Executive Coach and Millennial Leadership Expert Susan Inouye to be Featured on Close Up Radio

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Executive coach Susan Inouye is the author of the bestselling Leadership's Perfect Storm: What Millennials are Teaching Us About Possibilities, Passion and Purpose.

“Millennials want to feel heard. They want to use their gifts and have meaning and purpose in their lives,” says Inouye. “What millennials have wanted we’ve all wanted; they are just the first generation to demand it.”

According to Inouye, Millennials have helped us see that the authoritative leadership style of previous generations does not work and perhaps never did. Leadership's Perfect Storm is not about how to work with millennials from our perspective, but rather what millennials have taught us about how to work with them.

“Millennials are not beholden to the culture we’ve created,” says Inouye. “We want to blame millennials for what's going on in this world, but it’s not their fault that leadership has to change. It’s actually a wonderful thing because the generations prior to millennials wanted the same things but were too afraid to ask for it. Millennials are waking us up and we need to be woken up.”

The new leadership paradigm, says Inouye, is about being a whole person who brings all of their gifts and blind spots to the table and learns how to develop themselves and others as well. The path to profit is purpose.

“What started me on a journey was the question: how do you really connect and engage with this generation?” says Inouye. “If you haven't created a culture where they can use their gifts and they can fulfill their life purpose they’re not into it. That’s why I've been on the mission the last 10 years to help executives and senior management bring humanity back to the way they lead and allow others to live in their gifts and purpose.”

Inouye’s gift-centered approach is designed to unlock Millennial creativity. After all, Millennials are the next generation of leaders, and they want to be those leaders.

“One of the drivers of Leadership's Perfect Storm is innovation,” says Inouye. “It's not about the cutting edge. It's about redefining the edge. If you're going to stay ahead of the curve, you can't do it alone. You have to have everybody in your organization committed. Develop your people and create a culture that allows people to be creative, innovative.”

Close Up Radio will feature Susan Inouye in an interview with Jim Masters on June 16th at 1pm EDT

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