Deion Campbell Talks About COVID, His Career and King Legend Talks

USA, December 5, 2020 / — When I interview people, it is very rare to come across someone who inspires me, but that is what happened when I interviewed Deion Campbell. The 27-year-old professional photographer, author and host better known online as King Legend 757 has interviewed many celebrities and influencers on his all new podcast. Although there were many positive things that happened for Campbell in 2020, ultimately this will be one of the most challenging year of his life. The successful photographer had to adapt to a new life after contracting COVID19. After spending a long period of time in the hospital fighting for his life and surviving 12 days on a ventilator machine to keep him alive, he managed to overcome COVID19, unlike tens of thousands of other people around the world.

When he left the hospital, he was thankful that he survived, but COVID19 had left its mark. The dreaded virus had caused the young man nerve damage to his right arm which meant he could no longer hold a camera and take the stunning pictures he is known for. Instead of throwing in the towel, and getting down beat, Deion decided he would grab his new life with both hands and now runs The King Legend Talks Podcast available to listeners on the iheartradio app.

King Legend Talks has become a very popular and successful podcast, so we decided to find out more about the Podcast and Deion Campbell, to see what motives him and his life as a professional photographer/influencer.

First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Deion Campbell, and I was born October 28, 1993 in Hampton, Virginia. I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur and started my own photography brand known as King Legend Photography. As a photographer, I would become well respected and known online as King Legend 757. I have taken photos of celebrities, weddings, events and I also do videography as well. Besides my career, I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and I love to travel.

Deion Campbell, you have many bows to your strings, like you are a podcast host of King Legend Talks, Photographer, and an author, wow, where do you get time to sleep?
Well believe it or not, before the pandemic I actually had less time on my hand. I was on the go seven days per week and still had to try and balance work with time with family. Due to my encounter with covid-19, my life has changed tremendously because of nerve damage to my right arm. I am currently not taking photos or video until further notice. That’s where I get the time to do stuff now.

Before we touch on your many accomplishments, and I am dying to talk about your podcast and who you have photographed, is it true you caught COVID19?
In short, duh lol. If I hadn’t caught covid-19 I wouldn’t have wrote a book on it.

You went through a very traumatic time with COVID19 back in March, and you ended up on a ventilator in hospital for 12 days, and a total 40 days in hospital, has that experience changed the way you look at life? It forced me to realize that all the dreams in the world don’t matter at all if you are able to be alive to make them come true. Health is wealth and without it, nothing else matters but your faith in God and family.

Sadly, the complications with COVID19 it has caused nerve damage to your right arm, so you can no longer pick up a camera, do you see a future where you can do what you love and continue taking pictures? For the record, I will be taking pictures and video again once my nerve damage cease to exist. I am not giving up hope that one day it will be back to normal, and when that day comes, so will my business. In fact, my arm is healing more each month.

So, you started a podcast "King Legend Talks", can you tell me more about the podcast?
On the podcast I discuss with celebrity special guest or influencers about their journey to success. We to often see the end result of people we look up to, but don’t know enough about the path they took to separate them from the crowd. What about them mad them unique from everyone else that was doing it? The reason I came up with the question is because I know so many talented people that try hard to pursue their dream but eventually give up because they don’t make it. On my show hopefully we can get the answers that so many people need to know regardless of their walk in life about making their dreams come true.

Your book Ventilator has gained a lot of exposure, is there going to be a follow up?
I believe the purpose of the book is being fulfilled and at this time there is no need for a sequel to it. I simply wanted to raise awareness to a virus that has changed my life forever, to enlighten people on the reality of it not being a fake virus.

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Young Girl Wields Magic, Fights Slavery in "African Sorceress – A Warrior is Forged"

African Sorceress: A Warrior Is Forged

African Sorceress: A Warrior Is Forged

M.E. Skeel

M.E. Skeel

M E Skeel portrays heroine's journey, depicts African history, rich cultural practices, women's key societal roles

My book is about the triumph of the human spirit over great evil. I hope you enjoy this series and learn about this time and place in history.”

— M.E. Skeel

AUSTRALIA, December 4, 2020 / — Award-winning author M E Skeel subverts genre expectations with "African Sorceress – A Warrior is Forged." No white saviors are needed in her rousing story of a young girl who embraces her people's rich African heritage and their mystical practices to fight the slave trade emerging in West Africa during the 1600s.

