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Snap Online

Snap Print & Design has come together with design technology business Canva as it launches its ecommerce platform, Snap Print-Online.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, July 29, 2021 / — Snap Print & Design is taking on the major offshore players in the online print industry through the launch of Snap Print-Online, providing SNAP customers with access to a world leading DIY graphic design technology powered by Canva, all supported by local Snap Centre expertise, convenience, and speed of service.

Renowned as the market leader in the 'bricks and mortar' delivery of print services for well over the past century, SNAP has made the move online to open new markets for their 130+ SNAP franchise owners and to meet the preferences of the modern print buyer.

"SNAP is a unique business, made up of over a hundred small business owners, many who have held Snap Centres in the same location for over 20 years," said Richard Thame, CEO of Snap Franchising Ltd.

Mr. Thame said the key focus for SNAP in the design of Snap Print-Online was to provide world best technology for SNAP's customers, which was how Canva became involved in the project, whilst ensuring that local Snap Centres would be the beneficiary of the new customer channels that this technology will help create.

"The digital environment is an important part of Snap Franchising's future, but equally so is the success of our local Snap Centres, the small business owners they are connected with, and in turn, the jobs they create in their local communities.

"One of the important lessons of the pandemic has been the realisation of how important our local businesses are to their local communities. 'Working Together in Community' is a value that SNAP has always believed in and why every order made through Snap Print-Online will connect customers directly to their local Snap Centre."

The partnership with SNAP is also a world first for Canva, making it the first partnership for the now $20 billion valued tech unicorn with a franchise business.

"In early 2020 when I first connected with SNAP what I saw from them was vision and a willingness to invest in a modern e-commerce platform that would be best in class globally. Through combining the Canva platform with this vision, what they have delivered is beyond our expectations and we expect massive growth from the SNAP/Canva partnership into a premium print marketplace," says Aaron Day, Global Partnerships Lead for Canva.

SNAP's Chief Growth Officer, Sonia Shwabsky described the partnership with Canva as a perfect union, helping the business to create a hybrid service model that brings the best of online together with the person to person in-store experience.

"Our customers today have access to a world leading digital design product as well as local expert advice when they need it. When you use Snap Print-Online, you are not buying your business cards or marketing material from a faceless overseas entity you cannot speak with, you are buying it from a locally based small business."

Describing Snap Print-Online as an integrated design-to-print solution, Ms Shwabsky said that customers can now work with SNAP how-ever and when-ever they choose, online 24/7, or directly with their local Snap Centre in-person or over the phone.

"That is the SNAP difference: high quality, world leading technology backed by support from SNAP's locally based print and design experts, providing our customers with the best of both worlds," said Ms. Shwabsky.

To know more about their services, head to

About SNAP

With over 120 years in the printing industry, nobody knows or understands print better than SNAP. This is reflected in the SNAP brand promise:

'We put passion and craft into print, so that each and every customer gets the WOW response they're looking for.'

SNAP has an Australian network of 130+ Snap Centres, all locally owned and operated. Customers can choose how they prefer to work with SNAP, either person-to-person, or online 24/7, with all orders cared for by the print and design experts at their local Snap Centre.

Snap Print-Online provides a fully integrated design-to-print solution, with DIY design capability powered by Canva in addition to the ability to upload artwork or request the services of a SNAP graphic designer.

As business printing specialists, SNAP caters to the needs of all types of organisations, from the local sporting club through to corporate multinationals requiring a comprehensive print management solution.

Snap Marketing
Snap Print And Design
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The Saving Power of Faith


Strength of will beyond one’s own

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 29, 2021 / — A major part of a person’s life and growth is determined by how they handle the many challenges the world today can present to an individual. There are times in which struggle may be too much for one to bear and things may seem beyond our control. Each person copes with their situation differently, but there are circumstances in which one would want to turn to a higher power. "Rejoice" reminds us that in our suffering and our struggles, we can turn to The Creator for guidance and strength.

