M.J. Matuka Publishes Revised Edition of "The Convert: The Pinnacle of God’s Love"

The Convert: The Pinnacle of God's Love Revised Edition

The Convert: The Pinnacle of God’s Love Revised Edition

New `run of Christian guide book provides advice to newly converted believers

SOUTH AFRICA, October 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With "The Convert: The Pinnacle of God’s Love (Revised Edition)" author M. J. Matuka provides readers with an updated source of information, a proverbial wellspring of wisdom, aimed for those newly inducted into the Christian faith.

The fundamentals it conveys is likewise relevant to teachers of the word of God and learners as well. Matuka reveals and interprets the path to holiness in a simple way that readers of all walks of life can understand and practice. After all, it is a guide to neophytes to the creed. Matuka's intention is to close the gap of knowledge that converts have, because there is so much to learn and process as they are introduced to Salvation. So this is why the book is also useful for spiritual teachers, as it equips them with the terminology and the lessons they need to pass down to the converts in order to groom them into their spiritual adulthood.

After all, what may be apparent to them as long-time believers may not be so for those who are still learning the ropes. So this gap of knowledge might be frustrating to newcomers or it may take them a while to grasp certain concepts, which is what Matuka's book streamlines. Its pages contain clear and practical strategies on how to stand right with God and convince others to follow their path in pursuing the love of Jesus Christ.

"I was inspired to write the book, firstly, by a quest of knowledge that I had about Christ when I was a new convert at a local church. The negligence I suffered prompted me to take a step in welcoming those who would be converted after me." Matuka says. “Secondly, by the struggles I've seen in the lives of other believers who are already in Salvation, I couldn't understand why the believers keep on sinning and leading lives unworthy of Christ in the way of faith, until I receive a revelation that Christians are being possessed by the evil spirits as well. That Satan still claims a territory in their lives because they are not freed indeed, in the manner of deliverance. Therefore, that is the reason they lead disgraceful lives, some of them.”

Informed by his own struggles and his sympathy for other beginners seeking salvation, he made this book to provide a foolproof roadmap to smoothen out the learning process. With this, beginners can have an easier time absorbing the concepts and putting it into practice so they can go on with their journey of spiritual growth and development.

About the Author
M. J. Matuka is engaged in church administration as well as the ministerial work of evangelism. He is inclined to performing and advancing knowledge in the ministry work of deliverance.

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