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The coloring book industry hasn't belonged to just Marvel®, Disney® or Pixar® or fancy marketeers for a long time.

Marketeers, businesses, corporations may complicate coloring books as they promote their brands. Children and parents will tell you what sells, listen to parents and kids, they are the best reviews.”

— N. Wayne Bell, Publisher

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, November 10, 2021 / — The best large coloring book is the book chosen by the parent, educator or the child coloring. Simply put, the coloring book industry hasn't belonged to just Marvel®, Disney® or Pixar® or fancy marketers for a long time. We asked consumers of the publisher at, including parents, teachers, educators, businesses, government officials and most of all 'children or adults that love to color". Asking questions to hundreds of businesses, thousands of parents and a host of screaming kiddos, the company manufactures millions of books each year. Below is a sampling of what we found.

"We find the size of book and the content for an 18 month old to a 4 year old plays little difference. Coloring Books are an experience for littler children. Older children 5 and up begin to gravitate to their interests. I like robots, I like games, I like birds, I like princesses, I like monsters and the "I's" have it. Children will want a book of a certain type, but mom, dad, grandma or grandpa will pick it out and pay for it. Parents have the final say almost always in what their children color, even often at school," says Wayne Bell, Publisher of coloring books for over 40 years.

Children: Which large coloring books do you like best?
Answers: Big animals, dinosaurs, outer space, zombies, rabbits, Christmas, big pictures, ABC's, horses, fun ones, Easter, Halloween, trees, planets, famous people, snakes, dogs, cartoons, on and on.

Adults: Which large coloring books do you prefer? What do you have?
We like awesome original stories, drawings and content. Large coloring books come in two basic sizes, thickness and actual size. is one of the nations largest producers of coloring books. They make small ones 3 inches x 5.5 inches to truly large ones 18 inches by 24 inches. Page count is in the eye of the color-er. A small coloring book of only 12 pages will deliver the same net result or pleasure as a large page count of 144, its just easier to handle. Intricate details to large pictures, its all a personal choice for the adult or the event in which they are coloring, says Bell.

Coloring book bindings, almost does not matter at all, coloring books are fun said Bell. Some of the favorite bindings are the spiral bound as the books lay easily on tables, desks, educators love the ease of use and kids like the colorful bindings. Square back binding, perfect bound, all good, but many parents and children dislike the unbound packaged "coloring pages" they are hard to keep organized and a mess to clean up.

Coloring book accessories naturally are crayons, pencils, paints, markers, even water colors. And everyone has their favorite.

Wayne Bell, is the Publisher at Really Big Coloring Books® | based in St. Louis, MO. The company has over 1500 coloring book related domain names in several countries. He has been designing coloring books for about four decades and has sold millions in 90+ countries, developing a global name.

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