US Made products never get STUCK on Cargo Ships, a St. Louis Coloring Book Publishers GIANT Holiday Coloring Book Sale

Holiday coloring books

Holiday Coloring Books are a huge hit for retail and consumer direct.

Wholesale coloring books.

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Csutom coloring books. makes custom books for thousand of companies.

Retailers, small shops, schools, consumers nationally are ordering coloring book products from St. Louis, MO publisher, exporting books now!

Surrounded by a pandemic, imports stuck in cargo ships, American business, consumers are reconnecting with US made products. Retail shops, families are ordering more coloring books than in decades.”

— Wayne Bell, Publisher

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, October 19, 2021 / — St. Louis based book publisher Wayne Bell sees a colorful lining in all things, as he published his first book in 1981 when he was a kid. Forty years later Bell has published hundred of titles, sold many millions of copies and in at least 36 languages. He has shipped products, books to over 90 countries around the world. His company has published about every conceivable topic, for every political party, school systems, national fundraising agencies, 501C3's, musicians, individuals, stores, retailers and the list goes on and on. Topics off the table that Bell will never publish for are; extremists groups or simply, "inappropriate or mean people" as he put it. Coloring Books are a huge hit with families, great wholesome quality in home entertainment.

During this pandemic, with hundred of ships, millions of containers and a complete shortage of numerous products, Bell's coloring book company is working overtime. Their company is filling orders to thousands of mom and pop shops in North America, major retailers, schools, churches, businesses, industry promo shops and direct to consumer homes like never before. People find his company at He has increased the product line to greeting cards, place-mats, hard back books, biographies, downtown maps, notebooks, school supplies and products for anyone that needs an ink and paper product. Says Bell, "When I made my first coloring book 40 years ago, I was not thinking of a career, much less even starting a company. The internet was not even created yet and selling books was truly, albeit successful, a door to door adventure.

The publishing companies various educational books range in size from 5.5 x 8.5 inches, to 8.5 x 11 and larger like 11 x 17 sized, up to 17 wide and 22 inches tall. All manufactured in St. Louis, MO. The books retail from 1.99 to 8.99 and cover about every conceivable topic. Through fun activities like matching, nice coloring pages all reviewed and approved by educators, with QR codes and more, the interactive coloring books are both entertaining and educational. His approach to publishing is like teaching, the company captures the imagination, the creativity of small children, students, even parents and grandparents. It helps them become excited to learn about the many topics. Approved by teachers and educators, the line of coloring and activity books are great gifts for families, consumer, school, student or classroom.

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