Author Stayce Jones Debuts Novel Healthy People Get Cancer Too

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2021 / — Everyone has their own definition of what it means to be “healthy.” For some, this may mean getting a full eight hours of sleep and eating right, while for others, it can mean working out five times a week. The term has certainly changed meaning as outside influences have made it very one-sided. While defining, preserving, and implementing good healthy measures in life can be challenging, there are several misconceptions that can lead individuals onto a path they would never have seen for themselves.

In her new book, Healthy People Get Cancer Too, author Stayce Jones tells her personal story on how she went from a certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach to navigating a life-threatening disease that completely changed her perspective on the health industry. In her 15 years of studying the effects of herbs and juices on disease prevention, this Washingtonian was on the road to truly figuring out the world of health and what it means for those who may be suffering. As a business manager by trade and currently en route to finishing her Bachelors in Finance, Jones has always found a way to put her health first and was even invited to speak at multiple summits and wellness events on her expertise. While teaching individuals the practical ways to incorporate healthy habits into everyday living, she would have never expected to receive a diagnosis that would forever alter the way she approached health.

Just a few weeks after her 40th birthday party and celebrating the wedding of her dreams, Stayce was diagnosed with stage 2B Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is an aggressive form of cancer in the blood. For someone who embodied perfect health in so many ways, cancer was the furthest from her mind. It wasn’t until she began to experience breathing problems and extreme fatigue that prompted her to check in with her body. After the initial shock, Jones knew she had to change her mindset to conquer this chapter of her life. With only a few weeks before her first treatments, she was offered very little to no opportunity for a natural plan due to the size of her tumors. Using what she had already learned in her 15 years of extensive knowledge and training, she was able to change how she viewed natural treatments and conventional medicine and took on her own definition of healthy once and for all.

Through this novel, Jones dives deep in answering the tough questions such as are all cancers preventable, are commonly known remedies the answer, and so much more. Her thought process and insight from her own experience showcase the many different lifestyles of being healthy and how each holds value in our bodies. In an effort to close the gaps on holistic and scientific communities that have often had conflicting views in the past, Healthy People Get Cancer Too is a narrative that can help readers lower their own risk of cancer while understanding how as a whole, health is so much more than we even realize.

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Stayce Jones

Source: EIN Presswire