Mary Angeline Bell is no stranger to adversity and the challenges of life. Raised in Portland, Oregon with a medical condition that allowed her to only grow to a maximum of four feet, three inches tall, she was given the opportunity to strive past her physical limitations of being a grown woman in a child’s body. Bell worked hard to be the best person she can be through the grace of God and was given many opportunities here and abroad. She has been blessed with a big family, a daughter who in turn had two daughters of her own and who gave her four great-grandchildren.

"Rejoice" puts together a collection of sixty-five poems and five short stories, each centered on hope, grace, and inspirational messages that can help get one through the many struggles and challenges life has in store. We do not get to choose some of the encounters we come across in this lifetime, but we have the capacity to choose our attitudes towards these circumstances. "Rejoice" reminds us of the power of this choice and reminds us that there is a loving Creator whose grace and abundance allow the faithful to be victorious over their trials in life as well as the suffering and injustice of the world.

Grab a copy today and let the grace and love of the creator into your life.

Visit the author's website at to know more about her and her book.

About Writers’ Branding

Writers’ Branding is a full-service self-publishing company that provides aspiring authors exclusive access to publicity and a pool of book evaluators and marketing creatives and bridges them to literary agencies and traditional publishing houses.

Please visit for more information.

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Sitdown with Richard Rakowitz of Yeet

Richard Rakowitz

Richard Rakowitz

Richard Rakowitz

Richard Rakowitz is the CEO of Yeet

Whether it being a purely professional setting, for casual use, or for entertainment, users need to have the absolute best equipment.”

— Richard Rakowitz

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 28, 2021 / — Yeet, the renowned gaming lifestyle brand, today unveiled their new patented Yeet HyperEye webcam, which is part of the highly famous Hyper Experience Technology. Yeet's recently unveiled Hyper Experience Technology already revolutionized the gaming world, and it now brought to us a new webcam that far exceeds industry-standard expectations for conventional gaming-related webcams by substantially upgrading the webcam's capabilities on all fronts, delivering great reactivity, speed, and consistency to the overall gaming and game-streaming experience.

Currently, most top webcams support regular day-to-day activities and moderately competitive gaming, and whilst most manufacturers have focused on making webcams clearer, more comfortable and easier to use, little consideration has been given to the capabilities and responses of these webcams in more demanding activities and high intensity situations. With faster PCs and more use of video sharing features due to many factors, including the current pandemic, higher quality webcams can eliminate the possibility of the webcam breaking fast while keeping the smoothness of the activities and significantly improving performance when even the smallest detail can make a difference both in professional and entertainment settings.

“Reliability, smoothness, and quality are very important parts of every person’s life. Still, this fact has been overlooked by many corporations that made it their constant aim for to provide different types of designs while forgetting the importance of the inherent features of the webcams they are making. Unlike regular webcams, Yeet’s HyperEye webcam’s higher quality, smoothness, and adaptability to the user’s everyday activities, including gaming, would benefit everyone from professional users to hardcore video game players by stabilizing the quality of images, video streaming, and overall adaptability.

At least 3x faster and more stable than regular webcams, and the science behind that:
The stability speed of the new webcam is mainly attributed to the lower frequency of the hardware which enables it to transfer the signal from and to the webcam at high speed. On top of that, its clarity and adaptability make the video chat/conferences/streaming experience faster, smoother, and better in terms of image quality which is something sought after by many users everywhere on the globe.

Hyper Experience Technology from Yeet can provide more updated information to better match a computer's quicker refresh rate. Consequently, the latency between the newest report and the computer's frame rendering, compared to the rate of a standard webcam, is substantially less which is what results in smoother and more up-to-date experience.

Overcoming competitors with the HyperEye webcam

The HyperEye is among the first of Yeet’s peripherals to feature Yeet’s Hyper Experience Technology, making use of 3 key elements in one device to create the world’s fastest and most responsive webcam. The previous generation’s adaptable eye gesture recognition, the eye-catching design of Yeet’s webcam, and the Hyper Experience Technology, deliver a futuristic webcam with unrivaled speed, precision, and responsiveness.

