SOS ThreeSixty Canada

Independent Schools

New Online Boundary Training Course & Workshop
Will Benefit NWAIS Member Schools

When everyone who’s part of a school is on the same page when it comes to safety – and shares the same understanding of their roles and responsibilities – it creates a healthy learning environment.”

— Avery Mann, co-founder of SOS ThreeSixty, Inc.

SEATTLE , WASHINGTON, USA, June 30, 2021 / — The Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) and SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. announce a new partnership to support, strengthen and empower teaching and non-teaching staff to have the safest and most meaningful relationships with students. The company’s new asynchronous online course, “Boundary Training for Schools: Creating a Culture of Safety” – along with an optional follow up workshop experience – will be made available to NWAIS member schools at 50% off the registration fee, with the association also receiving a portion of each course sold.

“Continuous improvement is a core value of our organization, and we aim to provide professional development programs that empower our member schools to be more successful,” said Emily McGrath, Associate Director of NWAIS. “We are thrilled to partner with SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. to offer this important boundary training course which will help our member schools have the best interactions with their students as they strive for exceptional teaching and extraordinary learning opportunities.”

The 30-minute, self-paced online course, designed specifically for independent schools, includes valuable safety resources that provide actionable steps that school communities could take immediately to become safer. Additionally, as part of the yearly administrative fee, schools have access to expert guidance on this subject, after the training, which provides learners with an opportunity to discuss any situation that may arise – or to address any questions.

“Establishing strong and healthy boundaries between teachers, school staff and students is fundamental to having a successful learning environment,” said Nicole Mann, co-founder of SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. “With practical and relatable examples and case studies, this boundary training will help protect everyone in the school and will leave all staff with a much clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities.”

The online course, which is applicable to all members of a school community, is available at $45.95 per staff member and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The yearly access and administrative fee of $995 (which will be discounted 50%) also allows schools to enroll additional learners at any time throughout the year. A Certificate of Completion – for insurance and legal requirements – is also included.

The Northwest Association of Independent Schools is a nonprofit membership association that provides accreditation, professional development and support services to over 110 schools in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. NWAIS shapes the future of education by fostering transformative school leadership and advancing, energizing and sustaining regional independent schools.

About SOS ThreeSixty, Inc.
SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. is comprised of individuals who have devoted their lives and careers to protecting children. Through a deep understanding of the unique privilege and enormous responsibility that comes with working with children and being an integral part of their present and future success, SOS ThreeSixty, Inc.’s programs are relatable and effective. The company creates boundary training courses for independent schools in the United States and Canada. For more information visit

Nicole Mann
SOS ThreeSixty Inc.
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Acclaimed Dating Blogger Melissa Braverman Release Notes From A Single Gal In The City

New Book Offers Fresh, Adventurous Take On Single Life For Thirtysomethings Today

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Inspired by her popular blog, Melissa Braverman announces the upcoming release of NOTES FROM A SINGLE GAL IN THE CITY – Reflections On Dating & Mating. Scheduled for publication June 30th, the book offers insights about today's dating culture as well as advice geared towards singles 30+ for navigating it.

With a dash of humor and sprinkle of adventure, Melissa provides a fresh take on putting yourself out there. Her stories will strike a chord with anyone juggling modern mores and a desire to meet someone special. From online dating disasters and the trials of texting to cheeky old flames, Melissa has been through it all. With a hopeful, optimistic tone, Notes From A Single Gal In The City illustrates how the journey to finding love is as important as the destination. selected Melissa as one of the Top Ten people to follow on Twitter for dating advice, second only to Her heartfelt, hilarious musings on garnered critical acclaim from dating and lifestyle experts.

“A funny, honest and insightful look at love and dating.” Kira Sabin, Positive Psychology & Singles Coach

“A crack-you-up funny storyteller whose relationship dramas could rival any of the Sex and The City girls.” The Lost Girls

“New York’s real-life Carrie Bradshaw!” Neal Bennington, NEALB.TV

Melissa has appeared in dozens of media outlets including The Associated Press, Latina Magazine, The New York Post, Time Out New York and The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, The Gayle King Show and The Judith Regan Show on Sirius XM, Fresh 102.7 FM/New York, KTLA-TV Los Angeles’ Morning Show,, and

Notes From A Single Gal In The City is available in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For author news and updates, visit Follow Melissa on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Melissa Braverman
New York City Gal
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“Business Model Shifts” Authors Promote Shift to Stakeholder Approach as Long-Term Stock Exchange Lands Early Supporters

Patrick van der Pijl

Business Model Shifts

Book Details Six Fundamental Shifts

Companies die because they’ve become fixated on fighting for their current business model rather than shifting to a more relevant one.”

