Tanja S. Thompson, Interviews Sadie M. Evans on Tackling Self-Doubt among Boys and Girls with Recently Published Books

The George Floyd situation inspired cover and book

My inspiration comes from being a mother of 4 black young men.

Tanja S. Thompson w/ Sadie M. Evans inspired she was inspired to write books based on the George Floyd situation highlighting positivity in the black community.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all”

— Psalms 34:19

LEESBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 1. What's the name of the author? Sadie Mae Evans

2. What inspired you to write these two books? I wrote these books because there was so much going on with the George Floyd situation and my mother of 4 boys. I wanted to allow them to see African Americans that changed the world vs. seeing so many African Americans being gunned down by those sworn in to serve and protect. Also, I wanted to pinpoint the positivity in the black community. I hope that readers will feel motivated and inspired to do the same.

3. What's the mission of these books? The mission of these books is to leave readers with an image of black success, hoping that it will plant a seed and let them know that they can be anything they desire to be if they believe in themselves.

4. Why do you think black boys and black girls doubt themselves? I think we as African Americans doubt ourselves because of the image society has painted for us. The media would instead show African Americans that have caused crimes. The music in our community only seems to glorify the negative in our communities; being young, seeing, and hearing that, shapes the way we view ourselves. I also believe that when you are young and hear things like "First black," It has the reverse effect than what is intended. It makes young people feel almost impossible to achieve because few people look like them have.

5. Any plans to expand this series? I plan to grow my African American book collection because our babies need to see and hear about themselves doing remarkable things in the world.

6. Have you published any other books? I have six books self-published all together. However, I have four books that will launch this year. I am hoping they could get picked up by a traditional publishing company

7. How can reading empower children? When you start reading young, it plants seeds of greatness and intellect within you. I believe that literacy allows you to take action in your life, and it will open the door to opportunities that others might not be able to access.

8. What would you say to a child who does not like reading? I would ask them how do they know that? I dreaded reading and writing; I felt like it was too time-consuming, but in all honesty, I had never given it a chance. I was going off my lack of knowledge.

9. Years from now, what would you like people to say about your book and the impact it had on them? I want people to tell me that my book was one of the driving factors that caused them to love the skin therein and to know that greatness is within them if they believe they can achieve it.

10. Please share any further details that you would like to be mentioned in the press release. I am a single parent of 5 that survived domestic violence, a first-generation college graduate, first-generation author and the first in my family to move away from my hometown with hopes of giving my young African American children more opportunity and allow them to see the success in the African American community here in Atlanta.

11. Please share the contact details that you would like to be mentioned in the press release.

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