When Principals, Teachers, and Counselors Need Solutions for Bullying and Dropouts, They Call Dr. Robert Renteria

Dr. Robert Renteria provides no-cost, high-impact SEL educational tools to superintendents of American middle schools and high schools

Dr. Robert Renteria provides no-cost, high-impact SEL educational tools to superintendents of American middle schools and high schools

by Fran Briggs

UNITED STATES, August 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Students, teachers, counselors and superintendents across America have returned to school. While children will develop new skills in academics, many will also need social emotional learning (SEL) tools to help conquer challenges inside and outside the classroom.

Civic leader, international best-selling author, and executive trainer, Dr. Robert Renteria says that among the challenges that compromise K- 12 education are bullying, gangs, drugs and violence.

“Children, teenagers, and young adults are walking around lost in a culture of darkness. I decided to do something about it,” stated Renteria. “After working with CPS, principals, and teachers, I developed an academic-based curriculum. It supports SEL by helping students improve their critical thinking skills.”
Dr. Renteria delivers no-cost, high-impact SEL educational tools to superintendents of American middle schools and high schools. He is also accepting bookings for speaking during the 2021- 2023 school year to personally connect with students and staff.

His comprehensive, From the Barrio bilingual book series is culturally relevant and inspires readers from all backgrounds. Most importantly, it has reduced the propensity for violence and altered student behavior for the better as reported by school administrators and former violent offenders.

“I am 22 years old and wanted to reach out to you. I just got released from jail for the third time. Heroin took my belongings, health, and family. I got so bad that I just lived for the drug. Reading your book makes me want to start over and really make my parents proud. Thank you for uplifting my spirits a bit. I read your book straight through the end. It’s going to be a really rough road ahead but it’s worth a try.”
– Maricela

I found Robert inspiring and collaborative. His story builds practical and powerful connections for many students who face circumstances similar to those he shares. Rob¬ert’s life story reinforces the value of hard work and the power of helping others. It’s impor¬tant to provide mentoring relationships with students and Robert brings the value of positive adult relation¬ships to life.” — Nancy Bartosz, Assistant Principal, Westmont High School, Westmont, IL

In 2021, Dr. Robert Renteria published qualitative and quantitative assessment reports outlining the economic, environmental and social impact of gun violence in communities. Researchers found that education was not only the common denominator in the data collected but a civic responsibility.

"Both the academic-based and faith-inspired curriculums offer teaching tools to address current issues facing our youth and our communities," explained Dr. Renteria. “Barrio focuses its efforts on helping communities and providing an anti-violent initiative and education. Prevention eliminates the need for intervention."

"Dr. Robert Renteria’s curriculum changes the landscape of potentially dismal futures," stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Dr. Robert Renteria. "It inspires students and adults to stay focus and manage their emotions as they go to work on changing their current life’s trajectory."

Renteria says he has personally vested more than $400,000 over a span of 14 years towards producing and distributing teaching tools that resonate with youth and adults, alike.

For more information, including how to book Dr. Renteria and reserve complimentary teaching tools, call 312-933-5619, or visit https://www.fromthebarrio.com. For sponsorship opportunities, email FranBriggs@aol.com


Dr. Robert Renteria is a professional speaker, international trainer, and the spokesman for From the Barrio Foundation, a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization based in Aurora, IL. He is also a U.S. army veteran. During his seven-plus-year career, Dr. Renteria served in many capacities and leadership roles. He was an elite soldier, former paratrooper, and non-commissioned officer. In Nuremberg, Germany he served in tactical operations. While deployed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina he was assigned to psychological operations and spearheaded the reactivation of the 3rd Special Forces Group. Dr. Renteria donates academic and faith-inspired curricula which address social and emotional learning (SEL). The program helps children across the globe with their critical thinking skills and bridges the gap in their education. For more information about how you can assist, visit www.fromthebarrio.com or call 312.933.5619.

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Dr. Robert Renteria speaks with Chicago 8th graders

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