Historically, the Atlantic Slave Trade trafficked in people taken from Central and West Africa, sold to Western European slave traders to meet the colonial and imperial powers' demand for labor to produce crops like sugar in the New World.

Skeel's story follows a young girl whose father is taken by such slavers. Distraught, Kisa does everything in her power to find her beloved father. She trains in bush medicine and magic with her tribe's sorceress. She even learns how to fight from a mysterious Black Samurai.

"In 2014, I visited the infamous slave castle, Elmina, in Ghana. It was horrifying to see how people were treated during the Atlantic slave trade. My guide told me that his tribe had been saved by a great 'prophetess' who used magic. I was so intrigued by this that I went on to write not only this book but a whole series about my heroine, who goes on to fight the slave trade on the Sahel, in Angola and then in Brazil and the Caribbean." Skeel says, explaining the inspiration for her story. Moreover, the research she undertook for her story also led her to many realizations.

"I found that women were an integral part of African societies, many of which were matrilineal. The so-called witch doctors had extensive knowledge of bush medicine and were important members of their communities. The cultures were incredibly diverse and rich. I want to share my knowledge of this continent before the slave trade in order to address, in a small way, the damage that the Atlantic slave trade and colonization did to these amazing cultures."

Readers will see Kisa's journey from childhood to the savior of her people. Moreover, with her narrative, Skeel portrays the hidden history of Africa. She dispels the common notion that in the 1600s the land was merely a "dark continent" without culture or history, which she says is something neglected in conventional history books. She corrects this by showing the historic cultures, which were diverse. And she shows how women played many important roles in these societies. With "African Sorceress – A Warrior is Forged," she not only portrays a heroine with magical powers, but also the rich history and lifestyles of a continent torn apart by the African slave trade.

"A history that deserves to be told," Skeel says. "My book is about the triumph of the human spirit over great evil. I hope you enjoy this series and learn about this time and place in history."

About the Author
Margaret E. Skeel is an award-winning author, biologist and high school teacher. She lives in Australia where she researches her historical fiction and wildlife adventure novels. When she is not writing she enjoys life in the Australian bush, rescuing injured and orphaned wildlife, kayaking and visiting her grandchildren.

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New Book on Helping People Realize Their True Potential Achieves #1 Amazon Bestseller Status on Launch Day!

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 / — Ignite Press announced this week that Tammy Tiller-Hewitt’s new book, Untie Every kNOT: Discover What kNOTS Are Causing You to Miss Out, Chicken Out or Be Counted Out!, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon this week in the categories of Strategic Management, Sales and Selling Techniques, Christian Leadership, and more!

The book is available on Amazon at

Untie Every kNOT offers practical insight on how to untie the metaphorical knots we often bind around ourselves, our dreams, and even our purpose.

“My prayer is that this book inspires you to not only identify your kNOTS,” says Tammy, “but ignites the bravery to draw on your God-given talents and His power to set you free from the kNOTs holding you back from living the indescribable and undeniable life He designed just for you.”

Tammy Tiller-Hewitt is a nationally recognized speaker, leadership advisor and author. Tammy’s day job is working nationally with healthcare organizations and leaders, while simultaneously living her dream job of leading millions to discover their “WHY,” or purpose. Through her dream work, she has found most people struggle in discovering their purpose only because of their own self-imposed kNOTS. That led her to write Untie Every kNOT: Discover What kNOTS Are Causing You to Miss Out, Chicken Out, or Be Counted Out!

Tammy serves as President & Chief Motivational Officer for one of the nation’s leading healthcare consulting firms specializing in strategic growth and physician engagement. She is well-versed in helping organizations and their leaders untie corporate-sized kNOTS so they can achieve abundant growth. She earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing, a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. She is also a certified leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.

Tammy is also a proud member of the teaching team at Enjoy Church, a large non-denominational Christian church in the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area.
Tammy is a woman of faith, a wife, mother, mimi, daughter, sister, friend, and avid connoisseur of all things sweet!

Visit Amazon at to purchase the book and to learn more!

For booking information, contact

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Tammy Tiller-Hewitt

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Mark S. Lewis’ Free Webinar on December 9 Offers “The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring” the Right Employee.