— Patrick van der Pijl

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 30, 2021 / — The Silicon Valley-led Long-Term Stock Exchange scored two early supporters last week as tech giants Twilio Inc. and Asana Inc. agreed to dual list their shares on the new exchange as well as the New York Stock Exchange. “Business Model Shifts” author and CEO of Business Models Inc. Patrick van Der Pijl was not surprised. He and his co-authors detail the need for companies to shift from a short-term shareholder focus to a long-term stakeholder focus in their new book.

“Business Model Shifts,” recently published by Wiley, details six fundamental business shifts necessary to maximize customer value creation. Written during the global pandemic, the book’s authors argue that numerous factors — including the pandemic — are forcing organizations to recognize they can “no longer afford to stick with a single, static business model and expect to live very long.” Replete with case studies to bring each of the six business shifts into focus, van der Pijl and his co-authors engage readers in the services shift, the digital shift, the platform shift, the exponential shift, the circular shift and the stakeholder shift.

“Most public companies cater to their shareholders to the exclusion of almost any other goals,” the authors argue. “The stakeholder shift is a business model strategy that seeks to ensure that value is created for all stakeholders — customers, employees, partners, society and investors — simultaneously.” Case studies of Unilever, TOMS Shoes and Tony’s Chocolonely point to the success of this shift. “Shifting from prioritizing short-term profits for shareholders to prioritizing long-term value for all stakeholders requires ongoing effort.” The Long-Term Stock Exchange is designed to promote public companies successfully making that shift.

“Business Model Shifts” helps businesses create more lasting value for their customers while responding to the “new normal” post-pandemic. It is the third book from the Business Model Inc team, following “Business Model Generation” and “Design a Better Business.”

Patrick van der Pijl is the CEO of Business Models, Inc., a global business design firm with offices in The Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan and the United States. Justin Lokitz is the Managing Director of BMI’s San Francisco office. Roland Wijnen is Business Designer, and Maarten van Lieshout is a Creative Director at BMI. BMI’s first book, “Business Model Generation,” has sold more than four million copies, been translated into more than three dozen languages and was listed as one of the top 12 business books of all time by USA Today.

To request a review copy of “Business Model Shifts” or to schedule an interview with Patrick van der Pijl and his co-authors, contact Brant Menswar at bookstarPR at or 321-300-6279.

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As Self-Employed Numbers Explode, Renowned Photographer-Turned-Consultant Offers Essential Manual on How to Thrive

Jeffrey Shaw

The Self-Employed Life

Business and Professional Development Strategies that Create Sustainable Success

Being self-employed pushes more buttons and requires more personal growth than we can ever imagine.”

— Jeffrey Shaw

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 30, 2021 / — The May jobs report indicated a substantial increase in Americans choosing to be self-employed, according to economist Julia Pollak, and economists anticipate robust growth in self-employment will continue. Small business consultant and podcast host Jeffrey Shaw recently released the definitive guide for all those risk-takers looking to succeed in “The Self-Employed Life.”

Shaw, who spent 35 years as a preeminent photographer, turned his focus to helping others achieve success as self-employed and small business owners. He quickly realized there was too little in terms of support for his clients and the millions of other self-employed professionals. “Being self-employed is a unique experience,” Shaw noted, “underserved by business and self-help books.” He developed the Self-Employed Ecosystem, which he describes as “this trifecta of personal development, business strategies and daily habits.”

“The Self-Employed Life,” released in May by Page Two Books, walks those who are already self-employed and those contemplating the move through each part of the trifecta. Full of personal stories from clients and his own lifetime of self-employment, Shaw provides practical advice about both the challenges and opportunities that await those looking to be their own boss. “When living the self-employed life, we most often look to ourselves for the solutions we need, to find the information that will help us grow and the motivation to keep going,” Shaw said. “The paradox is that in this life of self-employment, it actually takes other people to help us go beyond our current state. We need others to see more in us than we can see in ourselves at this point. We need support and a community of people who understand.” Shaw provides that community not only through his book but through his podcast, training sessions and workshops, blog, and annual summit.

Jeffrey Shaw is the host of “The Self-Employed Life” podcast and the owner of his own consulting firm. He first book “LINGO” helps business owners define and attract their ideal customers. He is a noted TEDTalk speaker who gives numerous keynote addresses each year.

