Breaking Free for a New Life

Escape Across the Border: A Search for a Better Life

The story of a young couple fleeing the terrors of communism

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, June 14, 2021 / — World War II was a pivotal moment in human history and the stories that were born from it span the entire spectrum of emotions, from tragic and saddening to hopeful and joyous. These stories include major ones, like the fallout each country experienced, to the individual ones, like what each person involved went through during and after the conflict. Such is the story written by author Bernada Rojko, "Escape Across the Border: A Search for a Better Life," which follows a young couple’s escape after their country was taken over by communism after World War II.

Bernada Dragar Rojko, known as Nadia or Nada in her native Yugoslavia, experienced the adverse effects that followed World War II firsthand. Born to a poor family of 10 siblings, Nadia lost her mother early on at the age of eight and since then had to struggle in the years that would follow. Food was scarce, agony and sorrow were rampant, and she had to endure the oppressive rule of Josip Broz Tito and his regime. She and her future husband Rudy decided that the only way to have a better future was to escape into nearby Austria. Facing dangers, the risk of death, and the prospect of not seeing their families and homeland ever again, Nadia and Rudy succeeded and found their freedom.

Her book follows her own life story of escaping the tyrannical communistic government that took over her native Yugoslavia post World War II. Nadia and Rudy, a young couple looking to find a better future, walked for days on end with no food and water, and against all odds, avoided border guards, harsh weather, and natural barriers to be within reach of their destination. However, a near brush with a border guard encampment and being interned in a refugee camp in Austria could put their futures at risk.

Find out how Nadia and Rudy’s story ended and how they found the better life they fought hard to get by getting this book today!

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