Award-Winning Author, Adrienne Rubin, Examines the Successful Aghan Businesswomen Who Have Been Forced to Shut Down

Adrienne Rubin, Acclaimed Author.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — From CEOs to coffee shop owners, Afghan women entrepreneurs have shut down their businesses and fled the country or gone into hiding, fearing reprisals after the Taliban's takeover. Thousands of Afghan businesswomen shut up shop. Almost 57,000 women own enterprises in Afghanistan. Female entrepreneurs worry over safety and income

Acclaimed author, Adrienne Rubin, shares her thoughts on this matter as she is deeply affected by such tragic events. "As of June, 2021, Congress had approved the expenditure of $3.9 million to aid the civilians in Afghanistan, most of it for COVID-19 vaccines, emergency medical assistance, and shelter and food to the needy," states Rubin. "Because Afghan women were considered an important part of the economy, $787 million was designated specifically for businesses run by women."

Aug 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Ten days ago, Nadia was a successful businesswoman running a popular cafe in Kabul, championing female empowerment on television and mentoring scores of fellow women entrepreneurs. Today, the 33-year-old MBA graduate is holed up in a secret location in the Afghan capital – fearing for her life, unable to provide for family and resigned to the belief that her many achievements of the past two decades now amount to nothing.

Rubin continues, "The US is expected to donate a similar amount in 1922. However, this allocation has yet to be decided. Ideally, our goal in the US has always been to support a secure, unified, democratic, and self-reliant Afghanistan. However, with the withdrawal of US troops and the Taliban in control, the Afghan people lost their sense of freedom overnight."

Nadia, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Kabul, "There was no choice when the Taliban entered Kabul, I had to run and hide. I am well known in Afghanistan. Now I am worried they will come for me and my family. Over the past 20 years, so many women like me have worked hard to make our place in society and make a future for our country. Now, we are back to zero."

These successful businesswomen have been ostracized and all progress has been reverted back to its original state. Rubin concludes, "It happened too fast. Depression and hopelessness have suddenly surged as the austere control of Taliban rule begins, and women with viable businesses once again don their burkas."


Adrienne Rubin:

Adrienne Rubin is a wife, mother, teacher, and businesswoman who started a wholesale jewelry company from scratch. Originally a high school French teacher, Adrienne published two cookbooks for charity before making the decision to go into business as an importer of fine jewelry, selling to the trade. Selling successfully to stores all over the United States, she eventually opened Avanti Fine Jewelry, her own jewelry store in Beverly Hills.

An entrepreneur, risk-taker, and iconoclast, Adrienne believes that, even though honesty and integrity are losing ground to greed and a lack of ethics in today’s world, rewards will come to those who persist. She is passionate about showing aspiring business owners how to put the “I can do that!” into everyday practice.

As the recipient of the 2019 Jane Wyman Humanitarian Award from The Arthritis Foundation, Adrienne has been recognized for her efforts to raise funds and awareness for this painful disease. Today her recent pursuits involve investing in real estate and spending time with her husband, her children, and grandchildren in Los Angeles.

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Acclaimed Actress/Writer, Wendy Wilkins, Examines Her Career and How Happy She is to be a Working Actress

Wendy Wilkins

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — I am an LA based working actress, originally from Australia via London, but have been here for over 15 years and am proud to be a US citizen. I studied theater at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London working on classical technique and Shakespeare. I guest starred on Australia's longest running and most beloved series, "Neighbors", where Margot Robbie was a series regular. After arriving in the United States, my career took off as I studied with the highly respected Ivana Chubbuck, and Katt Shea appearing in numerous films winning awards in festivals from Ojai to Sundance. I currently am the author of a successful memoir, "Sex, Love & Cops", and am represented by Aqua Talent Agency and 3G Management

I am a SAG/AFTRA working actor/actress. Through all of that though, I feel like only now I can finally call myself a working actress. After 15 years working on the craft, many audition, and rejections. It really is true what many industry people/mentors have told me to just keep doing the work and eventually you will get noticed for it. My work is a combination of referrals and standard auditioning with having a great team around me. I also just completed directing and playing the role of the wife of a wonderful actor, Kevin McCorkle, who is very involved with the Sag/Aftra foundation and teaches film at USC School of Dramatic Arts. We belong to a writing / reading group where we cast people from the group to have our work read. It’s pretty cool.