To request a review copy of “The Self-Employed Life” or to schedule an interview with Jeffrey Shaw, contact Brant Menswar at bookstarPR at or 321-300-6279.

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Cult of Dracula Issue 1

Cult of Dracula Issue 1

Source Point Press

Source Point Press

Rich Davis, Writer Cult of Dracula

Rich Davis, Writer Cult of Dracula



It’s witchy. It’s wyrd. It’s Helter Skelter within a hippie cult dedicated to an ancient blood goddess. You know Bram Stoker’s genre defining classic by heart, but you have no idea where this story is going!

Rich Davis – Author, Cult of Dracula

Praise For Cult of Dracula:

“It was tragic in the best possible way. The series has its bloody grindhouse moments so far, but where it rises above superficial shock is in it’s building sense of unavoidable doom. There’s so much pain and loss with the individual characters that you can’t help but feel some sympathy for the troubled lives they carry with them.” _ Gabriel Hernandez, Comical Opinions

“Cult of Dracula is not taking a straight line approach to adapting Stoker’s classic. There are angles aplenty, with narrative leaps & some impressively off-putting dialogue.” _ The Pull Box

“If you think all the bite has been drained out of vampires, think again! You haven’t read Cult of Dracula,” _ Wayne Hall, Major Spoilers

About Rich:
Rich Davis is the writer and creator of the underground horror sensation "Cult of Dracula" from Source Point Press. In a short period of time, he's built a reputation in the comic book industry as an innovator with a tireless work ethic. His first comic "Cult of Dracula" has sold more than 50,000 units and has been optioned by Sure Pictures for film development.

Source Point Press has exercised its option to publish his full, three volume Dracula saga. Rich also has upcoming comic book projects "Prometheus In Chains", "Shooter" and an untitled, depression era circus tale in development.

Rich has led an eclectic life. He founded a performing arts theatre, worked as a concert booker and a film producer. He's radio personality, an actor and a screenwriter. He even served as a campaign staffer for two Presidential campaigns! Now he gets to tell scary stories for a living.

Some might wonder at such an eclectic background, but he prefers to see it as an adventure!"

More information about Cult of Dracula and Rich can be found at: Cult of Dracula

To request additional review copies or an interview with Rich Davis, please contact Mickey Mikkelson at Creative Edge Publicity: / 403.464.6925.

We look forward to the coverage!

Mickey Mikkelson
Creative Edge Publicity
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A Time to Rise: Ashley Stephenson Releases the Guided Journal for Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time

Ashley M Stephenson

Ashley M Stephenson

Be Resilient Book

Be Resilient Book

Be Resilient Journal

Be Resilient Journal

Accompanying Her Hit Book, Ashley Stephenson is Helping Others Discover and Rediscover Their Path

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Hardships are inevitable. Everyone who is born into this world will face challenging times, feelings of defeat, worry, and everything in between. On the other hand, hardships produce resilience which empowers us to discover our true path and destiny. Nationally recognized author Ashley Stephenson is proud to announce the guided journal to supplement her recent book Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time, available at any major book retailer and on

The innovative self-development book dives into the powerful trait of resilience and its role in our lives. Straightforward, concise, and easy-to-digest, Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time provides a simple roadmap to help others deal with life's inevitable challenges and not only survive but thrive.

“Using your resilience threshold means to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. To evolve, you must know that discomfort is a sign of growth.” – Ashley Stephenson, Author

In the new guided journal, Ashley helps break down the topic of resilience into actionable items that readers can apply to their everyday lives, providing a gentle push to help readers develop or strengthen their resiliency skills to better equip them for the road ahead.

“This book beautifully defines the mindset of resilience-the powerful idea that our ideas can actually make us grow. Like a kintsugi life, the Japanese art of underlining the cracks of a broken object with gold, you too can heal your scars with gold with Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time.” – Céline Santini, Author of Kintsugi: Finding Strength in Imperfection

Through proof of concept, dedication to growth, and unwavering commitment to empowering others through personal development; Ashley Stephenson’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time.

To learn more about the Ashley Stephenson or Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time, please visit:

About Ashley M. Stephenson

Ashley M. Stephenson is an author, legal professional, and personal development specialist based in New York City. Over a decade of experience in the legal profession, Ashley’s unique perspective has allowed her to help others with grace and empathy on a path to discovering their own path and destiny. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post and several legal industry magazines. Her passion for all she does has landed her speaking events at community colleges as well as societal groups in various cities. In January 2021, Ashley released her hit book Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You're Running Out of Time, an easy-to-digest on developing and strengthening one's resilience which went on to see great success.