Yeet’s new generation of webcam have been equipped with greater facial and gesture recognition features and software, making each use and gesture more natural and comfortable than before. By significantly reducing the webcam gesture recognition feature’s reaction time, the annoying need for any additional waiting time is nearly non-existent anymore. this extremely fast reaction time is made greater through the addition of the Hyper Experience Technology which provides a very low input latency, helping users achieve a great experience that is nearly indistinguishable from being in a real-life event or meeting. Durable and hyper-fast, the new generation of Yeet webcams are built to stand out and last.

A first-class experience, down to even the smallest of details:

This futuristic technology is packed into a good looking, solid, and light weighted design weighing just 80 grams. The HyperEye webcam is equipped with the latest connectivity hardware and features Yeet’s hyper-fast cable to ensure smooth connectivity in both wireless and wired use, in case the webcam is charging.

By using Yeet’s app, users can change the preprogrammed gestures into what they perceive as fitting, assign additional functions, and save all configurations to the webcam’s on-board memory. With enough storage to even add secondary gestures, users can enjoy instant access to their personalized settings whenever and wherever they want.

Due to it being a significantly upgraded successor to its predecessor, the HyperEye webcam incorporates most of Yeet’s technological innovations in order to reach a level of performance that has never been thought to even be possible.

“Whether it being a purely professional setting, for casual use, or for entertainment, users need to have the absolute best equipment. That is indeed why both the regular and the professional users need the best equipment to have the best experience” is what Richard Rakowitz stated when addressing the new capabilities of his company’s products and his latest technology that is supposed to revolutionize to the professional and the gaming worlds.

Michael Peters
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2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards Announces Finalists

Finalists Include the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, CBS Radio, ESPN, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, RTÉ, Westwood One, SiriusXM

Once again, this year’s Finalists in addition to appealing to their own listeners, also impressed the Grand Jury with their mastery of the audio medium. ”

— Rose Anderson, VP/Executive Producer, New York Festivals Radio Awards

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 28, 2021 / — New York Festivals® Radio Awards has announced the 2021 Finalists.

The 2021 Radio Awards Grand Jury of creative media professionals and content creators from around the globe selected Finalists based on production values, writing, creativity, direction, achievement of purpose, and audience suitability. Entries achieving Finalist status will advance to the next round to determine gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

“Once again, this year’s Finalists in addition to appealing to their own listeners, also impressed the Grand Jury with their mastery of the audio medium. Across all genres, they proved that radio – the original social medium – is robust and thriving. From podcasts and audiobooks to sound art and breaking news, these talented storytellers bring the world together and engage in real time,” said Rose Anderson, VP/Executive Director, New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Global broadcasters led the way including the 2020 NYF Broadcaster of the Year, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and RTÉ Ireland, 2019 Broadcaster of the Year. Additional prominent broadcasters moving on to the medal round: BBC, CBS Radio, Bloomberg, Radio New Zealand, Westwood One, SiriusXM, ESPN, and National Radio of Argentina.

For 2021 new categories were unveiled across all genres to shine the spotlight on Social Justice. Finalists include: “How fracking could threaten Australia's Paris target” (Australian Broadcasting Corp.), “Black Lives Matter: From Protests to Police Reform” (Westwood One), “Say Their Name” (DCP Entertainment), “Birds Eye View” (StoryProjects)”, “Racism Within” (SBS Australia), “Substantial Helen” (Bioneers Radio Series), and “Barack Obama, White Supremacy and Grace” (BBC Radio 4).

Audio Book listening saw an uptick in 2020 and a robust number of compelling Audio Book entries featuring celebrity narrators advanced including: HarperCollins Publisher’s “Mary Poppins Comes Back”, read by Academy Award winner, Olivia Colman and “The Hobbit, By J.R.R. Tolkien” read by Andy Serkis. Penguin Random House titles moving on to the medal round include: “A Life on Our Planet” read by Sir David Attenborough, “To the Lighthouse” read by Rita Wilson, “Imaginary Fred” read by Ciarán Hinds, and “Judge Dredd: America” read by Joseph Fiennes. Other Finalists Include: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” Almost Tangible and “Händelser vid vatten / Backwater” Sveriges Radio. View the complete list of 2021 Finalists.

