometimes, the most magical of places can be found right in the Middle Realms.

Nineteen-year-old Felix Cipher penned his first book entitled "Heaven's Demons" when he was a 15-year-old sophomore in high school. It boldly belongs to a series of 8+ future books Cipher intends to fulfill.

A basic teen, he describes himself as "an oddball who likes to waste any available time daydreaming, doodling, writing, and caring for all his beautiful snakes."

Four years later, Cipher has published a new action-packed fantasy adventure series entitled "Heroes of MidAria."

The spellbinding series centers around a crossbreed angel demon who finds himself compromised within a forbidden world.

Fantasy has the power to take us away—to escape, to make us reflect on our world in new and challenging ways, to fill us with awe and wonder about the beauties of the mystic.

Read this singular and spellbinding excerpt from "Heroes of MidAria" and enter a land of enchantment:

"In the strange and magical world of the Middle Realms, there are many diverse races of people that inhabit the lands. Humans, elves, dwarves, and plenty more civil creatures thrive on this planet. The different races are commonly viewed on a spectrum, and at the very ends of it, there are seraphs and demons. One exalted, and one feared. Every group in the middle of the gradient strives to be like the angels, as they are said to be pure-hearted and loving.

Unfortunately, what people know about these beings almost always comes from what they have been taught rather than based on experience. Because of this, it is often preached that a person can only be either good or bad, and anything in between isn't relevant.

It wasn't easy for Dacitrynn, who grew up in a very uncomfortable spot his whole life. Being a crossbreed of an angel and a demon isn't something that is welcomed in the world, especially since it is forbidden. After a lonely childhood of growing up as an outcast with the seraphs, it is finally time for Daci's life to change when he is banished from the High Lands following a public fight with his stepbrother that grew violent. However, even though Dacitrynn no longer lives with the angels, society below proves itself to be just as -if not even more cruel- than his birthplace, and hopelessness soon leaves him feeling defeated. Even if things eventually start to calm, there is always another stressor that makes its way into the half-demon's life, and at the end of the day, he can only find himself wandering back to the same two questions that have burdened him since the day of his birth:

"Is there truly a place for such a horrible monster like him in the world, and what use could his existence possibly serve?'

"Heroes of MidAria" keeps readers on the edge of their seats. For more information, visit

Felix Cipher
Felix Cipher is a basic teen, an oddball that likes to waste his available time daydreaming, doodling, writing, and caring for all his beautiful snakes. Inspiration to make this series derived from a myriad of interests. His work has served as an escape and an outlet over the years. Within his books, he finds it entertaining to ignore fantasy clichés while flipping them upside down on their heads. He frequently notices as a prominent theme and motivation within his writing is the idea of creating his own universe, and here, he has finally recorded the results.

Read the stellar review for "Heroes of MidAria" here

Adam Nelson
+1 212-645-8006
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Peter Fleming's Essays, Stories Explores Struggle with Depression

Insignificant Others by Peter Fleming

Insignificant Others by Peter Fleming

Insignificant Others - back cover

Insignificant Others – back cover

Peter George Eric Fleming

Peter George Eric Fleming

"Insignificant Others" portrays journey of healing from trauma, with servings of flippant humor

ONTARIO, CANADA, May 28, 2021 / — As he wrestled with depression and even contemplated taking his own life, veteran Hamilton Spectator contributor dug deep and pulled himself out of that pit. In doing so, he has compiled stories and essays that reflect on these experiences and took a life on their own. This resulted in "Insignificant Others," a simultaneously meditative and irreverrently humorous compilation that encompasses the author's struggle with suicide and his triumph.

"Insignificant Others'' is a collection of pieces written during Fleming's recovery from clinical depression. In that period, he wrote sixty works, with the cream of the crop compiled in the pages of "Insignificant Others," while the Irish-themed ones ended up in his first book "An Irish Tale and Other Stories." With his writings Fleming treats readers to a tapestry of intertwined stories and essays that he masterfully arranges to invoke the serendipitous nature of human experience. One of the stories is an excruciatingly hilarious depiction of the author's hip replacement, showing how Fleming coped with the process. This is one of the stories Fleming has read at Rebel's Rock Irish Pub in Hamilton, Ontario.

By writing this book, Fleming was not initially out to amuse or entertain readers but to save himself from the specter of suicide – and it achieved that goal. Now he offers readers everywhere these compelling and funny ruminations to give them both food for thought and loads of laughs.

"At the very least I think it will seize you, squeeze a tear from your eye, discombobulate your soul, mesmerize and finally throttle you senseless black and blue. From a Canadian guy, it's a real roller-coaster through heck (ahem) and if you haven't laughed yourself silly by the final page, I'll be thoroughly pissed!" Fleming says.