Ashley M. Stephenson
Be Resilient Book
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AACUC Announces Dean of the DEI Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals

Dr. Michelle Nearon

SNELLVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) today announced Dr. Michelle Nearon, the Associate Dean for Graduate Student Development and Diversity of Yale University, has accepted the position of Dean of AACUC’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals. The DEI Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals will invite financial professionals and industry partners to commit to change through further illuminating diversity, equity and inclusion.

“We are excited to have Dr. Nearon as our Dean for AACUC’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals,” said President and CEO Renee Sattiewhite. “Her experience in both teaching and administration makes her a perfect fit for our team. I look forward to working with Dr. Nearon to help expand our DEI footprint and social impact.”

Dr. Michelle Nearon is the past immediate Board Chair for Bethpage Federal Credit Union. She was named Board Chair in 2017, making her the first female to serve in this position. A skilled leader, Nearon joined Yale University in July 2008 as Assistant Dean and Director of the Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In June 2015 she was promoted to Associate Dean for Graduate Student Development and Diversity. She is a member of the Yale Board of University Health and serves as Chair for the Graduate School’s Climate and Inclusion Committee. She provides the strategic vision and leadership to build and maintain a supportive campus community where graduate students from diverse backgrounds and experiences are supported in their intellectual, social, and professional pursuits. Nearon received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in aerospace engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brooklyn Polytechnic University, respectively. She earned her Ph.D. from Stony Brook University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2000. After graduating, she remained at Stony Brook University until June 2008 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering while also simultaneously serving as the Director of Recruitment and Diversification for the University’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The AACUC is a 501c3 non-profit organization created in 1999 to increase the strength of the global credit union community through professional development and advocacy. It has become an all-encompassing organization for individuals (professional and volunteers) in Credit Unions, Insurance, Regulators, Consultants and other entities in the credit union industry. AACUC is considered a leader in the credit union industry adopting the 8th Cooperative Principle and providing knowledge of how credit unions can become more diverse and inclusive. Learn more at

Renee Sattiewhite
African-American Credit Union Coalition
+1 7707612769
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Toni Weisskopf Announced as Keynote Speaker for L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony

Image of the publisher of Baen Books, Toni Weisskopf, who was named as keynote speaker for L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony

Publisher of Baen Books, Toni Weisskopf, named as keynote speaker for L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony

L. Ron Hubbard Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony

Toni Weisskopf, Publisher of Baen Books, announced as keynote speaker for L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony on October 22 in Hollywood, CA.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 / — Toni Weisskopf, Publisher of Baen Books, will be the keynote speaker for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers & Illustrators of the Future Awards Ceremony this coming October 22 in Hollywood, CA.

Weisskopf was confirmed to speak at the awards event in 2020 which was postponed due to the pandemic. Upon confirmation, she stated, “As the publisher of Baen Books, I have worked with many Writers of the Future winners over the years, including one of our most prolific authors, Eric Flint. I look forward to taking part in this year’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future festivities.”

Baen Books has long been familiar with the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contest. The Contest and Weisskopf first connected up in 1989, when as a volunteer, she helped at the Writers of the Future Awards Event in New York City for the release of Volume 5.

“Having Toni speak at the awards event is a great fit,” stated John Goodwin, President Galaxy Press. “We have so many of our judges and winners who Baen publishes.”

Judges, past and current, published by Baen Books include: Eric Flint (Contest winner and now Judge), Nancy Kress, Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven, Andre Norton, Jody Lynn Nye, Fred Pohl, Jerry Pournelle, Tim Powers, Charles Sheffield, K.D. Wentworth, Jack Williamson, and Roger Zelazny. While Contest winners published by Baen Books include: Tony Compton, James Glass, Sean Patrick Hazlett, William Ledbetter, Martin Shoemaker, Eric James Stone, and Brad Torgersen.

Weisskopf was the featured guest on episode #100 of the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Podcast, which you can listen to here:

Founded by Jim Baen, Baen Books has been bringing readers pulse-pounding, thought-provoking adventures straight from the heart of science fiction and fantasy for decades. They sell more than 2000 books from over 500 authors published by 24 different companies.

The Writers of the Future Writing Contest was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, its sister contest, Illustrators of the Future, was created five years later to provide that same opportunity for the aspiring artist.

The intensive mentoring process has proven very successful. The over 500 past winners and published finalists of the Writing Contest have published over 1,800 novels and nearly 6,200 short stories. In addition, they have produced 33 New York Times bestsellers, and their works have sold over 60 million copies.

