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Christian Poems, Prayer and Inspirations

A collection of celebrating the presence of Christ in one’s life

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 8, 2021 / — As Christians, our faith dictates that the Lord Jesus Christ is with us each day of our life, from our birth until our last breath, and even unto eternity when we partake of eternal life in the presence of God the Father’s kingdom. Oftentimes, we take for granted the beauty of creation and the presence of grace in our lifetime. We often live our days without appreciating the many blessings the Lord bestows upon us. “Christian Poems, Prayers and Inspirations” helps us deepen our faith in the risen Christ and see his grace and glory in the many aspects of our lives.

Patricia Offerman is a Born-Again Christian who has devoted at least forty years of her life in service to the Lord most high and all who share in his wonderful creation. Offerman has shared the good word of God to people from all walks of life and has allowed the opportunities and relationships to strengthen her faith and inspire others to do the same. She has compiled poems, stories, personal anecdotes, prayers, and many others during her journey through life with Christ and hopes to reach friends, family, and strangers alike so that they may share in the praise of the Almighty God.

“Christian Poems, Prayer and Inspirations” draws from those forty years of ministry and sharing the word of the Lord. Offerman shares with us the insights and grace that allowed her to walk the paths of life in the steps of the Lord Jesus Christ. She puts together a compilation of easy-to-read devotions, prayers, and poems that aim to deepen one’s relationship with their faith and to further the appreciation to the many blessings and grace made possible through the Lord. A truly spiritual and enlightening experience for leaders.

Walk with Christ today by getting your copy of “Christian Poems, Prayers and Inspirations!”

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