Podcast Finalists include “Where Is George Gibney?” and “I'm Not A Monster – from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS” (BBC), “30 for 30” (ESPN), “Unlocking Bryson's Brain” (CBC), “Nut Jobs: Cracking California's Strangest $10 Million Dollar Heist” (Audible), “Billie Was a Black Woman“ (ViacomCBS), “The Battersea Poltergeist” (Bafflegab Productions), “Weightless” (DMC Studio Argentina), My Home Town (Kevin Burke Productions), “The Long Lonely Lake” (Colorado Public Radio), “The Secrets In Us” (Loftus Media), “Driving the Green Book” (Fresh Air Production), ”Foundering” (Bloomberg), “Scales of Change: A Field Guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction” (Future Ecologies Media), “Alligator Candy” (USG Media), “On a Mission" Season 3: To the Ends of the Earth” (NASA/JPL), “GIANT” (Spotify), and “The Debrief with Major Garrett” (CBS News Radio).

Documentaries give a voice to unique points of view, shine the spotlight on real-life events past and present, inform, educate, and captivate. Finalists include: “Fight of The Century” (TBI Media), “Digging For Fire” (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra),” Black Culture, Civil Rights and Change” (BBC Radio 4), “Stuff The British Stole” (ABC Radio Australia), “Voices from Antarctica” (Radio New Zealand), “The Sounds of America” (BMP Audio), “Love, to find beauty everywhere” (ORF), “My Favourite Things” (Curtains for Radio LTD.), “The Anti-Vax Files – BBC Trending” (BBC World Service London), “Bob Dylan: Verbatim” (Zinc Media), “In The Studio – Patrick Woodroffe: Lighting The Stars” (Magnum Opus Broadcasting), and “Belarus : Once upon a time in the revolution” (France Inter).

Entertainment entries advanced. Drama Finalists include: “No One Ever Asked Me That” (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra), “Miss Julie, from the balcony of ICI Première” (Radio-Canada/CBC), “The exorcism in Eksjo” (Sveriges Radio), “The Keith Urban Playlist Series 2” (TBI Media). Music Specials moved to the medal round: “The Lyric Concert – John Lennon Special” (RTE Lyric FM), “Musicals: The Greatest Show” (TBI Media), “Get Back: The Beatles in Britain” (Somethin Else), “War & Peace and Rock & Roll” (BFBS Radio), Family Rhythms” (We Are Grape Ltd.). Mini Series entries achieving Finalist status include: “Blockbuster: The Story of James Cameron” (Epicleff Media), “Roll Over Beethoven – A Sitcom from Old Vienna in Nine Acts” (Swiss Radio & Television), “Tous les chats sont gris” (Radio-Canada/CBC), and “Journeys In Sound” (Nemone Metaxas). View the complete list of 2021 Finalists.

Breaking News, features, and investigative reporting captured events as they unfolded, revealed the truth about provocative topics, and unearthed critical facts from around the globe. Entries moving on to the medal round: “Road To November” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), “The Great Post Office Trial” (Whistledown), “Century of Sound” (CBS News Radio), “Guyon Espiner” (Radio New Zealand), “Snapshots from Black America” (BBC Radio 4), “Maradona. The Last Idol” (National Radio of Argentina), “America in the Morning” (Westwood One), and “Latin American corruption in times of Covid-19” (Voice of America.)

The Radio Awards receives entries from radio stations, networks, and independent producers from over 30 countries around the globe. The mission of the competition is to honor the achievements of the men and women who make up the global audio storytelling community.

To view the complete list of the New York Festivals Radio Awards Finalist Visit: 2021 Finalists.

