Co-Author Laura Tapia Talks About “Take the Driver’s Seat” In New Book Extraordinary Latinas

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Laura Tapia

New book elevates the voice of 12 Extraordinary Latinas who through resilience, courage & action have opened the way for other Latinas to rise.

It's not always easy, but you have to plan the time for the things that are important. ”

— Laura Tapia

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, October 11, 2021 / — Laura Tapia is an independent board member who serves on several boards, a successful marketing advisor who has been named by CNN’s Expansion amongst Mexico’s most powerful women, and has also been recognized as a Leading Woman by Advertising Age, a global editorial authority in marketing. She had a very successful corporate career and is now a thriving entrepreneur. She has a powerful voice as a woman in environments where women are not present or have limited presence and is always looking for ways to open the doors for other women to follow.

Change, it’s something not everyone is comfortable with, but something Laura sees as the only sure thing in our lives. She credits learning most of what she knows in marketing by “doing”. Through her vivacious nature and keen ability to network, she was able to be recognized as one of Mexico’s most powerful women.

Her purpose has always been to leave a legacy behind in each of the companies she’s worked for. One of her passions is to create something sustainable beyond the time she’s at a company. She’s been able to do so because of her experience and creativity in helping marketers do better marketing. “My purpose is to leave a legacy in the companies that I work for, to create capability, to leave something sustainable beyond the period that I work for that company. That includes the boards where I sit, the companies that I consult, the nonprofits where I volunteer.”

Laura approaches everything with intention and tunes in with herself. Using the power of meditation, she connects her goals to her values every morning. She credits yoga and mediation to her ability to deeply connect with what she wants to do and further define that.

She’s not scared to ask for advice or help when she needs it. It can be intimidating at the start, but she says you’ll quickly find that there are not many people who will say no to offering you advice. During her career, she faced many closed doors and ‘nos’, but that didn’t stop her. She surrounded herself with the right people, the right advice, and the right mentors, which helped her reach the success she’s achieved today. “Again and again, I’d come up against naysayers, but I just stayed focused on my objective and relentlessly focused my energy on finding the way to do it. As a result, I have achieved most of the things I set out to do.”

Read more about Laura’s journey in the powerful new book Extraordinary Latinas: Powerful Voices of Resilience, Courage & Empowerment at, by Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, the Author, Transformation Strategy Coach, and Hispanic Advocate passionate about helping women elevate their voice and thrive. The book highlights 12 Extraordinary Latinas who, through their courage, resilience, and action, have driven positive impact and opened the way for other Latinas and women to rise.

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About Extraordinary Latinas
Extraordinary Latinas aim to inspire and empower. Through the collection of personal experiences from 12 extraordinary Latinas, we hope to provide the encouragement, grit, and power to stand up and elevate the reader's voice to achieve whatever they put their mind to.
To know they are not alone. Whether they feel like the only one in their circle, community, company, or industry, they can find in Extraordinary Latinas a group of powerful women that have gone through similar experiences and will help them step up, and find their voice through power, presence, and representation to make an impact in their personal and professional life.

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