Toledo Couple Write Children’s Book to Answer Questions About God

Who Is I AM?

Who Is I AM?

“Who Is I AM?” is a great conversation starter for children about who God is

TOLEDO, OHIO, USA, August 25, 2021 / — A Toledo couple have written a children’s book, “Who Is I AM?,” that explores different aspects of nature and family life and points to God as the great “I AM,” the maker and sustainer of the world.

“Many of the children’s books we found presented God in the past tense. For example, he parted the Red Sea. We wanted a book that would present God in the present, to help our children see what the Almighty is doing today, right now, letting them connect the dots and witness God’s greatness every day,” said Laura Mourad, who wrote the book with her husband Moubine. The couple are the parents of three children.

The book was inspired after their oldest son, Moubine, who they call Bean, asked, “Who is I AM?” during a discussion following a morning Bible reading. Moubine and Laura both asked the same question when they were children. They recalled how their parents struggled to answer
such a complex question. Now the question was how were they are going to answer the very same question to their son.

Their answer became the delightfully illustrated “Who Is I AM?”

The Mourads now read the book to their kids to reinforce the concept of who God is. Other parents can also use it as a springboard for discussion with their kids in a tangible, visible, experiential way.

“Who Is I AM?” is a great conversation-starter with kids. “Kids are curious about the world around them. Questions that come up are, ‘How did all the things in the world get there?’ ‘Who made it all?’ ‘Who keeps it working?’ This children’s book explores different aspects of nature and family life and points to God as the great ‘I AM,’ the maker and sustainer of the world,” added Laura Mourad.

The Mourads are available for fireside chats, book signings, bible studies and church gatherings. Email to arrange a presentation.

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