Open your greatest gift

Open Your Greatest Gift is a continuation of the journey that started with her last work, Reflections
of Omnipotent Love.

PITTSBURG, CALIFORNIA, US, October 6, 2021 / — Author shares a panacea on how to open one’s hidden scripts encoded at birth “What if there is a bounty of gifts stored somewhere, like a treasure chest just waiting to be opened by you?”
—Debra Domino, Open Your Greatest Gift.

Frankfurt, DE— Debra Domino’s Open Your Greatest Gift is like a guide showing a daily practice to activate the characteristics that were planted inside us during birth. Debra, who fancies writing manuscripts of everyday life-issues, has been described as an author who writes passionately from the heart. It was proven fact when the author released this collection of short stories that discover and uncover how each character learns how to uncover their greatest gifts whenever they face defeats, denials, or the unknowing.

There is no greater attestation to faith, hope, love, and peace than the gift of light to show up and to shine through one’s darkest moments of life. Urging the reader to open their hidden scripts and miracles that were planted since birth, Open Your Greatest Gift contains panacea with inspiration for helping oneself and others to heal, grow, or succeed in their own unique way. This empowering novel gives hope that anything is possible when the gifts are used.

Using her personal experiences, Debra Domino was able to efficiently inspire her readers to move forward using their hidden gems while also not setting aside the fact that their own personal goals can push them further toward other goals that push their boundaries and bring a positive quality of life to daily society.

Debra Domino has a remarkable ability to capture real life stories in a way that it is easy to evoke and feel emotions through her work. She believes that being quiet sometimes allows our messages to become visible and audible. The author is a general consultant and coordinator for Family Life, she was born and raised in the Deep South in the State of Louisiana with her seven other siblings.

Debra moved to Texas for employment after graduating from college at Grambling State University.

Open Your Greatest Gift is a continuation of the journey that started with her last work, Reflections of Omnipotent Love.

Open Your Greatest Gift
Written by: Debra Domino
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