September 23, 2022

Be Patient, Be Brave, Fearless, Never In A Haste

A collection of poems drawn from the poet's personal experiences

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 23, 2022 / -- There are different kinds of art around the globe that help individuals find their safe space and many ways in which people express how they feel. Some people dance, sing, paint, and write. Author Keith Paul Phillip expresses his feelings and personal experiences through the form of poetry. His creative mind allowed him to write his latest book "Be Patient, Be Brave, Fearless, Never In A Haste."

It is a selection of poems to which everyone can find something related between the pages. Phillip uses poetry to provide readers with a glimpse into his spirit and a way to connect with it. A fantastic way for the author to share with his readers that will inspire reflection and encourage them to explore more poetry.

Keith Paul Phillip is a brilliant poet who enjoys composing poetry and is knowledgeable about the principles of the craft. He thinks that something greater than himself exists in the universe. Phillip's inspiration for the entire piece comes from a connection to a positive aspect of nature.

Hall of fame Top 100 Reviewer, Grady Harp rated 5.0 out of 5 stars for Be Patient, Be Brave, Fearless, Never In A Haste. He speaks highly about author Keith Paul Phillip, "Poet Keith Paul Phillip has his voice, and transmits his thoughts and feelings to the written page as in a stream of consciousness, inserting odd spelling for occasional words, fracturing sentence structure with intent, rambling about the strangeness of things, and the result is a collection of extended poetic thoughts that capture the reader with his ambiguous but always sensitive messages."

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