Estes Highlights Complicated Military Decisions

The Rescue of Nadia Marie

David Estes’ thriller shines a beacon to some of the military’s complex choices and their ramifications

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 7, 2021 / — A family adrift in the sea. A killer storm. Bureaucracy in the government. All of these elements make for one of the most exciting military novels ever written. And all of these can be found in David Estes’ maiden publication, “The Rescue of the Nadia Marie.”

Estes is a retired military man who saw action in Vietnam back in the day, and then civilian duty as a policeman afterwards. He lives in Lewiston, Idaho, and has immersed his life in writing ever since his retirement. Most of the time, he’s editing a newsletter and blog called The Idaho Observer. But he also moonlights as an author of thriller novels that he’s based on his storied career.

“The Rescue of the Nadia Marie” is the fruit of Estes’ life in the military. He served as a military infantry leader in Vietnam back in the day. This experience immersed him in the tumultuous world of military procedure that limited what troops on the ground are able to do while in international soil.

This inspired him to wonder what the US Navy would when a family gets stuck in the middle of international waters. The situation is complicated by the presence of a deadly storm. The US Navy is the only force in the world capable of mounting a rescue mission.

However, doing so would complicate the US’ relationships with nations that share the patch of ocean in the Nadia Marie’s current location. It might also endanger the lives of US navy officers. Which means that the only one who could make the call to proceed is the military’s commander in chief.

Estes built the story of “The Rescue of the Nadia Marie” around his experience in the military. This puts in full display the complicated lives led by the military’s decision makers when presented with sticky situations. Will the US president make the call to conduct "The Rescue of the Nadia Marie" on time? Buy the book to find out!

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