I’m also off to support my fabulous actress friend who is the lead in a film Premiering at the Pasadena film festival. It will be nice to see it on the big screen and I have a little role in it. We met in Ivana Chubbuck's acting class many years ago (Ivana has coached countless successful actors such as Charlize Theron and Halle Berry for their respective Oscar winning roles in Monster and Monster's Ball).

By booking more and more work, I finally feel like I can call myself a working actress. During COVID, obviously things have been quieter but thankfully it is starting to pick up. I was doing several Casting Director workshops online and keeping up working on the craft to "stay fit". The industry obviously has changed and adapted to the current situation and many bookings are purely off self-tapes these days, I booked my last two this way. I am noticing more requests for local hire in Los Angeles which is great and the reason I moved and based myself in Los Angeles as it is supposed to be the center of film making. I notice so many films get made overseas because of cheaper production value, it's a little disappointing to move your whole life here and then find a production set in America but is filmed in Australia, Canada, Malta, Bulgaria. I get it, if it is supposed to be "Europe" but it would be great if we were able to make more local films /productions here and support our local industry.

Currently, millions and millions of people have seen my face every day as I play a teacher in Olivia Rodrigo’s latest music video. It is just a small role but one of many roles that you need to be prepared for on a large set opposite a hugely popular young singer of the moment. You need to be prepared and do your job and get out. Olivia is very talented obviously and also FYI super sweet, she took the time to introduce herself and say hi to all the "students" on set which I thought was lovely.

I just got asked back for the second time to do an acting role in Wisconsin and that really feels like validation when you get called back by the same production company. I also just completed filming a role in a movie, playing Sally the FBI agent, in "Justice for Lizzie" with a great cast and crew and the director is from a Hollywood film royalty family. Bruce Schwartz relatives' created Baywatch, Gilligan’s Island and the Brady Bunch just to name a few classic TV shows.

It takes a while to navigate and settle in and feel like home in LA. Hopefully, more and more productions will be filmed locally here, after all it's the reason I moved here to follow my career as it is where all the studios are based, the main talent agencies, producers, film makers, and where the Oscars are held. At least I finally cracked the code and am a happy working actress.

Wendy Wilkins

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Brian Dean Abramson, Esq., LL.M. Announces Second Edition of Legal Treatise "Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law"

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — I am pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the second print edition of my legal treatise, "Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law," coauthored with Dorit Reiss, Peter O. Safir, and Jay Thomas. Publication is anticipated between late 2021 and early 2022 releasing in the United States, and it is made possible by an agreement between Bloomberg Law, as owner and publisher of the electronic version, and the American Health Law Association as publisher of the print volume.

With vaccine law rising sharply in importance over the course of the pandemic, it is timely and useful to introduce a second edition of this treatise, with numerous areas of updated and expanded content.

This work represents a massive expansion over the first print edition, with updates throughout, including content on COVID-19 vaccine development and mandates. The second edition will also contain entirely new chapters on:

¤ Employer/employee vaccination mandates, incentivization, facilitation, and promotion efforts;
¤ International and comparative vaccine law, including profiles of vaccine laws of selected countries
¤ Legal issues regarding anti-vaccine activism and responses

Other new materials include new or greatly expanded coverage of topics such as FDA Emergency Use Authorization, the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, applicability of Worker's Compensation for alleged vaccine injuries, OSHA standards and requirements, rights of minors seeking vaccination without parental consent, forced vaccination concerns, vaccination mandates for animals, and pandemic and bioterrorism response. I hope that everyone seeking information in this field will enjoy this volume and find it useful.


Professor Brian Dean Abramson, Esq., LL.M. is a leading expert on vaccine law, having completed teaching the Vaccine Law course for the Florida International University College of Law, and having previously served as a law clerk to a judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, reviewing appeals of both vaccine injury claims and vaccine patent claims.

He published the first edition of the legal treatise, "Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law," in 2018, overcoming doubts as to whether there was sufficient interest to support a comprehensive legal treatise in this field. In 2021 he established Vaccination Program Counsel to advise individuals, organizations, and entities on matters of vaccine law, including legally compliant vaccination policies and procedures.

