The Authentic You Podcast, Designed to Combat Post- Pandemic Burnout: S1E16 – Introducing Holotropic Breathwork

Incredible Real Life Stories & The Ultimate Career Advice

Incredible Real Life Stories & The Ultimate Career Advice

Remembrance Day Tribute to Global Pandemic

Interview with Carolyn Green, BSc(PT), PhD, facilitator of over one thousand non ordinary sessions using Holotropic Breathwork

The Holotropic paradigm is powerful tool which blends the best of the western scientific scholarly traditions with the practical wisdom of long standing world spiritual traditions.”

— Carolyn Green

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 12, 2021 / — The Authentic You Podcast, hosted by Goran Yerkovich, is excited to present Season 1: Episode 16 – interview with Carolyn Green, BSc(PT), PhD, who has facilitated over a thousand non ordinary sessions using Holotropic Breathwork (TM) in workshops and individual sessions in Canada, and co-founded, to support the combat of pandemic and post-pandemic burnout.

Carolyn Green's research includes areas of pharmaceutical safety and policy. She is a non-practicing physical therapist with decades of experience and has worked in volunteer capacities in China, Africa, the Caribbean and Nepal, training the first Nepalese physical rehabilitation workers.

For Carolyn the Holotropic paradigm is powerful and valuable because it blends the best of the western scientific scholarly traditions with the practical wisdom of long standing world spiritual traditions to provide rapid access to the power within.

But what is Holotropic Breathwork exactly? How was it created? And what does it do?

Eastern cultures and indigenous culture around the global have practiced different forms of breath-work for millennia. But more recently, the birth of this specific type of breath-work, created by Stan Grof, is a true story about mental health breakthroughs that were almost completely paused decades ago.

The story starts with psychedelics and ends here, with the incredible benefits of what is now called Holotropic Breathwork.

Psychedelics during the 50’s and 60’s were the cutting edge of psychiatric research. Studies were providing notable and promising results. And for almost 30 years psychedelics became part of mental health treatments, until the government banned their use completely.

During that period the best data came in the treatment of alcoholism, creating long periods of sobriety in patients in just a few treatments.

But alcoholism as we understand today, is never the problem on its own. It, like food, pill, and other addictions are the symptoms of much deeper issues or traumas.

Expert practitioners like Stan Grof experienced great success in treating those with depression, serious illness, and end-of-life situations such as the terminally ill. His treatments, which included small doses of LSD, helped to give lasting peace and calm to those facing the highest degrees of stress and anxiety.

But during the 70’s psychedelics became a victim of their own success. A mainstream counter culture movement saw these drugs consumed on a wide scale, causing President Nixon to declare drugs, all drugs, the number one enemy of the United States of America.

So Stan Grof needed to find another approach.

In the Netflix documentary called Fantastic Fungi, the film makers look at the benefits of mushrooms and how their subsequent ban paused almost all scientific research on mental health.

The film talks about the new resurgence of psychedelics and the mind-body connection they created, but the film does not mention that while many stopped their work, Stan Grof continued his.

The film neglects to mention the benefits that have come with Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork and other forms of breath-work that have come in the place of psychedelics.

So The Authentic You Podcast is thrilled to bring to you this interview with a Canadian expert in this field,Carolyn Green. trained under Stan Grof’s practices,

For those burnt-out from work, dealing with depression, suffering through severe stress or loss, or for those simply in need of a reset in this never ending pandemic – The Authentic You Podcast is excited to present this as a potential treatment approach.

During the podcast interview Carolyn also shares some profound insights on where burnout comes from, and how burnout relates to our own fears.

Listen to episode from The Authentic You Podcast hosted by Goran Yerkovich – Season 1, Episode 16

This episode also pays tribute to 2021 Remembrance Day traditions old and new, as we continue through this pandemic.

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S1E16: The Authentic You Podcast Hosted by Goran Yerkovich, also available at YouTube Channel.

S1E16 – Remembrance Day Tribute: How is Burnout Driven by Fear? Interview with Carolyn Green PhD, Holotropic Facilitator – Overcoming Loss & How can the Power of Breath Heal You?

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