Kevin Itima Releases Two Important Literary Works that Speak to Struggles and Journeys of Black Men

The books are entitled E Ware Mumene (I’m Going Home) and Anthology of Brothers.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 / — Kevin Itima is pleased to announce the official launch of his book, E Ware Mumene (I’m Going Home) and short story collection, Anthology of Brothers.

Kevin Itima, a first-generation Nigerian-American born in Houston, Texas, was born to Nigerian Delta state immigrants, Helen and Romeo Itima. Kevin spent a portion of his high school tenure in Lagos, Nigeria – an unforgettable experience that immensely changed the direction of his life. Since then, Kevin has dedicated his life to helping others, to his exceptional achievements in education, and to creating a wildly successful professional life.

In his most recent news, Kevin is announcing the official release of his two important literary works, E Ware Mumene (I’m Going Home) and Anthology of Brothers.

“E Ware Mumene (I’m Coming Home) is the account of my experience as a young, first generation Nigerian American and my desire to reconcile my diverse identity, while rejecting my home culture,” Kevin says. “The book starts off with me cast to country I had visited only once. As a foreigner in my parents’ home country, I experienced humiliation, found redemption and a new-found appreciation for my heritage.”

“The events preceding my departure contrast with my life in Nigeria to highlight the growth of a self-centered young man, accustomed and aspiring to inner-city American life, struggling to cope with the intricacies of urban life in Africa,” Kevin continues. “The complexities and angst that comprise adolescence further weave through the story to illustrate the strain one experiences while attempting to balance competing social identities. The reader goes on a journey that leaves me ostracized from my peers and family, in which I seek answers through violence, drugs, and theft, yet find myself only after going home.”

E Ware Mumene (I’m Coming Home) is already being considered an important work and is being utilized in several different schools as a teaching school, including Jackson State University’s Department of Criminal Justice.

Kevin’s second book, Anthology of the Brothers, is a collection of short stories of African males. Throughout the book, the tapestry of the black male is woven with an intricate pattern of strength, misery, courage, death, ambition, and self-hate.

“It seems that our plight has been as arduous as that of our forefathers that were shackled and stripped of their identity,” Kevin states. “In the present day, these shackles exist only in our mind; all too often we are responsible for placing the limitations upon ourselves. However, even in our dimmest moments it is impossible to overlook the raw beauty and tenacity we have to survive through it all. These stories cover a fraction of who we are as African American males. They are a binding force that we can all identify with at some point in our lives. The extraordinary battle we have been subconsciously fighting has become a normal existence to us. This leaves a question that has yet to be answered: when will merely surviving no longer be enough?”

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About Kevin Itima

Kevin Itima is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. Always striving to reach his full potential, Kevin received his undergraduate degree at Jackson State on a track/cross country scholarship, as well as a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Houston. Kevin went on to run his own real estate investment firm and, ultimately, completed his commercial real estate analysis and investment from MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Kevin is also the executive producer and narrator of his documentary, The Price of a Dream, which is an inspirational true story about his father, Captain Romeo. The film can be found on iTunes and Amazon.

When Kevin finds himself idle, he sticks to his passion for community outreach. Serving as the Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League president from 2019-2021, this offered him the opportunity to make a positive impact in the Chicago land area and stay engaged with many young professionals who believe in making a difference.

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