His vaccine law expertise has recently been quoted by Reuters, Bloomberg Law, the L.A. Times, Il Sussidiario, the Epoch Times, and The Conversation, and his writings have been cited in numerous academic publications.

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History book chronicles ‘How Hitler came to Power’

How Hitler Came To Power

How Hitler Came To Power

Sara Moore

Sara Moore

UNITED KINGDOM, August 31, 2021 / — At the end of writing How Hitler came to Power economic historian Sara Moore, concludes that the members of the former anti-Semitic Pan-German League, who called themselves ‘the Nationalists’ after the First World War, bore the heaviest responsibility for Hitler’s rise to power.

Moore reveals that the most powerful members of the Pan German League were armaments maker, Gustav Krupp and his former managing director and founder of the League, Alfred Hugenberg. They were determined to turn defeat in the First World War into victory. In the 1920s, while Krupp made armaments in Sweden and Holland and developed close ties with the Bolsheviks in Russia, Alfred Hugenberg became a media mogul and powerful politician.

Germany had finished the First World War with twice as much gold in the Reichsbank as in 1914. By 1928, the country had a powerful industrial economy and the former Pan-Germans also had money secreted abroad in various military projects. Nevertheless, millions of German people voted for pacifism and socialism in the 1928 elections. Ex-Krupp director Alfred Hugenberg decided that only way to persuade them to vote for a dictatorship like Mussolini’s in Italy was through plunging the country into depression.

Moore reveals how Hugenberg’s political maneuvers over the negotiations for the Young Plan reparations agreement – including putting Adolf Hitler on his petition to try the President of the Weimar Republic for treason for accepting the Young Plan – brought Hitler into public consciousness and helped cause the Wall Street crash.

In 1930 and 1931, Krupp’s evil intrigues in Russia sabotaged the world wheat economy and persuaded the German Communists to vote with the Far Right in the Reichstag. Meanwhile the German people were hit with increased taxation and lower wages. Six million became unemployed while their country was one of the world’s top exporters. In desperation they turned to Hitler.

How Hitler came to Power is already being studied in Britain’s Exeter University. It needs to reach a wider audience. ‘If readers reach the same conclusion as I have about the evil machinations of armaments maker Krupp and his cohorts, I hope that they will speak out to condemn their activities so that Europeans are never again plunged into depression to discredit democracy.’ Says Moore.

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The Sales Control Plan Sets Standard for Sales Enablement

SalesPulse Illustration from Sales Control Plan Mangement

Accurate Training Trends and Efficiency Ratings from CRM

The sales control plan management platform is the solution for all B2B selling challenges.

Sales leaders usually hire to solve talent problems, and choose a brand of CRM to solve process problems. Two of the biggest mistakes made when managing a sales force.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 31, 2021 / — Imagine if you were able to see exactly where every opportunity is at in your pipeline. We have experienced those long-winded sales stories that still did not add up to a closed sale, or even determined what needed to be closed. Sales managers are in the dark when it comes to seeing where the opportunities are in the organization’s pipeline. This has been the reason for most of the sales waste that many companies struggle to identify.

As a leader we want those around us to succeed. It reflects well on our own efforts, but more importantly, on the organization. Sales Training is an excellent way of building relationships and supporting your team with all the necessary resources and tools that they require to succeed. You can easily create goodwill while simultaneously creating accountability amongst your team.

Sales Control Plan Management is a management and training resource that provides sales leaders, and the salesforce with everything they need to manage, train, onboard, and reference. It is the ultimate resource for sales intelligence. It is time to make real time solutions in real time.


Training & Adoption

As the world changes around us, so has the way we learn and expand our skills. Sales Control Plan Management’s sales waste assessment identifies the sales waste and sales operation deficiencies in the sales organization. The results of the assessment provide the accurate roadmap to achieve highest standard for sales training and CRM adoption success.

Sales Control Plan

There are so many elements to manage when it comes to supervising a sales force. Sales Control Plan allows you to work with transparent metrics that help you to clearly see everything in your entire pipeline. You know exactly where to spend you time and resources for optimum sales management success. After implementation of baseline metrics, Sales Control Plan Management will provide the workflow automation that ensures your sales reps do not miss any opportunities.

There has never been a better management system that integrates with all brands of CRM to provide the highest level of accountability and sales intelligence throughout the entire sales force.

