Co-Author Dolores Hirschmann Talks About "Find Your Home Inside of You" In New Book Extraordinary Latinas

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Dolores Hirschmann

New book elevates the voice of 12 Extraordinary Latinas who through resilience, courage & action have opened the way for other Latinas to rise.

It's my passion to help entrepreneurs use their ideas to impact the world. I want entrepreneurs to know that their ideas matter, and can have a massive positive impact on the world.”

— Dolores Hirschmann

MASSACHUSETTS, USA, September 22, 2021 / — Dolores is an internationally recognized strategist & coach. She helps clients clarify their “idea worth sharing”, design their communication strategies, and implement business growth systems. Her clients become speakers and authors and take their message to larger audiences like TEDx and beyond. She works through group coaching, workshops, one on one coaching, as well as public speaking. Dolores is a writer, TEDx Organizer, and participant in TED conferences.

Dolores’ journey wasn’t easy. Immigrating to the US at a young age, newly married, and leaving her friends and family behind was no easy task. With her new home, the first thing on her mind was finding a job. That led her to volunteer at her local United Way, which started the drive to never stop. After years working with a nonprofit in New York from Dartmouth – a pioneer in the remote work environment – she took the skills she’d learned over the years, and her entrepreneurial spirit and started her first company. A clothing company with a co-op of women in Argentina. Suddenly, she found herself at New York Fashion Week and holding wholesale accounts with stores on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Dolores just knew this wasn’t enough. With her clothing company a success, she started a language school for children out of her kitchen. The idea was birthed from her strong commitment to having her children grow up in a bilingual home. Very quickly, neighborhood kids were sitting at her kitchen table, being tutored in Spanish. This caught the attention of the community, and Dolores was able to partner with a local church to use their empty classrooms to fill her growing class sizes.

Her curiosity and entrepreneurial mindset led her to explore the world of tech, creating an app when IPads were starting to become popular, starting her own coaching business, and becoming a TEDx organizer. “When I looked back at all the things I’d done up to that point, I realized that I am an idea person. I generate ideas, I see connections and possibilities and am able to dream big. But along with that, I’m also able to wade through a lot of information and come up with a clear, concise way to communicate it and execute a plan.”

That is how her current company Masters in Clarity was born. A boutique firm that works specifically with service business owners, experts, coaches, consultants, who want to hone their message, and also clarify their action plan so that they can scale.

Read more about Dolores’s journey in the powerful new book Extraordinary Latinas: Powerful Voices of Resilience, Courage & Empowerment at, by Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, the Author, Transformation Strategy Coach, and Hispanic Advocate passionate about helping women elevate their voice and thrive. The book highlights 12 Extraordinary Latinas who, through their courage, resilience, and action, have driven positive impact and opened the way for other Latinas and women to rise.

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About Extraordinary Latinas
Extraordinary Latinas aim to inspire and empower. Through the collection of personal experiences from 12 extraordinary Latinas, we hope to provide the encouragement, grit, and power to stand up and elevate the reader's voice to achieve whatever they put their mind to. To know they are not alone. Whether they feel like the only one in their circle, community, company, or industry, they can find in Extraordinary Latinas a group of powerful women that have gone through similar experiences and will help them step up, and find their voice through power, presence, and representation to make an impact in their personal and professional life.

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