Children's Book Teaches Emotional Freedom Technique to Readers

Oren Bunny Meets Essie Bear

Oren Bunny Meets Essie Bear

Bonnie Foust

Bonnie Foust

"Oren Bunny Meets Essie Bear" shows kids EFT tapping for managing pain, emotional distress

ILLINOIS , UNITED STATES, June 11, 2021 / — Emotional Freedom Techniques uses the principles of acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming and other fields to help alleviate pain and emotional distress. Author Bonnie Foust believes that this can be useful for children and their families. With "Oren Bunny Meets Essie Bear" she provides young readers with a family-friendly story that teaches EFT tapping.

Foust's children's book follows the main character, Oren Bunny, who has difficulty dealing with his emotions, particularly anger. When he feels mad inside, he does not know how to manage it well. But he meets Essie Bear who helps him manage these emotions in a healthy way, allowing him to release his anger with the EFT tapping techniques. So now he is in control of his behavior and his feelings are not controlling him. With this narrative, Foust offers children a tool to help with socio-emotional growth.

The narrative and the behavioral techniques involved are drawn from Foust's own life experiences. A retired teacher, she spent most of her educational career in special education and learned tapping in the late 1990s. She has been implementing it ever since in the classroom and in her personal life and saw its effects firsthand. Now she shares her realizations to readers around the world.

"I grew up in a dysfunctional family and I am aware of the pressure it puts on all members of the family. I also wrote this book because of my experiences with children. So many times what they were experiencing emotionally got in the way of their being happy. I realized if we could help them deal with those emotions they could release them and move on. I think education needs to realize the impact of emotions and help give students tools, like tapping, to increase their social emotional intelligences." Foust says.

As for teaching children tapping, she offers the following advice: “Model tapping when you are upset, your child is watching even if it doesn't appear so. When your child has a melt down gently encourage tapping by tapping and breathing slowing yourself. On I have several videos to help explain how to use Essie.”

About the Author
Bonnie Foust lives with her husband in Shannon, Illinois where her 3 adult children grew up. She is a retired teacher who spent most of her career in special education. She is the Village President of her community of 800 people. She also does acting and enjoys reading mysteries and biographies, gardening and being with friends.

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