There is no more training on random selling methodologies or skill development. Sales Control Plan provides accurate training metrics which are accessed from actual CRM activity. Companies will eliminate massive training waste by training specifically in the area where the sales rep or sales force is struggling. Sales Control Plan solves every organization’s most costly selling challenges.

Benefits of Sales Control Plan Management

• Improved Customer Engagement
• Reduced Sales Waste
• Eliminate opportunities from going COLD!
• Sales Force Accountability – Management Accountability – Customer Accountability
• No more missed follow up calls
• No more missed deadlines on sales deliverables
• No more inactivity
• Complete pipeline visibility
• Simple onboarding of new hires saving money on training and resources.
• Progressive evaluation and sales analytics that produce accurate training scope based on CRM and selling practices.
• Real Time is REAL TIME
• CRM integration to make sure that learning requirements are triggered based on CRM performance metrics.
• Reduce and eliminates false reporting in CRM.
• Triggered emails specific to the customers sales stage, and engagement to communicate relevant requests, or notices where the sales representative has lost engagement due to inactivity or missed follow up.

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"Courage Is", Children's Book By Bestselling Author+Activist Jason Kander and Son, True, Hits Shelves Today

Courage Is by Jason Kander (and son, True); Illustrated by Alyssa M. Gonzalez

Official Courage Is Book Cover

Having courage doesn’t mean you don’t get scared! (Courage is when you do something brave even though you are scared.)

We talked about ideas, examples of courage in my life and how it related to him (son, True). It was very helpful because he lent a kid’s perspective—he knew what might be scary or confusing.”

— Jason Kander

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — COURAGE IS…an original children's book by Jason and his son, True Kander, illustrated by Alyssa M. Gonzalez and published by Downtown Bookworks, hits bookstores August 31st, 2021.

Jason Kander, bestselling author of "Outside the Wire: Ten Lessons I’ve Learned In Everyday Courage" knows what courage is. With help from his son, True, he introduces the concept to future leaders in this powerful children's board book.

A military veteran, voting rights activist, and rising democratic star, Kander elegantly illustrates everyday courage in a way that will resonate with the preschool set. It is not, he explains, about not feeling fear. Courage is about being scared—and doing the scary things anyway. Whether it's going to the dentist, trying a strange new food, asking for help, or going to sleep all by yourself, this book addresses the many surprising ways that little ones can develop courage and character.

Jason spends a lot of time reading, playing baseball, and trying to model the values he holds dear—integrity, kindness, service, and courage— for his children. He decided to write this book with his son True because there are so many things that can seem scary to a kid—and just as many ways to show everyday courage.

Q&A with Jason and True Kander

Q: You have an incredibly busy life.
Why was it important to you to write this children’s book?

JASON: Over the past couple years, I’ve had the opportunity to be a much greater presence in True’s life. And during that time, I was thinking a lot more about feelings. I began telling True long, involved stories I’d make up about Knights and Dragons. Then True got in on it and we started making up the stories together. Though the stories were all different, they were all life lessons about courage. And True was very good about relating these lessons to his life at school. So we decided we wanted to get that message out to other kids.

Q: How did you and True work together? What did the process look like?

JASON: We talked about ideas, examples of courage in my life and how it related to his. Then we’d go over the copy and the illustrations together. It was very helpful because he lent a kid’s perspective—he knew what might be scary or confusing. True was really adamant that the kids in the book should look like they’re having fun after they showed courage.

Q: Do you and True have other ideas you want to turn into books?
JASON: We are constantly pregnant with book ideas. True wants to do one about a little boy or girl who gets a robot that cleans their room, can dunk a basketball, do chores, etc. My idea is that eventually the little boy or girl realizes they want to clean their own room occasionally. I told him it could be a good book to teach kids about the importance of balancing the role of technology in your life. True agrees in principle, but he also said he wants to sell enough copies to buy a robot to clean his room.

Q: Who are your favorite children’s book authors?
JASON: I’m old school and I love Dr. Seuss.
TRUE: Dav Pilkey

Q: What advice do you have for kids who may be scared of any of the things you talk about in your book (going to school, going to sleep alone, trying new foods or sports. . . ?)
JASON: It’s scary the first time, and the time after that it’s less scary, and the time after that it’s pretty fun, and the time after that you usually wonder why you were ever scared at all.