Inspiring business mentor, coach, consultant, and best-selling author, Mark S. Lewis

Lewis shares his unthinkable approach to hiring in his E-Book and Webinar

Mark S. Lewis speaks to a SHRM Human Resource Professionals

Lewis' webinar and E-book offer specific methods for understanding the thought patterns, values, and motivations of job candidates for the right company fit.

By using these prompts, you will get a sense of how each job candidate thinks, solves problems, manages stress, and/or initiates new ideas.”

— Mark S. Lewis

NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 / — Mark S. Lewis, a successful and inspiring business mentor, coach, and consultant, will share "The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring" in his webinar on December 9, from 1:10 p.m. to 1:40 p.m. His specific methods will help business owners and hiring managers understand the thought patterns, values, and motivations of job candidates so that they can select the right hire to fit with their company's culture.

Lewis offers his insight into business hiring In his E-Book, "A Unique and Special Interview Tool to Build A Stellar Work Culture That Promotes Teamwork and Comradery", the subject of his webinar. The E-book offers 1 to 2-word interview prompts surrounded by a unique methodology that works towards helping business owners find the best individuals from their stack of applications or resumes.

"By using these prompts, you will get a sense of how each job candidate thinks, solves problems, manages stress, and/or initiates new ideas. This is MOST important in anyone you hire and more important than what they know. After the interview, which generally takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete, you will have a much clearer understanding of whether or not a person will fit into your company culture," says Lewis.

Drawing from his experience facilitating and moderating CEO Round tables across Louisiana for the past seven years, Lewis's practical advice and positive messages have enabled him to help hundreds of CEOs and individuals accelerate their growth both personally and professionally.

His best-selling book, GIVE A DAMN – The Ticket to Cultural Change promotes Lewis' belief that traditional values such as honesty, trust, accountability, responsibility, altruism, and integrity are the foundation of moral wealth and prosperity. He explains that since these traits are not integrated into our thoughts and actions, we need to embrace the GIVE A DAMN! philosophy – the commitment to putting others' needs before those of self in both big and small ways to improve interpersonal relationships and motivate and inspire positivity.

“I wrote this book to provide individuals and organizations could have the tools to be able to develop a stronger awareness and understanding of their toxic thoughts, which lead to behaviors and actions that are selfish, irresponsible, and destructive. This occurs globally across all organizations, government, and in the home,” Lewis explains. “My book creates an acute awareness of what has led us down this path and also provides the solution for a simple but challenging mindset change that is necessary for society to prosper. Positive cultural change in society begins with you and me”.

More than a book, Lewis explains that his goal all along was to start the GIVE A DAMN! Movement. He asks everyone to take the American Accountability Pledge on his website, The pledge asks everyone to implement the GIVE A DAMN philosophy, a commitment to serving others and to do so without ego, criticism, condemning, or complaining.

With guest appearances on multiple radio, television shows, and podcasts, Lewis is off to a great start in starting his cultural revolution. Call me at (504) 905-4646 or visit for more information.

Becky Rolland
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1 Habit Press is Pleased to Announce, Jeanette Eriksson Has Joined the Upcoming Book “1 Habit Of the Greatest Leaders”

Jeanette Eriksson – Creator of Nordicly, Higher Education Expert, Executive/Business Coach

Jeanette Eriksson – Creator of Nordicly, Higher Education Expert, Executive/Business Coach

1 Habit Press -  A vertically integrated media company with a focus on the development of human potential.

1 Habit Press – A vertically integrated media company with a focus on the development of human potential.

Steven Samblis - Founder of 1 Habit Press and creator of the 1 Habit book series

Steven Samblis – Founder of 1 Habit Press and creator of the 1 Habit book series

The books is Co-Authored by Steven Samblis and Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley

Our habits shape us, and we become what we repeatedly do. By creating successful habits, you will become successful at what you do.”

— Jeanette Eriksson

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 4, 2020 / — 1 Habit Press, Inc. is pleased to announce the creator of Nordicly, Jeanette Eriksson, has joined as a contributor to its upcoming book, 1 Habit Of the Greatest Leaders. The book is a part of the Best Selling 1 Habit Book Series.

