Romance Down Under Blooms in "Kangaroos and Champagne"

Kangaroos and Champagne

Kangaroos and Champagne

Mary Ann Day

Mary Ann Day

This romp of a romance follows the desires and hopes of heroine Sally and her adventures in search of the Australian dream

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2021 / — Mary Ann Day’s romantic adventure “Kangaroos and Champagne” (published by BookTrail Publishing) is full of fun and humor. This lively novel follows heroine Sally’s heroic adventures as she searches for the Australian dream.

The story takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of thrills and spills, laughter and tears as English rose Sally Wiltshire tries to find ingenious ways to stay long term in Australia, the country she has fallen in love with.

“Kangaroos and Champagne” lives up to its name. Readers can get caught up in Sally’s encounters which include Rick, an Aussie hunk who, to her dismay, has gotten a moody girlfriend since their last encounter. Sally is not deterred though, as she explores the varied nightlife of Sydney, sojourns into the outback's untamed bush with a seemingly suicidal maniac, has a hilarious karaoke session with a man and his dog, and winds up in more hijinks in her pursuit of happiness.

She starts coming up with inventive ways to stay long term in Australia, as she is neither a plumber nor a brain surgeon nor practising any profession prioritized in the nation's strict immigration system. Sally’s only hope is to find someone to marry so she can attain a long-term visa. An incurable romantic, she goes in search of Mr. Right, in the hope of falling in love as well securing a passport to Oz, But the search for Mr Right is rocky. Sally concludes if she can’t find Mr. Right, perhaps Mr. Alright —aka ‘Visa Man’ — and an arranged marriage could be the answer.

Readers will be itching to find out if Sally succeeds in her quest. Will she meet either Mr Right or Mr Alright and get her visa? Or does a different future await her?

"While I was travelling in Australia over a period, I met a wide variety of different people and heard masses of stories about people’s experiences. Some of these included bizarre stories of people who had actually married an Australian- deliberately in an arranged marriage. Some had happy endings and some not so. These stories and adventures, inspired me to start writing them down while I was in Australia, and as I started to write I came up with the plot for my book, ‘Kangaroos and Champagne,’” Day says, explaining the inspiration for her story.

Rom-com aficionados will appreciate this story, with its servings of humor, a touch of sex, and a healthy dose of escapism that can also serve as a travel guide for the Land Down Under.

“Kangaroos and Champagne”
By Mary Ann Day
Copyright © 2021 by Mary Ann Day. ISBN-978-1-63767-255-6 (Paperback) ISBN-978-1-63767-256-3 (Ebook)
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About the Author
“Kangaroos and Champagne” is Mary Ann Day’s first novel, following a career in journalism and public relations. A work of fiction, it was nevertheless inspired by a period she spent traveling and staying in Australia. Day also finds time to paint Impressionist-style pictures in her spare time, which she occasionally exhibits and sells.

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