A Terrifying Take on the Evolution of Science, Brainwashing and the Cycle of Abuse. Not for the Timid.

A picture of the three books from The Crying Minds Trilogy, The Secret of the Crying Minds, The Hunt of the Crying Minds and The Battle of the Crying Minds.

The Crying Minds Trilogy

The Crying Minds series is a fictional journey through real-life horrors and possibilities around artificial intelligence, gaming and bioscience.

An absolute psychological page turner. This was better than a Netflix series binge watch.”

— Doug Anthony

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM , October 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Crying Minds is a psychological crime thriller series set over time in London, the UK, Europe, and China.
Roze, a young woman, a product of an unethical scientific experiment, with extreme emotional intelligence and mind-reading skills, gradually becomes a new age MI5 agent caught in a fight against sadistic women hater and game developing psychopath, Hydra, through brainwashed minds, the secret service and the dark web.

This is a fictional journey through real-life horrors such as abuse, manipulation and trafficking, the potential dangers and possibilities around artificial intelligence, gaming and bioscience.

The third book in the series: The Battle of the Crying Minds is getting published this week, following on from The Secret of the Crying Minds (June 2020) and the Hunt of the Crying Minds (December 2020). All three books are available on Amazon in Paperback, on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Most major global book sites are selling the books through extended distribution.

What do readers say about the first two books?

“ Extraordinarily unique Thriller. The Secret of The Crying Minds by A.L Berggren is quite possibly the most unique and intriguing book I’ve come across in recent times – a true hybrid genre." "With an enchanting hero in Roze and one of the most twisted villains I’ve read in the despicable Hydra, Berggren has allowed her imagination to run wild in this vibrant and vividly written thriller that could gather something of a cult following. It’s fresh and modern but also with dark themes including abuse and slavery that can be disturbing but this feels like a book that could be targeted at a young adult reader but also the most avid of crime reader.
I’m intrigued to read more of this quite compelling and extraordinary story.”
Alex Jones – Crime Book Reviewer

"The second book in the ”Crying minds” series is just as mesmerising and chilling as the first. Roze and Hydra continue on their paths unknown to each other. The environments, scenery and emotional storytelling in this book are exceptional. Bring on book three!"
Lotta Trygg – Amazon Reviewer

There are plenty more reviews on Instagram, Goodreads, Waterstones and Amazon.

A.L. Berggren is a new author who has managed to self-publish three books (The Secret of the Crying Minds, The Hunt of the Crying Minds and The Battle of the Crying Minds) so far during the Covid -19 Pandemic. Being a single mother and the breadwinner for two children, getting furloughed twice and losing two jobs in one year because of the lockdowns transformed her life overnight. This unfortunate disruption created a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally have time (between home schooling and setting up a new business) to complete and share this “dark, gripping” story with the world. A piece of writing she had privately worked on for ten years throughout a breakup and a hideously prolonged, eye-opening and traumatic experience in the Secret Family Court. A.L. Berggren writes under her maiden name, is a native Swede living in London. Since January, she has been a proud business owner to a small publishing and digital consultancy called ALPIECE LTD.

A.L. Berggren believes in supporting positive changes and donates 15% of her book profits to charity work. Right now, she supports the charity www.DoGoodNowGlobal.com solely.

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