About “1 Habit Of the Greatest Leaders”:

Effective Leadership is slowly slipping away into quicksand. The mindset required to lead others extends beyond the typical growth mindset but into a HEARTFELT mindset that requires self-awareness. A heartfelt mindset stems from emotional intelligence and is the secret weapon for empathy, teamwork, synergy, persuasion, influence, change, agility, coaching, training, creativity, relationships, and so much more. A fixed mindset has the preconceived notion that potential is determined at birth; however, a growth mindset believes the potential is unknown. Since neither focuses on emotional intelligence (as a whole), leaders' best mindset is heartfelt. This mindset comprehends that true potential can only result from service and adding value to others. Everything starts in our minds; therefore, it is safe to say that leaders must have the most effective mindset to lead others.

"Everything rises and falls on leadership" ~ Dr. John C. Maxwell.

This is one of the reasons that this book must be written and released. We need more leaders in the world who focus on serving others with a heart and focus for people. Leadership is a phenomenon group and goal-focused. Leaders must have confidence and self-awareness, have empathy and excellent collaboration skills, and focus on caring for others while making the world a better place. Leadership's principal foundation is grounded on having fairness, integrity, nurturing, empowerment, and a common goal focusing on the mission and vision of organizational climate.

To transform the world, we need transformational leaders. Leaders must lead from the inside out, outside in, side by side, and upside down. When we lead from the inside out, we lead ourselves, which should always be the initial step. Leading self requires integrity and heart, passion, and is where values and character are found. When we lead from the outside, we show servant leadership qualities where the focus is serving others. Leading from side-by-side demonstrates teamwork, whereas leading from upside down is leading communities.

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken."
~Author Unknown

To make the shift to become one of the greatest leaders of all time, you must be ready to make one of the most crucial leadership shifts. You must be willing to shift your focus from pleasing people to challenge them. People need to be challenged to grow. Are you not growing yourself? Are you challenged when you grow? Why make it easy for your followers? When you think about having a desire to please people, do you realize that you are forcing them to stay the say and not have intentional growth? They might grow slowly but only by accident. How will this help them in life? If you do not make this crucial shift, your impact will be limited, and you will be left doing EVERYTHING. If this happens, you will not have time to grow others.

"Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly,
That they see it in themselves." ~Dr. Stephen Covey

What are you communicating to others? If you do not know this, you will learn today that Leadership rises and falls on communication. YES!!! Say it with me… "Leadership rises and falls on communication. " You must know how to effectively communicate with others for them to understand your words, thoughts, and vision. Understanding what you are telling them will make a tremendous impact on their self-worth as well. Your projection of them personally will make a bigger impact on their life if you learn to speak their language. I am not referring to cultural language but communication style.

About Jeanette Eriksson:

Jeanette Eriksson created Nordicly (Coaching and Consulting) out of her passion for making people and systems work and feel better. Jeanette’s outstanding personal skills, system improvement knowledge, and understanding of the benefits of great coaching derive from 15 years of people and project management experience. Having led large teams at a major London university for many years while gaining national sports success, both as a captain and player, and at the management level, Jeanette has learned all the tricks of the ‘personal and business development’ trade. So, suppose you want your processes and systems improved. In that case, you need assistance with new and innovative Scandinavian thinking, or you need help to build your people and help them achieve clarity and progress in life and perform at a higher level at work. Jeanette is your Nordic(ly) solution.

About 1 Habit Press, Inc:

1 Habit Press is a vertically integrated media company with a focus on the development of human potential. Our main business is publishing the 1 Habit book series. We believe that just 1 Habit can change your life forever. The series is built around the theme of Habits. In each book, Contributors share the 1 Habit that has served them the greatest in life and why this Habit has been so important.

Our books cover a spectrum of needs from 1 Habit For a Thriving Home Office to 1 Habit to Beat Bullying. We have published six books in the last year and have another 25 in the works for release in the next 24 months.

About the Creator of the 1 Habit Book Series, Steven Samblis:

Steve is a six-time best selling author in just 18 months. He is the creator and publisher of the bestselling 1 Habit book series and founder of 1 Habit Press, Inc. Steve's life journey has been a search for the keys to extraordinary human potential. This mission is reflected in his business, 1 Habit Press, where he seeks out to find people with undiscovered brilliance and give them the largest platform possible to reach and affect the masses in the most positive way possible.

