Tony Jeton Selimi's New Book, The Unfakeable Code®, Wins Maincrest Media Award

The Unfakeable Code® – The New Book by Tony J. Selimi Mediacrest Award

The Unfakeable Code® - The New Book by Tony J. Selimi

The Unfakeable Code® – The New Book by Tony J. Selimi

The Unfakeable Code® 5 Star Book By Tony Jeton Selimi #1 Amazon Bestseller List in Multiple Categories

Maincrest Media Award Winner is awarded to books that have astounded and amazed judges with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, stories, and original ideas.

Tony J. Selimi's book The Unfakeable Code® is a life manual that gives you valuable insights into the science of changing your mindset that will transform your existence.”

— Marie Diamond, a star from The Secret

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2021 / — The Unfakeable Code® – Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms is the Winner of Maincrest Media Book Award in Inspirational Category

By Tony Jeton Selimi
Multi-Award-Winning #1 International Bestselling Author and Consultant

Learn how to be true to yourself for a happier, less stressful, more authentic and more successful way of living, leading and loving.

No mask on the outside can hide the truth our authentic, genuine and unfakeable being knows on the inside. It is wise to treat all mental and emotional activity equally and objectively, no matter what the topic is or how supportive specific thoughts appear in the moment. The reason is that the responses arising from our transient personas will lurk in the background to force us to make the wrong choices, make bad decisions, and adopt dis-empowered behaviours that often leave us feeling anxious, depressed, and out of control, and stressed.

The Unfakeable Code® by Tony Jeton Selimi is a proven playbook on how to regain control over your emotions to turn stress and negativity into purpose and power. With strategies, exercises and practical hands-on tips, this book provides concrete, actionable solutions on how to change the way you conduct yourself, to change your life. Author Tony Jeton Selimi's writing is personal, engaging and informative. With experience as a cognition and human behaviour expert, having worked with CEO's, global leaders, Hollywood A list celebrities, the passion and dedication for the topic shines through his writing and is powerful and inspiring.

In this inspiring Amazon #1 International Best-Selling book and winner of Maincrest Media and the Literary Titan Silver Award, you'll discover how to let go of feeling powerless and out of control and some of the rules where people can come back into authentic living, leading, and loving, where old wounds can be healed, and masks can be unveiled. A must-read book that makes a compelling and scientific case for being more authentic at home, socially, and at work. It assists in unleashing the power of your unfakeable individuality and harmonising body-mind-heart intelligence to deal with any form of anxiety, conflict, stress, and wilfully create an inspired destiny.

This book is ideal for those seeking to step forward in a fresh new way to:

Free Yourself From Judgement and Learn To Be Comfortable In Your Skin
• Manage Negative Self-Talk and Turn Fear Into a Powerful Motivator
• Use your Emotions Intelligently and Make Better Choices and Decisions
• Stop Being a People-pleaser and Lead Authentically
• Infuse Your Life With a Limitless Sense of Freedom and Untapped Potential. And More!

Combining over 40 years of research, studies and inspiring testimony, the book contains a robust five-step methodology that will help you reinvent your life and become the master of your destiny. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to reprogram their mind to lead an authentic life filled with love, courage, inspiration, and limitless potential.

• A compelling guide to help anyone return to authentic living and the antidote to 'fake-it-till-you-make-it' culture. Be confident, be bold, lead a more harmonic life and heal those old emotional wounds.

• Filled with clear and practical step-by-step advice that anyone can use to build a better lifestyle. Based on five life-enhancing principles.

Who can benefit from reading The Unfakeable Code®?

A perfect gift book for anyone who is struggling, particularly post-pandemic, to re-learn how to be themselves and to become bold enough to try new things. It is ideal for CEO's, leaders, politicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, HR, communication, sales, marketing, and customer relations departments. Scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, doctors, nurses, the NHS, and other health and wellbeing professionals and institutions. Life, business, leadership, executive and corporate coaches, financial specialists, mentors, healers, complementary therapists, personal trainers, consultants, and even international United Nations delegates and peace Ambassadors seeking to emerge as authentic individuals and confident leaders in their field. Parents, professors, teachers, children and students, educational institutions, prison workers. Film producers, directors, actors, musicians and artists.

Here's What Experts Have To Say About The Book:

"An inspiring, enjoyable, fast-moving book that shows you how to unlock your full power for unlimited success." – Brian Tracy, Author, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International

"The worldview developed here transcends science, dogma and belief, giving readers a new code to reconnect with their true, authentic individual and the Divine within that knows how to take back control, lead authentically and live freely on your terms." Dr John Demartini, World Renown Human Behavior Expert, Philosopher and Founder of the Demartini Institute

About the Author

Born in 1969 in Gostivar, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Tony Jeton Selimi went from living homeless and penniless to an internationally recognised TEDx speaker, award-winning author and cognition expert specialising in human behaviour, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, wealth building and leadership excellence.

Selimi travels the world assisting people from all professions and businesses from all market sectors engaged in high-stress performance, productivity, and purpose missions. Entrepreneurs, CEO's, global leaders, Hollywood A list celebrities, and people from all professions consult with him to get unstuck, boost their confidence, make better decisions, clarify what they want, expand their vision, become better speakers, unleash their magnificence, excel in all critical areas of life, and live fulfilled, authentically and freely on their terms. Organisations seek his expertise to boost productivity, performance, profits and overall employee wellbeing.

Selimi is the creator of Into Your Divinity, Climb Greater Heights documentary series and the co-creator of the multi-award-winning documentary Living My Illusion, and pioneered several trademarked methodologies in human development to help other people reach their aspirations and dreams. He's the London SME Most Visionary Entrepreneur 2020 award recipient and has been featured on SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, reaching over 100 million people.

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Learn how to be true to yourself for a happier, less stressful and more successful way of living by Reading The Unfakeable Code® By Tony Jeton Selimi

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