The 2021 NYF Radio Award winners will be announced on October 12th at the annual Storytellers gala taking place at NAB in Las Vegas. This year is the eleventh year of NYF’s strategic partnership with NAB Show, the ultimate marketplace for people passionate about media, entertainment, and technology. All winners and attendees will have access to the multi-day NAB event which is the world’s largest media entertainment marketplace taking place this October.

New York Festivals ®
Celebrating the World’s Best Work since 1957
Advertising Awards
AME Awards ®
Global Awards ®
Bowery Awards
Radio Awards
TV & Film Awards

Entries to each of the competitions are judged around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries. For more information, go to

About NAB Show
The 2021 NAB Show will be held October 9 – 13, with exhibits open 10 – 13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. NAB Show is the world's largest and most comprehensive convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways.

About NAB
The National Association of Broadcasters is the premier advocacy association for America's broadcasters. NAB advances radio and television interests in legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Through advocacy, education and innovation, NAB enables broadcasters to best serve their communities, strengthen their businesses and seize new opportunities in the digital age. Learn more at

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New York Festivals
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Promising 6-Year-Old Black Female Comedian Pens Joke Books to Lift Pandemic Pressures

Chloé, Author and Comedian

Chloé, Author and Comedian

Wolf Club Chlo

Wolf Club Chlo

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 / —
From knock knock jokes to standup comedian, laughter has lifted the spirits of many. Who doesn’t love a good belly laugh? During these unprecedented times, especially, people need to escape from the reality of a pandemic that has hit us all. With this in mind, Wolf Cub Chlo was fashioned. The creators are a mom, Jenn who is a high school teacher and her 6-year-old daughter and business partner, Chloe aka Wolf Cub Chlo.

Children can be very sympathetic as exemplified by Chlo’s remarks to her mom one day, “Mom, I’m tired of seeing people sick and sad and want to find a way to use my brain to make more people smile” That was the starting point for Chlo to write a joke book entitled “Once a pun a Time – a guide to reading and telling jokes for kids” and later work with her mom to write an accompanying 50 page Activity book for kids also entitled “Once a pun a Time.”

Mom Jenn also put pen to paper and wrote a guide for parents entitled “Discover how to eliminate the Screen Time.” This timely rendering is designed to help parents who find themselves in the ongoing battle that they have with their kids who sit in front of their mind-numbing devices for hours vegetating and not being productive. It instructs the parent on how to deal with their child while avoiding tantrums and meltdowns.
This dynamic duo also has a new release, an audiobook of “Once a pun a Time – a guide to reading and telling jokes for kids” perfect for a family on the go. This vehicle makes it accessible to the visually impaired so that they too can enjoy the jokes. It is narrated by Jenn, with all jokes told by Chlo herself!

The focus and hopeful outcome of Wolf Cub Chlo’s initiative is to encourage kids to gain a love for reading and to push them away from so much screen time while putting a smile on their faces. So many kids are falling behind educationally and socially because of this pandemic as statistics show. Wolf Cub Chlo’s mantra is “you can truly become whatever you put your mind to. Don’t let the world decide your fate, take your life into your own hands and decide for yourself what you will become – you are never too young to make that decision.”

Chlo is a pioneer breaking the barrier of race as the only African American little girl who self-published a comedy book at 6 years of age. She is already making inroads into an industry where 8 out of 10 comedians are male and only 10 percent are Black. The crowning jewel that overshadows everything is that most mothers are not business partners with their 6-year-old daughters. We are certain to hear more from this creative team in the future.

For more information about Wolf Club Chlo contact Jenn Bell-Allen at 917.676.7990 or

Jenn Bell-Allen
Wolf Club Chlo
+1 917.676.7990

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Globetrotter's Life Stories Compiled in Duology

Dear Mr. Len!

Dear Mr. Len!