Steven Samblis
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Cancer Survivor Shares Journey of Healing, Finding True Calling

Cancer's Greatest Gift: Keys to Radiant Health and Joy

Cancer’s Greatest Gift: Keys to Radiant Health and Joy

Pargash Giorgi

Pargash Giorgi

"Cancer's Greatest Gift" conveys Pargash Giorgi’s inspiring and life-changing realizations

It is now time to step into our true nature which is pure love…”

— Pargash Giorgi

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, December 4, 2020 / — When life presented Pargash Giorgi a health challenge, the ordeal and struggle to survive as well as the process of recovery led her to profound realizations in life. She says it awakened her true calling, namely to help humanity experience the one infinite creator. Now she shares "Cancer's Greatest Gift" to readers everywhere so that they too can find their true selves and build their ideal lives.

Giorgi's book offers holistic models of awakening one's true self. She shares how her experience of living unconsciously and blaming external circumstances prevented her from finding her true nature. She reveals that most people are not aware of hidden realities, which causes imbalances in their lives and in the bigger picture as well. So she strives to help wake people up, to show them the truth that they have been programmed to live in a limited way. With this realization they can then transcend these limits and improve their lives.

"It is now time to step into our true nature which is pure love," Giorgi says. "As we become open-minded and receptive to new ways of being, we learn to reconnect to our Source, and allow this innate intelligence to heal through alchemization of dense, darker energies to higher frequencies of light."

She discusses 7 keys to attain optimal health and debunks what she calls myths perpetuated by vested interests with their own agendas. To her readers, she has the following message: "I would remind them that they are the creators of their true reality. Who they truly are is more than physical – they are metaphysical : beyond their programmed self in the 3D. And they have the power to reprogram themselves and live the life of their dreams in this chapter of their life."

At present, the book is going through a second edition.

About the Author
According to Pargash Giorgi she is a "starseed" who chose to come to earth to help with humanity's ascension in this chapter of her life. She was born and raised in Malaysia where she taught at various schools. When teaching at schools became unfulfilling she decided to do her MA in Modern Languages and soon after migrated to Australia where she earned a PhD in Linguistics. Life then presented her with a health challenge to awaken her to her true calling – to help humanity experience the one infinite creator.

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Singer-Songwriter, Shaun Dennis Covington.

Shaun Dennis Covington, Author of “Arashi: Prince of The Sky”

American recording artist and songwriter Shaun Dennis Covington will release his debut graphic novel “Arashi: Prince Of The Sky” at the beginning of 2021.

I became a writer for the same reason I make music and why I chose to be an artist. I need to create and share my story with the world so they know that fear doesn’t live here…Just do it”

— Shaun Dennis Covington

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 / — American recording artist and songwriter Shaun Dennis Covington will release his debut graphic novel “Arashi: Prince Of The Sky” at the beginning of 2021. The tale invites readers to follow Arashi and his sister Ishara on their journey to defeat the spirit of fear to save the world from its terrors and discover the dawn of love along the way. The book is titled after Shaun’s artist moniker Arashi SupaNova, its fiction-based and edited by Anthony Pierre Sherrill. It will be simultaneously issued in digital and physical formats by Amazon.

The new author has always had a knack for creating and sharing stories. During these unprecedented times facing many affected by the global pandemic, Covington chose to touch on the importance of mental health, overcoming anxiety, and overall happiness. “Arashi: Prince Of The Sky” is a fantasy, action, and adventure that can be appreciated by the young and old–with a suggestion of 14 years old and up.

Said Shaun Dennis Covington, “I became a writer for the same reason I make music and why I chose to be an artist. I need to create and share my story with the world so they know that fear doesn’t live here. We go forth and do what we were brought here to do without question. Just do it.”

His artistic journey started as a singer-songwriter in his hometown Harlem, New York. The melting pot cultures, the city’s hustle and bustle nature, and liberation helped develop his sound. Shaun moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to attend the Los Angeles Film School. He studied music production and released his first E.P. called “Hype,” full of high-intensity tracks. Being a fitness trainer as well, he tailored the project to those who value health and wellness. His music has been described as experimental and care-free.

