Dan “Tito” Davis Completes the First Seven Continent Book Tour with Antarctica Signing

Dan "Tito" Davis bio picture

Dan “Tito” Davis bio picture

Gringo audiobook cover

Dan "Tito" Davis might be the first author to hold a book signing on all seven continents

The exciting part of my seven continent world tour for my book was the interesting people I met, and the excitement they had for my book "Gringo"”

— Dan "Tito" Davis

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dan “Tito” Davis is the award-winning bestselling author of the book "Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive" and just finished his final seven continent book signing tour in Antarctica this month. Davis has been promoting his book and his message of growth through adversity after being released from a 10-year prison incarceration following 13 years on the run from the US government. Davis is one of the first, if not the only author, to do a book signing tour across all seven continents. Along his way, Davis also had a private audience with and presented a copy of his book to the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, India

Davis has traveled around the world promoting his book, starting his seven-continent tour with a book signing in Hong Kong and then continuing through to Antarctica this month. His full tour included the following locations:

1. Hong Kong, Asia, December 21, 2017

2. Cape Town, South Africa, February 22, 2018

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 23, 2018

4. Frankfort, Germany, July 29, 2018

5. Sydney, Australia, September 14, 2018

6. Key West, Florida, USA November 1, 2018

7. Port Lockroy, Antarctica, January 4, 2019

Dan “Tito” Davis comes from a town in South Dakota so small that everyone knows their neighbor’s cat’s name. After attending Black Hills State University in South Dakota, he transferred to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and began manufacturing White Crosses, aka legal speed pills, and soon had the Bandidos motorcycle club distributing ten million tablets a week.

After serving five years of a 102-month prison sentence for tax evasion he could no longer fly for the airlines, his airline transport pilot license was revoked because of his conviction. Being a convicted felon, he was also denied a Nevada real estate license. After striking out on his first two job endeavors, he decided to contact the Colombian friends he had made in prison and began selling marijuana. After he began distributing marijuana, he was set up on a false methamphetamine charge by a childhood friend facing his own drug charges. Facing thirty years, Davis slipped into Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish. He became Tito and began a thirteen-year odyssey that led him to an underground hideout for a Medellin cartel in Colombia; through the jungles of the Darien Gap, the world’s most dangerous passageway; being interrogated in Cuba, and much more. In 2007 Davis was unlawfully renditioned from Venezuela and returned to the United States where he was convicted of fleeing his original charge and parole violations, but not for the wrongful methamphetamine charge.

During his ten-year prison sentence, Dan “Tito” Davis penned a 700-page manuscript, which chronicled his life on the run from the United States federal government. While living in a halfway house in Wyoming, Davis met with writer Peter Conti and quickly tapped him to “write his story the right way.” For a year the two worked diligently to turn Davis’s raw material into an action-packed memoir called “Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive.”

The audiobook of “Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive” as well as the ebook are currently available on Amazon and at http://gringobook.com. Visit Dan “Tito” Davis’s Wikipedia page for more information about him. He can be contacted at dantitodavis@gmail.com

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Forced to Steal as a Kid, Business Owner Focuses on Breaking the Cycle

Kevin Bidwell, Sara Colson, Jimmy Colson, and Beau Marek at POP Prosthetics

Kevin Bidwell, Sara Colson, Jimmy Colson, and Beau Marek at POP Prosthetics

Jimmy Colson: Business Owner, Philanthropist, Survivor

Jimmy Colson: Business Owner, Philanthropist, Survivor

From the Depths: Jimmy Colson's rags to riches (and impact) story

From the Depths: Jimmy Colson’s rags to riches (and impact) story

From Down and Out to Helping Those Who Have Lost Limbs to Get Back on Their Feet and Children with Tough Upbringings to Have a Better Chance at Life

For so long I struggled to find my way and get past survival mode to flourish mode where I can give back to others and give back to the world, more purposefully. I am finally on the right path.”

— Jimmy Colson

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, January 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jimmy Colson grew up forced to beg for money, return stolen merchandise, and dig through dumpsters by his heroin-addicted mother and her criminal friends. Most days Jimmy and his siblings went hungry because any money brought in went toward the next drug fix.