The 370 past winners of the Illustrating Contest have produced over 6,000 illustrations, 360 comic books, graced 624 books and albums with their art, and visually contributed to 68 TV shows and 40 major movies.

For more information about Writers and Illustrators of the Future, visit

Emily Goodwin
Galaxy Press
+1 323-466-3310
email us here

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The African Union Mission to the United States and Books For Africa Expand Joint Efforts

African Union Ambassador at BFA warehouse

The African Union Ambassador Her Excellency Hilda Suka-Mafudze is presented with a Books For Africa (BFA) t-shirt in commemoration and appreciation of her attendance and remarks at the warehouse grand opening event in Atlanta, Georgia. Pictured above fro

Partnership to support African Education and the Enhancement of the longstanding Cultural Relations Between the United States and Africa

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 / — The African Union Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Hilda Suka-Mafudze, served as the keynote speaker for the grand opening of the Books For Africa (BFA) Atlanta warehouse on June 26, 2021. The event took place against the backdrop of the celebration of the African Union 2021 theme of the year: “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want.”

Ambassador Suka-Mafudze met with Books For Africa leadership to discuss collaborative possibilities for improving educational opportunities across Africa, and praised BFA “for its noble mission and its unwavering commitment to education and a strong belief in Africa.” The Ambassador cited the late United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, who said "The gift of a book is a gift of hope…no development tool is more effective than education and literacy. When people are able to access education, they can break free from the cycle of poverty.” Ambassador Mafudze added that the African Union Commission partnership with Books For Africa is an eloquent recognition of the instrumental role that culture plays as a catalyst for the sustainable socio-economic development of the continent.

Books For Africa is the world’s largest shipper of donated books to the African continent and has shipped over 51 million books and served all African countries, since its founding in 1988. BFA has been rated as one of the top NGO’s in the United States by Charity Navigator, generating a top rating for nine years straight and rating in the top 4% of all United States charities as measured by transparency and efficiency. Partnerships with members of the African diaspora in the US and across the world has been critical to the success of BFA, with many diaspora members serving on the BFA board, raising funds, organizing shipments, and providing linkages to various African countries.

Ambassador Suka-Mafudze underscored during the event the African Union commitment to revitalizing the progress it has achieved in recent years in education, health and poverty eradication – progress which has been halted or reversed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am confident that with your support and commitment to this noble cause Books For Africa will continue to make a great impact in the continent,” she said. “You are an eloquent example of an effective instrument of soft public Diplomacy that contributes in enhancing the longstanding historic and cultural ties between our peoples and nations.”

The Ambassador also highlighted that the African Union Commission is “pleased to partner with BFA in whatever way we can to advance literacy and education across the continent.” The two organizations have partnered in several ways, including mobilizing key US stakeholders to deliver more books and securing BFA books for use at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. New initiatives are also being explored to expand education through such strategies as custom printing of books in local languages to deliver to children across the continent, as well as through triangular cooperation programs.

“We welcome and appreciate this opportunity to partner together to help ensure that more children and adults have access to information and the latest and most up-to-date digital content,” she said. “Let’s reinforce our partnership and capitalize on the longstanding and deep historic and cultural relations between our Nations, leverage Africa’s unique advantages including its diversity and widespread Diaspora, as well as U.S thriving knowledge economy, to build together more sustainable partnerships for the best interest of our people.”

About 200 people attended the event, which also included remarks from BFA Founder Mr. Tom Warth, Board President Ms. Joni Sussman and Executive Director Mr. Patrick Plonski. The BFA Warehouse band provided entertainment.

“We were excited to celebrate the opening of our new Atlanta warehouse, which is our gateway to Africa and its millions of students,” said Mr. Patrick Plonski. “Our new warehouse will dramatically improve our efficiency and allow us to automate our operation. It will also be a more effective work area for our thousands of volunteers.”

Mr. Plonski added that “we were grateful to have the African Union Ambassador Hilda Suka-Mafudze as our keynote speaker. We welcome our continuing close relationship with the African Union, which helps us to better serve book recipients across Africa.”

BFA has had its major warehouse in Atlanta for many years. It also has its office and smaller warehouse in St. Paul, Minnesota. Millions of donated books from all over the country are sorted, packed and shipped each year from the Atlanta warehouse to the Port of Savanah, where they are sent by cargo ship to students throughout Africa. Approximately 10,000 volunteers work at the warehouse each year. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the warehouse had the second-most volunteers of any non-profit in the Atlanta metro area.