'Solly' Mr Len

‘Solly’ Mr Len

Mr. Len Wilson

Mr. Len Wilson

Brian Leonard Wilson recounts his adventures in "Dear Mr. Len," "'Solly' Mr Len"

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, July 28, 2021 / — A world traveler, Brian Leonard (Len) Wilson has explored around 90 countries during the past 45 years and has no shortage of memorable tales from his sojourns. In his two books, “Dear Mr Len” and "'Solly' Mr Len” he collects these stories and shares them with readers everywhere so that they too may get a glimpse of his voyages and perhaps gain the inspiration needed to begin their own travels.

Each book contains 40 short stories, the tales are factual and portray the adventures of ‘Mr. Len’ as he journeys from one country to another. Readers will be transported to these scenic locales and partake in Len's travels, join him in the dramas and lose themselves in bustling streets and foreign cityscapes. Len shares interesting knowledge about the lands he visited as well as humorous moments. The two books combined cover more than 50 countries and years of travel, giving readers plenty of entertainment as well as nuggets of information.

"Students loved my travel stories and would side-track me by asking such questions as: 'tell us about how you got mugged on a street-car in Rio de Janeiro one afternoon.'" Len says. These are tales he regales to his friends who ask him about his travel stories, tidbits that served useful during his career as an international tour guide and moments that often connect with the lessons he gave as a history teacher.

"Easy to read, you wont be able to put down “Dear Mr Len” or "'Solly' Mr Len” once you start reading." Len says. "I hope you enjoy my books. They are designed to inform and entertain. The world is a beautiful place and we need learn about it, protect it and enjoy it. We are one international community and we need to embrace that. I hope my books make people laugh and that I managed to take the reader somewhere that's so hard, at the moment, to get to."

Len will donate most of the royalties from the books to charities and scholarships, hoping to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

About the Author
Len's first overseas trip was as a member of a student delegation to China in 1977. Since then he has explored about 90 countries. He believes that travel is the greatest educator and goes around with his eyes wide open, eager to engage with the locals and learn from them. He has been a freelance journalist, a history teacher and a travel guide to places such as Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Bhutan, China, Uzbekistan, Australia and New Zealand. He has been interviewed by Kate Delaney on Good Night America, Dr. Angela Chester on Spark at 9, and has produced ten podcasts with Access Radio Taranaki.

Len has written three textbooks designed for the New Zealand High School curriculum: “A Hostile Environment” (looking at Israel and Palestine), “Asian Neighbours” (focusing on the two Koreas, China and Japan) and a write-on workbook: “Resources and Sustainability”. He recently completed three more books for Book Trail Agency: “A China Odyssey” (a write-on workbook for teenagers), “Travels With Mr Len” and "Where is Mr Len?” for pre-schoolers.

BookTrail Agency
BookTrail Agency
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Mr Len’s books

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Rosa Offers Gritty Twist on Classic Cinderella Fairytale

This is a photo of the front cover of Rosa

A drama-themed story about the life of a young woman who comes to London after the death of her parents

This is a photo of author Lyndon Haynes

Award-winning child actor, songwriter, singer, music video director and author Lyndon Haynes

An urban Cinderella story with edge, romance and enough grit to dirty your fingers

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 / — An unrelenting heatwave has hit the streets of London. The city is a furnace, a sweatbox of people melting on their daily grind. Within the confines of one public housing building lies a coldness — a sharp icy blast of harsh, unforgiving betrayal. For one young family in particular, a wind of change is on the horizon … in fact, a storm is brewing so fierce that the wreckage it leaves behind will be injurious.

This is the setting for Rosa, a new novel from Lyndon Haynes, a multi-talented artist who was successful as an actor, songwriter, singer and music video director before turning his attention to literature.

“My book is a drama-themed story about the life of a young woman, Rosa, who comes to London under a dark cloud with her brothers after the death of her parents,” Haynes said, adding that it could be described as “an urban Cinderella story with edge.”

Struggling to find her own identity, Rosa copes with the reality that her life has been turned upside down since she and her two brothers left Mexico under a dark cloud … and a crime protection program. Forced to move to a new country, she has to learn a new language and culture while experiencing harsh realities during her bleak, lonely and formative teenage years.