Now a parent himself, Jimmy Colson is committed to breaking the cycle by creating the best childhood possible for his son and daughter and by giving back beyond the four walls of his home so that other children don’t have to experience the same troubled upbringing he had.

Although he never graduated from high school, Jimmy Colson worked hard to become an American Board Certified Orthotist who owns POP Prosthetics, one of the fastest-growing orthotics and prosthetics companies in Las Vegas. They literally get clients who have lost limbs — including veterans, children, and athletes — back on their feet.

With a passion for helping the community locally and abroad, POP Prosthetics leads shoe donation initiatives for the homeless, supports cancer foundations, and sponsors underprivileged families every year.

“For so long I struggled to find my way and get past survival mode to flourish mode where I can give back to others and give back to the world, more purposefully. I am finally on the right path, and so is our business and team.” – Jimmy Colson

Quote from From the Depths: A Journey from Addiction, Abuse, and Homelessness to Positively Impacting the World, published in partnership with Laura Petersen, Founder of Copy That Pops. The book hit #1 bestseller on Amazon in four categories the week of November 26, 2018, during its launch.

Jimmy Colson is on a mission to show others with a troubled past that they too can achieve success and have a positive impact on the world.

It’s time to break the cycle.

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Actual Patient and Lead Prosthetist “Pool Commercial” [14 seconds]

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Nueva traducción al español del galardonado libro para niños que promueve las habilidades científicas y de lectura

Sus ilustraciones realistas y hechos divertidos sobre los animales ayudan a las familias y a los educadores a crear interés por los temas CTIM

El viaje de un bebé mamífero a la madurez varía dramáticamente dependiendo de si es un oso o un murciélago, una musaraña o una foca, un hipopótamo o un humano.”

— la autora, Dia L. Michels

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco, un título recomendado por NSTA y el Libro del Año de Creative Child Magazine, está siendo publicado de nuevo en español, en pasta suave, pasta dura y en formato eBook.

Publicado originalmente en inglés en el año 2002, este libro de 64 páginas ha sido alabado por maestros, bibliotecarios y educadores en museos. Su enfoque para enseñar ciencia por medio de la literatura ayuda a los niños a extraer contenido importante sobre la ciencia mientras fortalecen y practican su habilidad de lectura. El contenido se ajusta directamente a los Estándares Científicos de la Próxima Generación (NGSS, por sus siglas en inglés) y al currículum de primaria y de la escuela intermedia. Además de sus otros premios, este título ganó un Sello de Aprobación de la Fundación Young Voices (Voces Jóvenes).

El texto en español les ayuda a los lectores a desarrollar sus habilidades científicas y de lectura. De acuerdo con el Instituto de Política de Inmigración, "casi un tercio de todos los niños en los Estados Unidos de ocho años o menos están aprendiendo dos idiomas. Estos niños se benefician en gran manera de las oportunidades de aprendizaje temprano de alta calidad". Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco proporciona oportunidades de aprendizaje temprano para quienes hablan español y están aprendiendo inglés.

La universalidad del ciclo de vida es capturada de forma hermosa en este asombroso libro, descrito como "Completamente interesante" [Revista Foreword] y "¡Atractivo tanto visual como verbalmente!" [Academia Carnegie para la Educación de la Ciencia].

Si mi mamá fuera un ornitorrinco revela cómo catorce bebés mamíferos indefensos se convierten en adultos maduros. A diferencia de los reptiles, insectos y anfibios, todas las madres de mamíferos alimentan, protegen y les enseñan a sus crías—incluso cuando esas tareas a menudo desafían sus necesidades de sobrevivencia.

"El viaje de un bebé mamífero a la madurez varía dramáticamente dependiendo de si es un oso o un murciélago, una musaraña o una foca, un hipopótamo o un humano", explica la autora, Dia L. Michels. "A pesar de esas diferencias, cuando todos los mamíferos nacen son completamente indefensos. Todas las mamás mamíferas deben guiar a sus crías para que dejen de ser indefensos y pasen a la madurez. Conforme sus madres les enseñan a encontrar comida y albergue, los mamíferos sociales aprenden otra herramienta importante para la supervivencia: que son parte de una sociedad interconectada en la cual cada miembro ayuda a los demás. Los humanos no son ninguna excepción. Cuando nacen son más inmaduros que cualquier otro bebé y dependen bastante de su familia y de su comunidad. Este libro les ayuda a los niños a verse a sí mismos como miembros de un grupo en lugar de individuos solitarios".

