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OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2021 / — Each one of us is an “Angel on Vacation”: Spirit living life in a biodegradable human suit. Being human is what offers us endless possibilities through our physical senses to learn, aspire, teach, desire, share, and love. Unfortunately, once we're here, it often feels more like a prison sentence than a vacation! Especially for those of us who feel we don’t belong because we’re too sensitive, too intense, or just too different.

From a spiritual perspective, however, even in the midst of hardship, every day is another day you get to live life as an Angel on Vacation.

Heidi Connolly is an author, psychic-medium, and guided musician who shares this philosophy of life and her gifts to encourage healing for others on every level of their being.

Guided by spirit, Heidi uses her clairsentient psychic-mediumship to help her clients process grief, develop inner guidance, and access peace, enlightenment, joy, and prosperity in every aspect of their lives.

“Back when I graduated from Harvard in music,” Heidi says, “I never, ever expected to be who I am or do what I do! But looking back on all the struggle, as well as all the better times, it all makes perfect sense.”

Now, through mediumship-guided grief counseling and intuitive life coaching, Heidi helps her clients connect with loved ones who have passed on for the express purpose of helping them understand their own gifts and live happier lives. “The Vacationing Angel philosophy helps so many people because it invites them to take a deep breath, to process their life experience in a completely new way. When people begin to put this lifetime in a new context, they start to love themselves again. That’s what really matters.”

Heidi first discovered her abilities after her husband Randy passed away.

One night, not too long after his death, Heidi says Randy loudly woke her up and told her to “get writing.” The next day she realized she and Randy’s spirit had written a book together.

“When I read what I’d written I knew this was the conversation we'd never gotten to have while he was dying,” recalls Heidi. “Every word we wrote that night matched a poem he'd written me through the years, all in order to help me process his death. He needed me to know that my grief was what was preventing me from communicating with him. ‘Until you stop grieving,’ he said, ‘you'll never develop your own abilities or the relationship you want with me as I am now, in spirit.’” The book, called Crossing the Rubicon: Love Poems Past the Point of No Return, not only addresses the deep grief that comes from losing people we love, but also celebrates the profound joy of connectedness, truth, and the energetic frequency of love and healing.

It was not long before Heidi began hearing from other spirits wanting to communicate with their loved ones. Randy encouraged her to start offering what he called “Afterlife Meetups” to talk about her own experience, help others understand their own abilities, and offer a safe space for self-revelation and questions about the Spirit World. “People fear what they don’t know,” says Heidi, “so coming to me can dispel their fear and bring solace and freedom. This is also the reason behind my new novel, The Gateway Café, which focuses on how one teen’s experience traveling to the “UP THERE,” the “DOWN HERE,” and the “IN BETWEEN,” and teaches her that as “an angel on vacation” she is capable to manifesting the life she’s always wanted.

“Randy is my gatekeeper to the angelic realm,” she says. “We were partners in life and continue to be partners now that he is Spirit. I owe the life I have now to my ongoing connection with him and the doors it has opened to working with others.”

Close Up Radio will feature Heidi Connolly in an interview with Jim Masters on September 27th at 3pm EDT.

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