Free Born By Ben Sanford

The magical set pieces and the compelling characters offer a refreshing take on the fantasy genre.

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, October 20, 2021 / — Author Enthralls Readers with Socially Relevant Fantasy Novel

Ben Sanford, a native of New York and lover of travel, has concluded his new fantasy book, Free Born. Published by Page Publishing Inc, aside from its fantastic elements, the book explores the nature of a society organized by a caste system.

The narrative is set around the realm of Elaria where people with magical abilities rule over the people incapable of magic. Whether it’s the ability to wield the elements like fire and ice, to heal, to see the future, these magical skills are passed down through genetics. To conserve and consolidate their political hegemony, the nobles mandate their heir to only marry citizens bestowed with magic.

The perceived balance of power begins to shift upon the birth of Ethanos Blagen, the firstborn son of the king of Astaria, Bronus Blagen, who himself is a lightning lord, the first mage born in five hundred years with the ability to cast lightning. Gifted with great strength, self-healing abilities, Ethanos was also born with immunities against magic.

Although part of the nobility himself, Ethan wants nothing from his royal privileges; he desires to set his own path — freedom. Ethan’s inclination in yielding to his free spirit becomes the rallying point for the numerous components of Sanford’s fantasy novel. Together with the fantastic elements, the author’s insights on social issues, and his storytelling prowess, Free Born is an excellent read for today’s socially conscious readers. The magical set pieces and the compelling characters offer a refreshing take on the fantasy genre.

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Free Born
Written by Ben Sanford
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