Las historias de estos mamíferos bebés tratan temas científicos importantes, incluyendo percepción sensorial, identificación de infantes, hábitats, ciclos de vida, adaptación, ecología, metabolismo, anatomía, biomas, clasificación y sobrevivencia. La guía para el maestro expande y extiende el contenido científico e incluye actividades prácticas. Está disponible para ser descargada de forma gratuita en el sitio web de la casa editora. Los educadores también aprecian el glosario y las medidas métricas incluidas en el libro.

Este título ha sido utilizado en entornos educativos y también como un recurso de salud en las comunidades. Los Centros de Nacimientos, el Departamentos de Salud y las instalaciones maternas y de salud para niños lo comparten con los futuros padres y con familias que tienen niños pequeños. En el año 2011, el Departamento de Salud de Nuevo México compró 6,000 copias para un programa estatal diseñado para promover la vida familiar, la paternidad responsable y la lectura.

"¡Este es uno de los libros más interesantes que no son de ficción que he leído! Se correlaciona muy bien con nuestro currículum de ciencias y los recursos complementarios son amigables para los maestros", dice Sonya Smith, Coordinadora de Ciencias del programa de Fomento de las Ciencias en Maestros de la Escuela Intermedia, en el estado de Mississippi.

Dia L. Michels, escritora galardonada en ciencias y paternidad responsable con publicaciones internacionales, ha escrito o editado más de una docena de libros para niños y adultos. Además, da presentaciones en todo el país sobre lactancia en los mamíferos, ciencia familiar y crianza con apego. Puede comunicarse con ella en Dia@ScienceNaturally.com.

Andrew Barthelmes es un talentoso ilustrador y artista gráfico. Es el diseñador tras la galardonada serie de libros de ciencias y matemáticas Misterios de un minuto (One Minute Mysteries). Su trabajo ha aparecido en el New Yorker y en otras publicaciones. Él vive en Peekskill, NY con su esposa y sus tres hijos. Contáctelo en Andrew@ScienceNaturally.com.

Science Naturally es una prensa independiente comprometida a aumentar el conocimiento de ciencias y matemáticas de formas divertidas e interactivas. Nuestros libros están diseñados para ayudar a los lectores a entender mejor cómo es que la ciencia y las matemáticas afectan nuestra vida diaria. Todos nuestros títulos han obtenido el deseado "NSTA Recommends", una recomendación de la Asociación Nacional de Maestros de Ciencias.

Los títulos de Science Naturally están disponibles para compra directa. Son distribuidos por National Book Network. Las ediciones para bibliotecas son distribuidas por Children’s Plus. También están disponibles con un descuento significativo en el mercado de First Book para organizaciones que atienden a niños necesitados.

Las copias para reseñas están disponibles a petición. Puede encontrar texto de muestra, imágenes de la portada y una articulación del contenido para NGSS, además de la guía para maestros en www.ScienceNaturally.com.

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“Memories of a Devil” Receives Rave Review from Top Literary Site

Kirkus Reviews calls Father Chester’s memoir “a remarkable combination of personal testimony and almost sociological observation.”

Kirkus Reviews calls holocaust survivor’s tale “infinitely inspiring”

Though his hardships were grotesque, his remembrance of human decency in the unlikeliest of places is infinitely inspiriting.

A cleareyed, meditative account of an unfathomable evil. ”

— Kirkus Reviews

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, January 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The memoir of a Jesuit priest’s journey through the prison camps of Nazi Germany during World War II received glowing praise in its first major literary review.

Kirkus Reviews lauded Father Chester Fabisiak’s recounting of his concentration camp experience in “Memories of a Devil: My Life as a Jesuit in Dachau” as a “cleareyed, meditative account of an unfathomable evil.” The review site also referred to the work as “a brave but disturbing act of bearing historical witness” and “a remarkable combination of personal testimony and almost sociological observation.”