Q: What is the scariest thing (or some of the scariest things) you’ve ever done? How did you overcome your fear?
TRUE: Going to a new school, trying chicken noodle soup, going to a Chiefs game (it was very loud and there were a lot of people and I was worried I’d get lost). Today I got hit by a pitch on the hand in the batting cages and it hurt and it made me afraid.

For more information, visit

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Insight Coaching Community’s Kristi Davis Has Just Released Her First Self-Help/Motivational Book

Kristi Davis, Author of “Redeemed: Guide to Self-Love and Journey to True Happiness”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Kristi Davis, Insight Coach, Personal Development coach, Vegan Nutrition Health Coach, and Entrepreneur. Released her new book "Redeemed: Guide to Self-Love and Journey to True Happiness." The book was released on August 28, 2020 and it has now reached a #1 best seller spot in the USA, Canada and Holland. Selling copies in 7 different countries making it an International #1 Best Seller.

You can find your copy of this wonderful book on Amazon ( and Audible.

Changing lives all over the world, Kristi's message is one of hope and self-love. "We have the power to create a life of genuine happiness that we have always dreamed of," states Davis. "It is a light that we can unlock within ourselves to shine so brightly that even others will see. Being redeemed means to be set free, you no longer have to perform or live in the shadows of your past. You are a new creation when you become redeemed. As you are walking through life, no matter how far off the path you’ve gone you can always come back, starting with your next step."

Within the pages of her book, Author Kristi Davis shares her personal journey and outlines the different areas she has found to be the most beneficial when consciously focusing energy and time on them. When implementing these strategies in your life, then you too can see some amazing positive changes occur as well.

Davis continues, "Looking around it seems people are living a life of fear rather than leading a life of faith. We have more products and opportunities now than ever before, yet seem to be unhappy and unfulfilled. Do you feel stuck, like you are missing something and yearning for change? Do you find you are always comparing yourself to others and not happy when you look in the mirror? We have the power to create a life of genuine happiness that we have always dreamed of. It is a light that we can unlock within ourselves to shine so brightly that even others will see."

Kristi is a graduate of the Insight Coaching Community and an active alumni member. Her passion grew for giving back and helping others find their way on their journey after being involved in this revolutionary coaching community. The community is focused on genuine authentic connection with others. Serving versus sales. As our connections with others grow, they see the difference and value in our coaching, that is where lasting clients are formed. Kristi has also created virtual Mindset Reset Challenges and in person retreats at her resort she owns in northern Wisconsin. More information can be found at


Kristi Davis

What sets Redeemed Coaching Apart?

Becoming redeemed means creating a better version of yourself, regardless of your past struggles or decisions. It is now up to you to say enough is enough – I am ready: ready to stand up for myself, love myself and cherish all I am created to be. Life really can be much better and I am made for more than what I am settling for!

Working with Kristi at Redeemed Coaching, you will discover the obstacles that have been holding you back and create strategies to conquer them. You will receive encouragement and accountability. And Kristi will provide support and genuinely listen to all your thoughts and desires while giving honest feedback that allows you to grow and succeed.

The initial coaching session with Kristi is always a gift of time to see if it is a good fit and what can be created while working together. Coaching is a relationship like none other. Based on the goals discussed, she then works with clients for a minimum of 3 months, conducting virtual sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Start the next chapter of your amazing journey.

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Tanja S. Thompson, Interviews Sadie M. Evans on Tackling Self-Doubt among Boys and Girls with Recently Published Books

The George Floyd situation inspired cover and book

My inspiration comes from being a mother of 4 black young men.

Tanja S. Thompson w/ Sadie M. Evans inspired she was inspired to write books based on the George Floyd situation highlighting positivity in the black community.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all”

— Psalms 34:19

LEESBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — 1. What's the name of the author? Sadie Mae Evans

2. What inspired you to write these two books? I wrote these books because there was so much going on with the George Floyd situation and my mother of 4 boys. I wanted to allow them to see African Americans that changed the world vs. seeing so many African Americans being gunned down by those sworn in to serve and protect. Also, I wanted to pinpoint the positivity in the black community. I hope that readers will feel motivated and inspired to do the same.

