Former Prisoner Drops Seven New Books In One Day

Surpaul Cottrell’s new ebook titled “The Cottrell Method”

Entrepreneur, entertainer and ex-con, Surpaul Cottrell, is on the road to redemption from handcuffs to cufflinks

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S., July 26, 2021 / — Surpaul Cottrell, a former prisoner who served twelve years for drug-related charges, just released seven new books in one day. All books are now available for purchase on, with eBooks available on his website, Prices range from $12.99 – $20.

Since being released from prison in 2019, Cottrell has been on a mission to transform his life and become a better version of himself, as well as to help others do the same. His recently published books all align with this same mission. While some serve as entertainment, dating and lifestyle guides, others provide educational insight into the criminal justice system and opioid epidemic. The books are titled: “Surviving the Dating Game;” “The Cottrell Method: Implementing Healthy Habits into Your Life;” “Jaws of Death;” “State of Addiction: Restorative Justice from the Mind of an Ex-Drug Dealer;” “I Love You Doesn’t Mean Shit;” “Beaver Fever;” and “Lessons: The Tools to a Healthier Life, Business and Future.”

“I’m transforming my life from handcuffs to cufflinks and helping others along the way,” said Surpaul Cottrell of Cottrell Vision. “Whether it’s through a book, fitness program or a YouTube video, my mission is simple: to create jobs, opportunities and products that can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Donning the nickname “Beast,” which stands for Business Entertainment and Serious Talk, Cottrell is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring others to live a healthier, more enjoyable life. In addition to his status as a published author, “Beast” is an ISSA certified elite trainer, public speaker, music producer, songwriter and DJ, and an advocate for criminal justice, prison reform and restorative justice.

Cottrell’s photography/videography services include headshots/portraits, weddings, only fans, events, creative portfolios, cover shoots, behind the scenes, portfolios, documentaries, commercials, video trailers, book publishing and promos. He also owns a recording studio and provides artist management services. For those looking for guidance in the gym, Cottrell offers personal training as well. Services include in-person and online platforms such as group Zoom trainings, one-on-one personal training, outside boot camp and more. More information is available on Instagram.

Reflecting on his life story, Cottrell says, “I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I played on both sides of the fence and started selling drugs when I was 12. I destroyed my community. I didn't have to hustle, that was a choice that I made. I have loving parents that would give me the world if I asked. Living on both sides of the fence landed me in prison for over a decade, starting in 2007 for drug trafficking. Prison transformed my life. I took a negative and turned it into something positive. I started a publishing company behind the prison walls and have since become a motivator and a mentor to many prisoners, friends, family and clients.”

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