Shortly after Fabisiak became an ordained minister in Poland in 1939, he was arrested along with his fellow Jesuit priests and held in custody by the Gestapo. He escaped, was recaptured, and then transferred to eight prison camps and two forced labor camps before ultimately being sent to the infamous Dachau concentration camp. Through each of these stops, Fabisiak bears witness to not only the barbaric acts of cruelty imposed upon him and his fellow prisoners by the Nazis, but also the kindnesses that were bestowed upon them by those sympathetic to their plight. Kirkus says the book is “far from a hopeless indictment of humankind” and that Fabisiak’s “remembrance of human decency in the unlikeliest of places is infinitely inspiring.”

“Memories of a Devil: My Life as a Jesuit Priest in Dachau” is available for sale on Amazon. The Kirkus Reviews review of the book appears in the company’s January magazine. For more information on the book, go to www.memoriesofadevil.com/. The entire Kirkus review can be read at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/chester-fabisiak/memories-of-a-devil/.

About Father Chester Fabisiak, SJ:

Father Chester Fabisiak, SJ devoted his life to God and his fellow human beings. He enthusiastically taught children and adolescents, seeking to prepare them for the responsibilities of this world as well as their eternal lives. His memoir, “Memories of a Devil,” is his educational, intellectual and spiritual gift to subsequent generations. It is available for purchase and download on Amazon.

Following his death in 1996, Chester’s niece, Danuta, saw that her uncle’s wishes were carried out and that his manuscript was published. She hopes that his retelling of the concentration camps will serve as a cautionary tale to humanity; that turning a blind eye to evil will result in tragedy.


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Biography of a Teacher Extraordinaire

FROM SIBERIA TO ST. KITTS: A Teacher's Journey

Katzen’s trajectory is cinematically adventurous, … the twine that holds together its diverse parts, tenderly captured by Simmonds, is her calling to be a teacher.”

— Kirkus review

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — This new book is a captivating and deeply researched biography of Zenaida Katzen, a master of foreign language instruction who embraced a comprehensive approach to teaching. Simmonds was a student of Katzen's in the 1960s on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. After his retirement from 25 years with the New York City public school system as a teacher and administrator, he was compelled to learn all he could about the special woman who inspired him to become an educator.

When she arrived in St. Kitts in 1961 to teach French and Spanish to teenagers (mostly boys), Zenaida Katzen (Zina) had already lived an extraordinary life in Siberia, China, France and Chile. What Simmonds uncovered during his five years of painstaking research is the complex story of a dynamic, driven, independent woman who dedicated her life to education and advancing the lives of children.

Zina Katzen wasn't simply a French teacher or a Spanish teacher – she was an educator who believed in providing students with an experience while they were learning. In St. Kitts, she organized activities and programs outside the classroom, and was able to secure funding from a wealthy friend in China who supported her work. A chapter of Simmonds' book includes letters between Zina and her benefactor, offering a unique perspective into how Zina carefully managed the financial, educational and extracurricular needs of her students, and revealing a more personal side of Zina – an animal lover who was devoted to her mother and aunt, both of whom lived with her in St. Kitts.

Simmonds' story is beautifully written, thorough and includes photos of Zina, her students, friends, family and the places where she lived and taught. Thoughtfully placed throughout the narrative are French phrases and words, which contribute to the cadence of the story, and lend authenticity to its message.

Simmonds spent five years on a research journey traveling to Chile, Hong Kong, Shanghai, St. Kitts and France researching the life of this teacher extraordinaire who profoundly touched the lives of an untold number of students in China, Chile and the Caribbean.

"FROM SIBERIA TO ST. KITTS: A Teacher's Journey" is published in print-on-demand paperback and ebook format by ISS Publishing and is now available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

Review copies of "FROM SIBERIA TO ST. KITTS: A Teacher's Journey" are available to media contacts upon request. Ira Simmonds is available for interviews.

About the Author
Born on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Ira Simmonds received a B.A. in French from St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York, and M.A. and M.Ed. degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. After a ten-year stint as House Manager at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, he spent the next twenty-five years in New York City Public Schools as a teacher, Assistant Principal and Acting Principal. He currently works as an educational consultant.