3. What's the mission of these books? The mission of these books is to leave readers with an image of black success, hoping that it will plant a seed and let them know that they can be anything they desire to be if they believe in themselves.

4. Why do you think black boys and black girls doubt themselves? I think we as African Americans doubt ourselves because of the image society has painted for us. The media would instead show African Americans that have caused crimes. The music in our community only seems to glorify the negative in our communities; being young, seeing, and hearing that, shapes the way we view ourselves. I also believe that when you are young and hear things like "First black," It has the reverse effect than what is intended. It makes young people feel almost impossible to achieve because few people look like them have.

5. Any plans to expand this series? I plan to grow my African American book collection because our babies need to see and hear about themselves doing remarkable things in the world.

6. Have you published any other books? I have six books self-published all together. However, I have four books that will launch this year. I am hoping they could get picked up by a traditional publishing company

7. How can reading empower children? When you start reading young, it plants seeds of greatness and intellect within you. I believe that literacy allows you to take action in your life, and it will open the door to opportunities that others might not be able to access.

8. What would you say to a child who does not like reading? I would ask them how do they know that? I dreaded reading and writing; I felt like it was too time-consuming, but in all honesty, I had never given it a chance. I was going off my lack of knowledge.

9. Years from now, what would you like people to say about your book and the impact it had on them? I want people to tell me that my book was one of the driving factors that caused them to love the skin therein and to know that greatness is within them if they believe they can achieve it.

10. Please share any further details that you would like to be mentioned in the press release. I am a single parent of 5 that survived domestic violence, a first-generation college graduate, first-generation author and the first in my family to move away from my hometown with hopes of giving my young African American children more opportunity and allow them to see the success in the African American community here in Atlanta.

11. Please share the contact details that you would like to be mentioned in the press release.

I can be found on Facebook at Process to Purpose Ministries.
Instagram at Sadie Mae Evans Coaching and Consulting,
Twitter at Sadie_Mae89, and
LinkedIn at Sadie Evans
Website is

Sadie Evans
Sadie Mae Evans Coaching and Consulting

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Award Winning Journalist and Author, Alicia Doyle, Receives a 5-Star Review by Tammy Ruggles for "Readers' Favorite"

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Alicia Doyle, an award-winning journalist and author of the 3-time award-winning memoir, Fighting Chance, recently received a 5-Star Review by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite, who stated that Alicia’s book “is a powerful memoir that will inspire and entertain you.”

“You have a journalist-turned-boxer in her late twenties in the late 1990s, and you have a compelling story of how covering a story of at-risk youth in a boxing gym turned her into a two-time Golden Gloves champion in the ring,” Tammy noted in her review. “Boxing has traditionally been a male sport, but Doyle is one of the few women to break the barrier and become a history-making mentor to young and old alike. She earned the title The California Female Fighter of the Year but is a hero in more ways than one.”

“Boxing is one of the toughest sports globally, and not just anyone can do it successfully, so you will be amazed at how Doyle climbed to the top,” Tammy continued. “Her journalistic skills are evident in this compelling narrative. It feels like you're watching a movie. Every scene comes alive and is full of energy. This book will delight any boxing fan and anyone who loves a good human-interest story because it serves to lift those living with challenges in their lives. This is a motivational work full of emotion and heart and is more than an autobiography: it has a universal message of overcoming struggle. Being a former social worker who has worked as a child and adult protection investigator, I recognize that survivors of abuse and trauma often seek out extreme physical activities to subconsciously replay and process their experiences so that they can regain a sense of control over their bodies and psyche.”

“This author shares her own experiences with domestic violence and handles the subject of boxing and violence with sensitivity and insight. There are life lessons embedded in this story: those of not giving up, of doing the impossible, of making a difference in the lives of others to name a few,” Tammy concluded. “The accompanying images further enhance an already dynamic story. If you are looking for a life story that will touch and empower you, Fighting Chance by Alicia Doyle is a must-read.”

Read the full review here:

Alicia discovered boxing at age 28 in the late 1990s when she went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid Gloves. For two years, she simultaneously worked as a newspaper reporter while training and competing as a boxer, making her one of only a few hundred women in America at the time who infiltrated this male-dominated sport. During her boxing career, she won two Golden Gloves championship titles and earned three wins by knockout—and her pro debut at age 30 in the year 2000 was named The California Female Fight of the Year. Alicia’s first book, Fighting Chance, has won three awards since it was published on Valentine’s Day in 2020: 1st Place for Creative Nonfiction in the 2020 North Street Book Prize Winning Writers Competition; 2020 WBAN Awards “Cool Story of the Year”; and “Best of Los Angeles Award” for Best Autobiographical Book of 2021.