About the Author
Peter Fleming is a longtime writer, starting in student publications before pursuing his craft professionally. He started out freelancing for local magazines and newspapers, had a play produced by Brock University's Department of English and Drama, and became a writer and editor for a local advertising agency. He also taught special education for the Hamilton/Wentworth board of education.

BookTrail Agency
BookTrail Agency
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The two-minute version of the “Dear Earth” video for clean energy from space. Credit: Rod Pyle

The 42nd Annual Telly Awards. Credit: The Telly Awards

Video Spots Explain the Benefits of Clean and Unlimited Space-Based Solar Power to Our Planet

We’re thrilled to have won this award and hope to continue to spread the word about the importance of the National Space Society’s work towards a better life for everyone on our planet.”

— Rod Pyle, Editor-in-Chief, Ad Astra Magazine

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, May 28, 2021 / — The National Space Society announced today its “Dear Earth” campaign for space solar power has been named in the Best of Social Media category in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all venues and are judged by industry leaders from broadcast television, streaming networks, top production companies and other venues, including Netflix, Dow Jones, Complex Networks, A&E Networks, Hearst Media, Nickelodeon, ESPN Films, RYOT, Partizan and Vimeo.

The “Dear Earth” campaign, voiced by Samantha Clark, highlights the ways in which solar power generated in orbit and beamed to Earth can provide limitless, clean energy that will be affordable and drastically lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. In contrast to ground-based solar panels, orbital power stations can operate 24 hours per day all year long.

“This campaign is part of a series of video presentations the National Space Society is creating about the benefits of developing space,” said Rod Pyle, the producer/director of the spots and Editor-in-Chief of the society’s quarterly print magazine, Ad Astra. “We’re thrilled to have won this award and hope to continue to spread the word about the importance of the NSS’s work.”

Anita Gale, the CEO of the NSS, added, “We at the NSS feel it is very important to bring the broader public into what has long been an insufficiently publicized conversation—the importance of space to everyone on Earth. This is not just about exploring planets with robots and sending astronauts to the Moon—this aspect of space development will go a long way toward restoring our own planet’s environment and reducing the impact of greenhouse gasses on our atmosphere.”

Last year, The Telly Awards attracted more than 12,000 entries from top video content producers including Adobe, Adult Swim, the BBC, Condé Nast, J. Paul Getty Museum, PBS, Playstation, RadicalMedia, T Brand Studio, Ogilvy & Mather and The Walt Disney Company. The full list of the 42nd Annual Telly Awards winners can be found at

The National Space Society was founded in 1987 via a merger of the National Space Institute, founded to promote citizen support for the American space program, and the L5 Society, based on the work of space settlement pioneer Gerard K. O’Neill. The NSS is the preeminent citizen's voice on space exploration, development, and settlement. For more information go to

Rod Pyle
National Space Society
+1 626-399-4440
email us here
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Jackie Acho, Author of Currency of Empathy: The Secret to Thriving in Business & Life to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 / — Empathy is the missing link to innovation and inclusion, which are so elusive for organizations. Empathy is also a human superpower, the key to professional success, and desperately needed in our divided society right now.

Jackie Acho is the founder of the Acho Group and author of Currency of Empathy: The Secret to Thriving in Business & Life.

With Currency of Empathy, Acho makes the economic case for bringing more humanity to work.

“My goal in doing this work is to shift paradigms that aren’t serving us anymore,” says Acho. “We should not be leaning into systems that are degenerative to the human spirit. We should be changing those systems to become worthy of our time and energy, growing leaders who retain their humanity. Once you start investing in the relational currency of an organization, it doesn’t take long to unleash the human spirit. Those organizations are healthier and more profitable. They are great places to work.”

Acho admits empathy was not her professional starting point. As a student, she gravitated toward science and math. She earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT. Then McKinsey came recruiting. She loved the work and stayed a decade, the last 4 years as a partner.

“Empathy was not my education. It was not the overt focus of my early professional career,” recalls Acho. “My specialty was growth, innovation, scientific commercialization, strategy, and making exciting plans for the future. I enjoyed working on broad, real-world issues with people and making a difference.”

Acho would go on to launch her own consultancy. With the benefit of being able to choose with whom she was working, she chose organizations that had the highest capacity for realizing innovative plans. These organizations were often led by remarkably empathetic people, who inspired trust and collaboration rather than fear and competition.

“I chose CEOs who had the potential to do something special because they had this engaging quality,” says Acho. “Initially, I picked them because I admired how they integrated their lives. Most of the people I chose to work with were parents who had wonderful relationships with their kids, but also had great careers.”

Though she could recognize this quality in others, her long hours began to take a toll on her own family.

“There are two times in human development when empathy development in the brain is in overdrive: one is early childhood; the other is parenting young children,” says Acho. “My kids awakened my empathy. They pulled me into a better work and family balance than I could have achieved on my own. The empathy I developed – remembered really – as a hard-working yet hands-on parent was an unexpected gift, personally and professionally.”

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