Shaun has written for recording artist Tracy J’s EP “This Could Be,” recently finished co-writing for the soundtrack of a coming of age drama “Life Aint Like The Movies” [Robert Butler, Paul Bates, Cindy Williams, William C. Ingram] fall 2021 release and is currently crafting his debut album. The publication date, pricing, and pre-order link for Arashi: Prince of the Sky details to be announced at a later date.

Connect with Shaun Convington:

Instagram: arashi_supanova

To schedule an interview or speaking request, please contact Rosa Veleno at or (310) 910-1864.

Rosa Veleno
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World of Wonders is the Barnes & Noble Book of the Year for 2020

'World of Wonders'

B&N Book of the Year 2020 ‘World of Wonders’

Aimee Nezhukumatathil, author of World of Wonders

Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Booksellers choose Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s luminous reflections on nature and her life

In a year of brilliant publishing, this luminous and joyous book has been acclaimed by our booksellers.”

— Barnes & Noble CEO James Daunt

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 4, 2020 / — Barnes & Noble, Inc., with bookstores in every state across the United States, today announced that booksellers chose Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s "World of Wonders: In Praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks, and Other Astonishments" as the winner of Barnes & Noble’s 2020 Book of the Year.

Barnes & Noble asks its booksellers to nominate the book they are most proud to sell. There is no further criteria. Last year, an obscure book called "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse" by the British author, Charlie Mackesy, was voted for by the booksellers. It became a bestselling book nationwide. One year later, it is still in the bestseller lists and is regarded to be a publishing sensation.

This year, booksellers have again voted for a book with which every reader is sure to fall in love. "World of Wonders" is published by Milkweed Editions, a nonprofit literary press based in Minneapolis who publishes eighteen to twenty-two new titles each year.

“The magpie eye of the bookseller cares nothing for algorithms or marketing budgets. It cares only for the quality of the book. In a year of brilliant publishing, this luminous and joyous book has been acclaimed by our booksellers,” said CEO James Daunt. “'World of Wonders' is a captivating book, immensely powerful in the quiet way with which it celebrates the natural world and what it is to love and to belong. The beautiful writing is complimented by lovely illustrations in what is a celebration also of the art of book design. I join the booksellers of Barnes & Noble in recommending unreservedly this very special book.”

In "World of Wonders," Aimee Nezhukumatathil writes of the natural world as she remembers, of creatures and things of wonder. In so doing, she illuminates her childhood and creates a form of biography that is lyrical and absorbing. An acclaimed poet, Aimee Nezhukumatathil has crafted a very unusual work that is inspiring and uplifting, a book to be treasured.

Author Aimee Nezhukumatathil had this to say about winning this year’s award: “Having 'World of Wonders' chosen as the Book of the Year is an astonishment for this former hapless chemistry major who wandered the aisles of Barnes & Noble in college in a big city—my first time away from home. Barnes & Noble was a refuge and a place where I could immerse myself in books and get my questions about this planet answered. It is not lost on me that I barely saw any books about the outdoors by someone who looked like me so I’m especially humbled and honored that the booksellers made a space for me at the table.”

“When 'World of Wonders' first arrived in my inbox, I had a strong sense that we were on to something very special,” added Daniel Slager, Publisher & CEO, Milkweed Editions. “The world needs this book now. The world needs Aimee's inclusive vision and singular light. Kudos to Barnes & Noble for elevating her voice!”

Barnes & Noble booksellers from around the country nominated their top books from 2020, which were then narrowed down to eight titles by a selection committee, including Mr. Daunt. World of Wonders was then voted on by booksellers as the 2020 Book of the Year. Here is what Barnes & Noble booksellers had to say about the winner:

“'World of Wonders' is a love letter to the natural world. At times educational, at others a fervent discussion of the wonders of earth. Poet and essayist Aimee Nezhukumatathil blends both a personal and global account of nature's beauty—I fell in love with the author's beautiful language and clear love for the environment."
—Bookseller Laurel Faye, Newnan, Georgia

“A lyrical meditation on the ways the author has learned important life lessons from the astonishing and varied creatures we share our planet with. This book made me feel anchored in the natural world in a really beautiful way.”
—Bookseller Margie Harris, Rochester Hills, Michigan