Alicia is currently collaborating with local colleges and universities to put Fighting Chance on the syllabus for students. This collaboration was inspired by the Midwest Book Review, which stated that Fighting Chance is “A unique and unreservedly recommended addition to community and college/university library Contemporary American Women Biography collections in general, and American Boxing History supplemental studies lists in particular "Fighting Chance" is exceptionally well written, organized and presented.”

For more information about Alicia Doyle, visit

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60th Anniversary of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” examined and celebrated in new book, "Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story".

Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore during the making of The Dick Van Dyke Show

Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore during the making of The Dick Van Dyke Show



Author Herbie J Pilato with his latest book "Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story."

Author Herbie J Pilato with his latest book “Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story.”

Gender-role revolution inspired by beloved sitcom is explored.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — On October 3, 1961, CBS debuted The Dick Van Dyke Show, which landed 80th in the national ratings. Narrowly saved from cancellation, The Dick Van Dyke Show jumped to #9 in its second season. In its third season it peaked at #3 and went on not only to win 15 Emmy awards out of 25 nominations over five ground-breaking seasons. This hip and smart sitcom transformed American television – and America followed.

As documented in the newly-released paperback edition of “MARY: The Mary Tyler Moore Story" (Jacobs/Brown), by noted TV historian and Netflix personality, Herbie J Pilato, the series catapulted both Dick Van Dyke and his TV wife, 24-year-old Mary Tyler Moore, to national stardom as they became one of American television’s most admired couples.

Whether streaming on Tubi, ME-TV, Hoopla, or Hulu – all preceded by decades of VHS and DVD releases—the show has never been off the air. Rob, Laura and the gang continue to show us in evergreen black-and-white how life once was for us, if we all lived in New Rochelle, NY, and wrote for a comedy show.

Critics then and now laud not only the character-driven writing, but the show’s forward-leaning look at one nuclear family in the Nuclear Age, as it dared to show the 1960s housewife as modern, progressive, and sophisticated – less Mamie Eisenhower and more Jackie Kennedy. In “MARY”: The Mary Tyler Moore Story, author Herbie J Pilato (host of Netflix’s “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato”) writes, “Mary ignited a new fashion statement with her signature slim-fitting tight slacks and flat footwear… Mary’s Laura adorned the Capri pants in the family.”

“I wanted to portray a housewife wearing clothing that I wore in my kitchen,” Moore told Variety. Carl Reiner, the show’s creator, agreed: “Women today are not wearing full-skirted frocks with high heels as they vacuum the rug.”

Not to be overlooked was The Dick Van Dyke Show’s understated ease with a workplace utterly lacking in gender bias, where the strutting and liberated comic attitude of Sally Rogers (played by Rose Marie) was more than equal to her male co-creatives in the writers’ room. This model was a hopeful a one, however, as actual women writers in 1961 prime-time television production saw only a handful of series assignments.

Real-world truths notwithstanding, from The Dick Van Dyke Show onward, a contemporary woman’s role could no longer be justifiably portrayed on TV as just the hapless homemaker, but as a vigorous, full-blooded driver in the family’s episodic undertakings. In Mary, Pilato notes, “Joanne Stang of the New York Times wrote, ‘Miss Moore has made housewifery a highly palatable pastime.’” This template set the stage for future sitcoms, not the least of which would be The Mary Tyler Moore Show, where, as author Pilato puts it, “MTM added texture to characters and a more modern emphasis on human frailties, follies, and strengths.”

Six decades ago this October, The Dick Van Dyke Show started a revolution by presenting fresh role models like Mary Tyler Moore’s Laura Petrie. Her brisk, suburban, quick-witted, and forward-thinking approach to life both reflected and shaped the New Frontier of sexual dynamics then emerging in society.

And we haven’t looked back since.

Now in paperback, “MARY: THE MARY TYLER MOORE STORY" by Herbie J Pilato, published by Jacobs/Brown Media Group.

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