Rosa meets a smart businessman who changes her life for the better and finally sees a hint of light, offering hope and freedom, but she soon realizes that every choice she makes will impact the world around her.

Author Lyndon Haynes hails from Tottenham, North London, worked as a child actor and spent nearly 25 years in the music industry as a songwriter, rapper and music video director. He has also been a playwright, film and TV director, and rapper for the hip-hop band The Sindecut, which was signed by Virgin Records. His previous published books include This Functional Family, released by Book Guild Publishing in 2011, and The Life and Times of Stanley Spank, his first novel, which he published through Authorhouse.

For more information, please visit, or connect with the author on Instagram (Mr_lyndonh), Twitter (LyndonHaynes) or Facebook (Lyndon Haynes).

Trish Stevens
Ascot Media Group, Inc.
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Sci-Fi Novel Portrays Convicts Condemned to Cretaceous

Lost in Time: Trapped in a Prehistoric World

Lost in Time: Trapped in a Prehistoric World

Dan Busby

Dan Busby

Prisoners are "Lost in Time: Trapped in a Prehistoric World" in Dan Busby's page-turner

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 / — Dan Busby shows what happens when physics-shattering technological breakthroughs are used to reform and decongest the United States’ penitentiary system. The result is a sci-fi smorgasbord that blends “Jurassic Park” with “Con Air,” following a wrongfully convicted man who finds himself serving his sentence in the Cretaceous. He is "Lost in Time: Trapped in a Prehistoric World" and must survive a primordial wilderness rife with ravenous reptiles.

The year is 2040, the United States corrections system that once boasted one of the world's largest prison populations has found a way to save money and free up space. By using time machines to send inmates back through time. The technology is exclusively used by the government, designed and maintained by men like Jimmy Dantly. When a freak accident leads to the death of a co-worker, Jimmy is suspected as the evidence points to him. He is shocked when the trial ends with his conviction, where he is sentenced by the judge to be sent to the Cretaceous – the time of the dinosaurs and the era of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He finds himself in this land before time, hunted by prehistoric predators and other hostile wildlife. Due to a stroke of luck, he connects with a fellow prisoner who has survived there for a year. The only thing they have are high-powered rifles, given to them by sympathetic time machine crews. Equipped with little else, they must rely on their skills, their determination, and devise a way to not only survive their hostile and violent environment but somehow escape the time period.

With "Lost in Time: Trapped in a Prehistoric World" Busby treats his readers to a story of wilderness survival and desperation unlike any other, showing how ingenious the mind can be and how unconquerable the human spirit truly is – even in an untamed land ruled by dinosaurs.

About the Author
Dan Busby loves adventure, answering the call of the wild and scaling great heights, generally enjoying the great outdoors. He is a registered nurse and fulfills his longing for adventure by penning riveting stories. He has been interviewed on radio by Al Cole and Kate Delaney, and has also been featured in a Walla Walla Union Bulletin newspaper article. Busby is also a musician and connects his talent for music and writing.

BookTrail Agency
BookTrail Agency
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Lost in Time By Dan Arthur Busby

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Bestselling Author Liane Moriarty Talks about New Novel "Apples Never Fall" at Live Talks Los Angeles

New novel shares family drama/thriller themes with her previous work "Big Little Lies"

Bestselling author Liane Moriarty will discuss her newest novel “Apples Never Fall” at Live Talks Los Angeles.

"Apples Never Fall" is Liane Moriarty's newest novel.

“Apples Never Fall” launches Sept 14, the same day as Moriarty’s appearance.

Writer of "Big Little Lies" follows up with a new thriller/family drama

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2021 / — Join New York Times bestselling author Liane Moriarty ("Big Little Lies") in a virtual conversation with Seija Rankin of Entertainment Weekly to celebrate the publication of Moriarty's newest page-turner "Apples Never Fall." Live Talks Los Angeles presents this event on Tuesday, September 14 at 6pmPT/9pmET. Admission includes a signed copy of Moriarty's novel and an access link to the program. Tickets and more information can be found at Live Talks Los Angeles.

