New Book Chronicles Single Mom's Journey From Inventor to Millionaire

Blinger: An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey

Angie Cella and her four children

Blinger is the remarkable story of the intense four-year journey Angie Cella and her four children took to make her dream come true.

Blinger is a testament to the belief that an dream is possible if you work hard and stay true to your faith.”

— Angie Cella

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2021 / — Going from businesswoman to entrepreneur can be intimidating, especially when you’re a single mother of four children. How Angie Cella went from a divinely inspired idea to receiving the 2020 Inventor of the Year Wonder Woman Award from the industry organization Women in Toys is a tale full of twists, turns and bedazzling triumph recounted in her new book BLINGER: An Entrepreneur’s Faith-Based Journey (Rosetta Books; October 5, 2021).

Cella was a successful vice president of Arbonne International and not looking to invent a product when the idea for Blinger — a unique hair product that puts small, delicate gems in hair — came to her in a dream. Despite her uncertainty and lack of firsthand experience with product manufacturing, she realized she was being called to a mission—and answered that call by chasing her dream.

What followed was four years of struggle, steep learning curves, setbacks and a failed audition for Shark Tank. It was in that very failure she had a revelation—"Failures were a big part of my success. Failure is not a zero on the scorecard of your journey,” she says. She realized making Blinger a reality would require patience, persistence and faith in herself, her product, her beliefs and the greater plan. “If you’re not falling short, hitting roadblocks or mountains even, then you’re most likely not progressing,” she says.

So how did she grow to the point that Blinger was carried by major national retail stores and sold
over $22 million wholesale, $50 million retail? In BLINGER, she outlines her faith-based road to success to help fellow entrepreneurs learn from her errors, including:

• What you need to know about nondisclosure agreements
• Lessons she learned the hard way
• How to set up a business entity
• How to develop a business plan
• Communication tips
• Setting up a Kickstarter campaign
• Securing a royalty license
• Understanding manufacturing

Ultimately, Cella wants readers to know that what they do matters. “And what you do doesn’t matter just to you. It may be life changing for the rest of us. The world might not need a Blinger, but it does need exactly what you have to offer and that only you can bring into it. You’re not replaceable, you're essential,” she says. Isn’t it time that you answered your own call to success? BLINGER is a road map that can help you find your way.

ANGIE CELLA is the president and chief dreamer at GEMC2, and ERVP at Arbonne International. She is an inventor, entrepreneur, a woman of profound faith, and the mother of four awesome children. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to hard work and persistence and to motivating and supporting others to achieve their own dreams.

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