Bringing hope into prison through Designed Conviction The Magazine

Submission by Brittany Wiest

Submission by Brittany Wiest

13 Summers King Moosa single

OG OMyth

Designed Conviction the Magazine has been bringing inspiration into prisons across the United States since 2018, with more than ten issues published.

There are many great men and womed serving time in prison that deserve to heard”

— Cecilia Conley

OLYMPIA, WA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2021 / — The latest issue features King Moosa, a rapper from Illinois. After recently being released from an Illinois state prison serving more than thirteen years. When Hip Hop artist Vic Mensa got behind him and helped push for his clemency. King Moosa was sentenced to twenty-five years at the age of fourteen.

Moosa is just one example of change that Designed Conviction the Magazine has shared the story. Moosa is just one example of change that Designed Conviction has shared the story. This year, the magazine has featured the incredible stories of OG OMyth, founder of Manifest Something Beautiful; Angia Bianca, a best-selling author; and Youtube personality Big Herc.

From coast to coast and continues to pave the way for more to come. Bringing stories of success back inside and highlighting stories of change and progress from the inside for the world to see. With their yearly art contest, which is running from — to —.. Shining light on the talented folks that otherwise may go undiscovered.

Designed Conviction is a social enterprise that is working to bridge the gap between incarceration and society. They are investing in rehabilitation by creating a platform for positive works to get exposure and both current and formerly incarcerated individuals to get recognized for those talents.

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