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Dear Mr. Len!

Dear Mr. Len!

'Solly' Mr Len

‘Solly’ Mr Len

Mr. Len Wilson

Mr. Len Wilson

Brian Leonard Wilson recounts his adventures in "Dear Mr. Len," "'Solly' Mr Len"

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, July 28, 2021 / — A world traveler, Brian Leonard (Len) Wilson has explored around 90 countries during the past 45 years and has no shortage of memorable tales from his sojourns. In his two books, “Dear Mr Len” and "'Solly' Mr Len” he collects these stories and shares them with readers everywhere so that they too may get a glimpse of his voyages and perhaps gain the inspiration needed to begin their own travels.

Each book contains 40 short stories, the tales are factual and portray the adventures of ‘Mr. Len’ as he journeys from one country to another. Readers will be transported to these scenic locales and partake in Len's travels, join him in the dramas and lose themselves in bustling streets and foreign cityscapes. Len shares interesting knowledge about the lands he visited as well as humorous moments. The two books combined cover more than 50 countries and years of travel, giving readers plenty of entertainment as well as nuggets of information.

"Students loved my travel stories and would side-track me by asking such questions as: 'tell us about how you got mugged on a street-car in Rio de Janeiro one afternoon.'" Len says. These are tales he regales to his friends who ask him about his travel stories, tidbits that served useful during his career as an international tour guide and moments that often connect with the lessons he gave as a history teacher.

"Easy to read, you wont be able to put down “Dear Mr Len” or "'Solly' Mr Len” once you start reading." Len says. "I hope you enjoy my books. They are designed to inform and entertain. The world is a beautiful place and we need learn about it, protect it and enjoy it. We are one international community and we need to embrace that. I hope my books make people laugh and that I managed to take the reader somewhere that's so hard, at the moment, to get to."

Len will donate most of the royalties from the books to charities and scholarships, hoping to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

About the Author
Len's first overseas trip was as a member of a student delegation to China in 1977. Since then he has explored about 90 countries. He believes that travel is the greatest educator and goes around with his eyes wide open, eager to engage with the locals and learn from them. He has been a freelance journalist, a history teacher and a travel guide to places such as Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Bhutan, China, Uzbekistan, Australia and New Zealand. He has been interviewed by Kate Delaney on Good Night America, Dr. Angela Chester on Spark at 9, and has produced ten podcasts with Access Radio Taranaki.

Len has written three textbooks designed for the New Zealand High School curriculum: “A Hostile Environment” (looking at Israel and Palestine), “Asian Neighbours” (focusing on the two Koreas, China and Japan) and a write-on workbook: “Resources and Sustainability”. He recently completed three more books for Book Trail Agency: “A China Odyssey” (a write-on workbook for teenagers), “Travels With Mr Len” and "Where is Mr Len?” for pre-schoolers.

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