Both Ambassador Suka-Mafudze and Mr. Plonski thanked BFA event sponsors and partners including Thomson Reuters, Vector Global Logistics, MK Management Company, the UPS Foundation, and Zep. The Ambassador and Mr. Plonski also cited the critical importance of the African diaspora as well as African philanthropists living on the continent for their generosity in raising funds to pay shipping costs to send books to every African country.

During the last fiscal year, BFA shipped 3.7 million books valued at over $38 million, along with 167 computers and e-readers containing 300,000 digital books to 20 African countries. More than $3.2 million was raised to ship the books.

Doug Stone
Books For Africa
+1 651-336-9907

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Bridge Publications and City of Commerce Community and Business Leaders Reach Out to Seniors With a Special Surprise

 Bridge Publications, the all-digital print-on-demand publishing house of author L. Ron Hubbard’s nonfiction works.

Bridge Publications, the all-digital print-on-demand publishing house of author L. Ron Hubbard’s nonfiction works.

Tamayo Restaurant in the City of Commerce provided special lunches for the seniors.

Tamayo Restaurant in the City of Commerce provided special lunches for the seniors.

Some of the volunteers who delivered the lunches to 93 seniors living at a nearby apartment complex

Some of the volunteers who delivered the lunches to 93 seniors living at a nearby apartment complex

An unexpected visit to a City of Industry senior complex this spring brightened the day of those on both the giving and receiving end.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 / — Many lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19, says Camila Gonzalez, public affairs director for Bridge Publications, the all-digital print-on-demand publishing house of author L. Ron Hubbard’s nonfiction works. Bridge wanted to do something special for the community and she reached out to local civic leaders as the city was beginning to reopen to find out what project they would like to get behind. Councilman Hugo Argumedo answered immediately—something that will help the seniors. Many older people lack resources or families to look after them.

“This gave us the idea of how we could help in more than one way,” says Gonzalez. She and the other staff at Bridge had already been brainstorming about doing something for nearby Tamayo Restaurant and Art Gallery. Any other time, Tamayo’s would be brimming with customers enjoying their cuisine and ambiance.” But this was before restrictions lifted, and a year of COVID protocols has been very hard on the restaurant industry, trying to survive by providing takeout alone followed by indoor dining at reduced capacity.

Bridge raised the funds to provide a Tamayo lunch to 93 residents of the Rosewood Park Senior Apartment Complex and with the help of restaurant president Humberto Veloso selected the menu and worked out the planning.

Councilman Argumedo pulled together a team of volunteers to deliver the lunches, including his wife Jessa, who also arranged for a truck to come to the restaurant and pick everything up.

Pauline Rodriguez, manager of the Rosewood Senior Apartment Complex, confirmed the time and date and made arrangements to oversee the entire affair.

“I want to thank Bridge Publications for the wonderful opportunity to ensure our seniors had a nice visit and lunch,” said Jessa Argumedo. “The smiles on the seniors’ faces showed how thankful they were.”

“I think all of us as a team pulled together something very good,” said another volunteer. “The seniors are lonely. They were grateful for the thoughtfulness—for someone thinking about them. Delivering the luncheon didn’t feel like work. It was fun.”

One of the residents, suspicious at first when the volunteer came to her door, could hardly believe the meal she was being offered wasn’t a mistake. When the volunteer assured her it was for her, she stayed outside her apartment enjoying the weather and watching the volunteers go from door to door with their packages.

“One of the best moments in this whole activity was seeing Tamayo’s Humberto Veloso’s surprise when we presented him with a $1,000 donation to show our appreciation for their help on the project and to support them in these challenging times,” said Gonzalez.

“You helped from your heart,” said Veloso, “and we were able to help you do so. It not only helped our business after a year of struggle, but it also gave us all something to be part of that made a difference.”

Located at 5600 E. Olympic Boulevard in Commerce, Bridge Publications is the world's largest all-digital, print-on-demand facility. Bridge is a winner of the Manufacturing Leadership 100 awards for 2021 and 11 previous years and has been listed on the ML100 Creators Respond Honor Roll for their work in response to the pandemic.

For more information on Bridge Publications, watch Inside Scientology: Bridge Publications on the Scientology Network, which can be streamed on and is available through satellite television, mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

The Founder of the Scientology religion is L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. David Miscavige is the religion’s ecclesiastical leader.

Media Relations
Church of Scientology International
+1 323-960-3500
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Inside Bridge Publications

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