Sandra Swain Pens Enchanting Children's Stories

Children's Stories by Sandra Swain

Children’s Stories by Sandra Swain

Sandra Swain

Sandra Swain

"Willie Wombat's Walk," "How Willie Wombat Won the Race," "When Critters Get Cranky" teach young readers important life lessons

CLEVELAND, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 / — Picture books are great ways for parents to bond with their children while providing both an entertaining and educational reading experience. With her three books, "Willie Wombat's Walk," "How Willie Wombat Won the Race" and "When Critters Get Cranky," author Sandra Swain gives families enchanting bedtime stories and introduces young readers to several new furry friends.

"Willie Wombat's Walk" follows the titular marsupial who happens to be in early elementary school and has a bad day when he discovers he isn't invited to a birthday party. He feels left out and thinks he is the only one not invited. Feeling left out can be a distressing experience and happens in life. Young readers will see that it is not the end of the world, however, as Willie discovers that he is not the only one who was not invited to the party. He finds common cause with those who feel similarly alienated and left out, and forms a connection with them. This teaches young readers that one way to deal with the feeling of being left out or not being invited is to form one's own circle by making new friends, one at a time.

In "How Willie Wombat Won the Race" Swain tackles the topic of bullying, depicting Willie's encounters with the Badger Brothers, who bully the poor marsupial when he joins the track team. They call him names, like Willie Waddles. Still, he receives encouragement from his coach, but even then loses belief in himself, lacking confidence in his ability to run fast. His mom tells him a secret though, one that helps Willie overcome his limits and realize his potential. This story shows how children can overcome bullying and surprise themselves with their hidden capabilities.

"When Critters Get Cranky" depicts the adorable antics of little ones and how this can be amusing and simultaneously vexing for parents. Swain also shows what happens if the kids go too far, becoming wild and unreasonable, even destructive. This is a story parents can share with their kids to promote acceptable behaviors and boundaries.

The importance of reading together has become even more evident in recent times, with the pandemic causing a shift to remote learning and leading parents to assume the role of teaching assistants. Yet this is an opportunity to create golden moments between parents and kids. With Swain’s books, parents and children can share such invaluable reading experiences and have a good laugh at the adorable antics depicted in Swain’s charmingly illustrated books.

About the Author
Sandra Swain has a degree in journalism from Ohio State University and was a freelance writer for the Columbus Dispatch. She was the public relations director for Mt. Carmel Hospital, a copywriter for Lazarus and other department stores, and worked in special education. She served in the Board of Trustees of Lakeland Community College for 15 years and chaired it for two years. Currently she is a realtor in the Cleveland area.

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