They Said I Couldn't, but Yes I Can

African-American and other minority children are bombarded by negative messages about themselves in the media, in the classroom, in society at large

The individuals included in the book did not only win and excel but broke
numerous barriers and titles to have achieved that honor.”

— Dr. Marva Pachot Bourne

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, October 6, 2021 / — Taking inspiration from the oppressed minority of men and women who defied all odds and excelled in fields not achieved easily by the privileged, mother and daughter tandem gives hope and empowerment by penning a book that conveys that dreams can become a reality. They Said I Couldn't, But Yes I Can!, gives voice to shouts and victories some may not have heard and parades the names of African-American whose names rise to the top because of their perseverance to win and to become the ‘first’ or ‘only’ in their respective fields.

Dating way back, there is no denying that African-American and other children under the minorities are bombarded and slapped in the face with negative messages about themselves be it in the media, classroom, the society at large, and even in the ‘comfort’ of their own homes. Author and illustrator mother and daughter duo shows how these oppressed and minorities excelled against all odds in fields of Science, Journalism, Politics, Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Law, Aeronautics, and much more. The individuals included in the book did not only win and excel but broke numerous barriers and titles to have achieved that honor.

They Said I Couldn't, But Yes I Can!is narrated using poetry, humor, and a touch of the reality that our children, especially those who belong to what society dubbed as the “minorities”, live and must fight to overcome no matter what rocks are thrown at them. All the illustrations represent some of these people as children already working in various fields as a nod to what they have become when they grew up. This is a must-have for the minority children as a historical chronology and as a source of positive role models and heroes they can emulate and look up to. The author
also encourages further personal research of all the individuals highlighted and mentioned in this book.

Dr. Marva Pachot Bourne migrated from Trinidad and Tobago and has lived in the United States for over forty years. Against all odds, she earned a doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lorna Linda University. She and her husband, Dr. Kenrick Bourne, live in Visalia California, where she practices as a licensed MFT.

The husband and wife are proud parents of two adult daughters, Candice (the book’s illustrator) and Dannette, and grandparents of four beautiful grandchildren. It is her immense desire that this book will inspire and empower many youths to broaden the scope of their dreams and aspirations.

They Said I Couldn't, But Yes I Can!
Written by: Dr. Marva Pachot Bourne
Illustrated by: Candice Bourne Enang
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