“This isn’t the dry and stuffy nature writing essayist that you were forced to read in college. No, this ecologist’s take on the natural world is more akin to lyrical prose with social commentary and pop culture references laced throughout. Relevant and inspiring Aimee Nezhukumatathil reminds us once again why nature is so absolutely amazing and beautiful.”
—Bookseller Mike Otero, Huntersville, North Carolina

The other Book of the Year Finalists were:
• "Accidentally Wes Anderson" by Wally Koval
• "Leave the World Behind" by Rumaan Alam
• "Pieometry: Modern Tart Art and Pie Design for the Eye and Palate" by Lauren Ko
• "Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning" by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi
• "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle
• "The Vanishing Half" by Brit Bennett
• "Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times" by Katherine May

Customers can find the Book of the Year and Book of the Year Finalists at their local Barnes & Noble and on They can also join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, using hashtag #BookOfTheYear.

About Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Barnes & Noble, Inc. is the largest retail bookseller in the United States, and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products. The Company has over 600 Barnes & Noble bookstores in 50 states, as well as the Nook Digital business and one of the Web’s premier e-commerce sites, General information on Barnes & Noble, Inc. can be found on the Company's website at

Public Relations
Barnes & Noble
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Dead Men Tell No Tales—or Do They?

Objection, he’s still alive: Memoirs of a Cowboy Coroner

Corpses have some of the most intriguing unspoken stories, a coroner says

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 4, 2020 / — A lot of mystery or thriller stories center on the detective; sometimes, it’s on the victim or even on the suspect. In Philip Keen’s Objection, He’s Still Alive: Memoirs of a Cowboy Coroner, however, a coroner takes center stage as the protagonist, telling a unique story from his perspective. Although a coroner’s main job is to supervise the examination of dead bodies in the morgue and the circumstances surrounding these deaths, coroners may order investigations or even monitor and handle evidence if the death is unexpected or there is a suspicion of foul play.

Objection, He’s Still Alive goes into the nitty-gritty of a coroner’s involvement in crime-scene investigations and how it is instrumental in presenting evidence that may lead to significant findings or even a conviction. It also delves into the politics involved in such investigations. Those who are fans of CSI and similar shows or of whodunits may find this work of fiction a welcome treat.

Philip E. Keen, MD, has over forty-four years of experience as a certified medical pathologist and has served in various capacities in the medical field—as a former president of the Arizona Medical Association, as chief medical examiner, and as a former chairperson of the state medical licensing board, among many others. Today, he is the medical director for the regional tissue bank.

Having appeared numerous times as an expert witness in criminal cases, Dr. Keen uses his intimate knowledge of the field of pathology to inject verisimilitude in the episodes told in this novel.

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Autopsies, Cowboy Style

Objection, he’s still alive: Memoirs of a Cowboy Coroner

A riveting fictional tale of a coroner written with accurate realism

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 4, 2020 / — When William Moore got the job as chief medical examiner of the county, he came in ready to change the way things were run. He wasn’t going to sit idly behind a desk. What follows next is a series of events that would bring the reader through a roller-coaster ride that would show, sometimes in great and vivid detail, the autopsies a coroner would make in order to bring a criminal to justice. This is Philip E. Keen’s Objection, he's still alive: Memoirs of a Cowboy Coroner.

You can expect this book to be as realistic as it can be, because Philip E. Keen is a certified forensic pathologist. He used his decades of experience and hundreds of appearances as an expert witness for criminal cases when writing this book. Keen has a combined 44 years of experience working as chief medical examiner, and has 17 years as both medical doctor of a private facility and as Chief of Pathology in a community hospital. Due to this, he has a broad grasp of all things related to medicine.

Keen spared no words when writing the book’s autopsy scenes as close to real as possible. In fact, readers might have a better idea of how autopsies are performed after reading Objection! That’s how close to reality the book gets. The fact that the story is based on his own personal experiences makes it even more visceral. But that’s not all the book offers, as the portions involving county and city politics are just as gripping as the ones involving the medical table and a scalpel.

If you’re a fan of suspense, medical drama, and TV police procedurals, then this book is a must-read.

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Writers’ Branding is a full-service self-publishing company that provides aspiring authors exclusive access to publicity and a pool of book evaluators and marketing creatives and bridges them to literary agencies and traditional publishing houses.

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