“COURTNEY M.” A New Memoir for Anyone Trying to Understand the Inner Workings of a Brain Hijacked by Drugs or Alcohol

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COURTNEY M. Book Cover

Authors Patricia and Courtney

A Mother's Loss, A Daughter's Legacy

Courtney M. is a powerful read; personal, introspective, honest, raw, and emotional! Patricia has created a tremendous memorial of Courtney”

— Anita Riehm

CAVE CREEK, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — COURTNEY M. is a raw, relatable, must-read for anyone trying to understand the inner workings of a brain hijacked by drugs or alcohol. In this compelling and personal dual memoir, a daughter shares her recovery journey while a mother shares her heartbreak over losing her 28-year-old daughter to stage 4 liver cirrhosis after 6 months of hard-earned sobriety. If you are an addict, you love one, or have lost one, you will see yourself on these heart wrenching pages.

“After Courtney’s passing, it took a year before I had the courage to open up and read the journal she wrote while in rehab,” Patricia explains, “What I found was an honest and relatable story for anyone trying to overcome a personal addiction. My hope is that sharing our story will inspire others who are struggling.”

While in rehab, Courtney discovered that program graduates often leave the facility with their belongings stuffed into a plastic bag. She felt it was not the proper send-off into the world of sobriety and new beginnings.

Despite her abysmal grief, or perhaps because of it, Patricia tried to find a way to manifest Courtney’s dream of helping addicts graduate rehab with dignity and determination.

Expanding on Courtney’s idea, Patricia took a simple fashion accessory, the handbag, and used it to turn tragedy into triumph. Starting the nonprofit Purse-Impressions, now operating in 5 states, she began collecting purses and donating them to rehab centers. This expanded into filling the purses with items sure to come in handy as graduates embarked on their new life journey. It culminated with Patricia opening and running Purse-Impressions, a charity boutique, in the quaint downtown area of Cave Creek, AZ.

“Courtney M. is a powerful read; personal, introspective, honest, raw, and emotional! Patricia has created a tremendous memorial of Courtney. Through all the challenges and heartbreak, the love shines through. I loved it!” Anita Riehm shares her review

Now on Amazon, COURTNEY M. is available in paperback or kindle format. To learn more about the charity, the boutique, or ways you can help, visit www.purse-impressions.com or contact the author at patricia@purse-impressions.com

You can also meet Patricia at the upcoming Purse-Impressions “Pop-Up” fundraiser event where she will officially launch COURTNEY M. with a book sale, signing, and promotional giveaways. Be there on November 13th & 14th at The Holland Center 34250 N 60th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85266. Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-2pm.

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