"Big Little Lies," adapted as a series for HBO by David E. Kelley, starred Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz. The series was critically acclaimed and won eight Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes. Actress/producer Nicole Kidman and producer/writer David E. Kelley will reunite for another adaptation of a Moriarty bestseller. "Nine Perfect Strangers" premieres as an eight-part miniseries on Hulu on August 19, 2021. Starring alongside Kidman are Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale and Michael Shannon.

Readers of Moriarty's "Big Little Lies" and "Nine Perfect Strangers" will recognize the author's distinct mixture of family drama and thriller in her newest title "Apples Never Fall." This work focuses on themes of marriage, siblings, and how the people we love the most can hurt us the deepest.

"Apples Never Fall" features Stan and Joy Delaney who are the envy of their community with 50 years of marriage, the recent sale of their famed tennis academy and four grown children who were tennis stars in their own right. After a stranger knocks on Stan and Joy’s door, the children are alarmed when their parents take her in. Soon, their mom disappears, the stranger can't be found, and Stan is now a suspect. The Delaney children are shaken to their core and are forced to reckon with their family’s secrets.

Kirkus gives "Apples Never Fall" a starred review and says the novel "combines domestic realism and noirish mystery… Funny, sad, astute, occasionally creepy, and slyly irresistible." USA Today likens the book to "drinking a pink cosmo laced with arsenic."

Liane Moriarty is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers "Big Little Lies," "The Husband’s Secret," and "Truly Madly Guilty"; the New York Times bestsellers "Nine Perfect Strangers," "What Alice Forgot," and "The Last Anniversary," "The Hypnotist’s Love Story," and "Three Wishes." She lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and two children.

Seija Rankin is the Books Editor at Entertainment Weekly, where she oversees coverage of everything from literary fiction to celebrity memoirs.

Tickets are $38 and include a link to the virtual event on September 14 and video-on-demand access for 72 hours after the event, a signed copy of "Apples Never Fall" and shipping to US addresses.


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Advisor Spark Training Platform & Book Release Announced by Glen Daman & Gustin Quon Inc.

Master Your Life to the 10th Degree

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA, July 28, 2021 / — Glen Daman & Gustin Quon Inc. are announcing the updated new release of the book titled “Master Your Life to the 10th Degree”, and the Advisor Spark training platform. Their continued focus is to help financial advisors with sales and growth strategies to grow their book of business and enhance their lives.

Additionally, Advisor Spark will be going on tour across North America hosting live events this fall.

Glen Daman is proud to announce the updated 2021 Version of his famous playbook for personal and professional life: Mastering Your Life to the 10th Degree.

Daman’s mastery of interpersonal skills (and life skills) is weaved into the book illustrating some of his life challenges, and successes. Most everyone wants to improve their life. The author says that this book will help do just that.

By understanding where one can improve their relationships both at home and at work, they will quickly realize there is no end to the amount of fulfillment, they can have. Time-tested principles found in the book are designed to help not only increase one’s bank account but more importantly, create more satisfying relationships.

Emotional Mastery and Physical Mastery are just two types that Daman discusses. Why is waking up at 5 am so important, and what does it have to do with the two concepts above? If someone wakes up at 5 am, does a workout, and eats right – they are supercharged for the day. Nutrition makes a massive difference over time, and anyone can start immediately today.

The book underscores that if people look over their successes, and meditate on their improvement points, they will have a great focus for dealing with the highs and lows of the day. Daman underscores that with this method, “holding the line” will be much easier.  He says, “Everyone has good days and bad days, and stoicism makes high achievers great.”

Join for a live event coming soon.

Financial advisors get a free copy of the book at

About Advisor Spark:
Advisor Spark is an online training platform helping financial advisors reach the next level of both personal and business mastery.

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