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A Teacher’s Journey

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Super Lawyer Jay W. MacIntosh to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

NICE, FRANCE, January 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — “You must do the things you think you cannot do,” is one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most famous quotes. How many times do most of us get discouraged from fear, obstacles, and challenges so daunting we just give up on our dreams? One exceptional woman who has embraced life and lives it to the fullest is a shining example.

Jay is a top notch attorney, actress, real estate agent, college professor, and author of several books including 'Janet Talullah', 'The Origins of George Bernard Shaw’s Life Force Philosophy', 'Moments in Time', 'Capturing Beauty', and 'Jayspeak on the Côte d’Azur'.

“I was never afraid of taking risks,” says Jay. “Throughout my life whenever I have fallen, I got right back up. You can’t let anything defeat you or it will. Think ‘I can do it if I set my mind to it,’ because negativity is terribly discouraging. My dad used to always tell me ‘Rough seas make good sailors,’ and I have always lived by his words.”

Jay attributes her go-getter attitude and fearlessness to her father’s remarkable leadership skills he instilled with her when she was a very young child. After graduating from the University of Georgia with her master’s degree, Jay became an exemplary college Professor landing Head of the Department of Drama at Brenau College (now Brenau University) and Chairman of Division of Humanities for a branch of the University of Georgia. Afterwards, Jay, went into acting, began a lucrative career in real estate, and at the age of 62 graduated from law school and was ultimately recognized as a Super Lawyer. After moving to the south of France, she published seven books.

“After I left law school, I kept that whole young mental attitude which I had all my life,” says Jay. “I thought of myself as the Energizer Bunny and for those people who doubted me when they saw what I was able to achieve, their dismay turned to respect and that was the best feeling in the world.”

Jay finds joy in discovering the simplest things in life. It’s healthy to let go of old, painful memories and not carry unnecessary baggage aching with nostalgia over a time that has past. Instead, create wonderful new memories. With the world in such chaos, It’s truly disheartening to hear so many people giving up on life using countless excuses that stop them from reaching their goals.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of healthy living, and I see so many people allowing themselves to become overweight and age prematurely,” says Jay.

Jay makes it a priority to eat healthy, exercise, and live joyfully. The occasional French wine is always a magnificent treat.

“Every day allow something new into your life and make certain to seek innovative ways of doing things,” says Jay. “So many people woefully give up and wait to die. They stop proactively going after their dreams. Some feel so utterly defeated they withdraw into nothingness. You must keep putting yourself out there and reach for the stars every day and you will be living a life of absolute happiness.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jay W. MacIntosh in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday January 16 at 10 a.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on our guest please visit www.jaywmacintoshlaw.com

Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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Organizational Psychologist and Master of Resilience Dr. Madelyn Blair Returns to CUTV News Radio

JEFFERSON, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr Madelyn Blair has one of the keenest minds of our times and has shared it with CUTV News Radio guests on many occasions. Her career includes a wealth of practical experiences in business and leadership, one of the most notable while as a division chief at The World Bank. After obtaining her PhD (in a field known as organizational psychology) she has spoken, coached, led workshops, and written blogs about the most effective ways to create visionary plans, relate to colleagues across generations, and succeed in the business arena.

One of Dr. Blair’s main focuses has been resilience. She approaches it from the perspective of how to handle the unexpected with confidence and a focus on making a clear choice about your response. There can be other approaches to resilience. When dealing with resilience, Dr. Blair supports clients from a practical, action-oriented perspective, while other experts take a different track.

Dr. Blair’s advice on developing resilience is even more pertinent as the world faces a new year and all it brings in with it, such as the need to operate when things aren’t clear. That’s when being truly resilient can be a great benefit. Building resilience and teaching people to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, are elements of Dr. Blair’s new Master Class. Dr. Blair has done extensive research on resilience. Her grasp of social psychology is useful in understanding how groups work together, and how leaders can bring themselves, their team, and their organizations through difficult times and continue to thrive while doing so. During the radio shows, Dr. Blair will explain more about the Master Class and why it is so meaningful, as well as announce when it will be held, and how to register.

Dr. Blair loves to wrap her mind around problems and faces issues with humor and zeal. She is an insatiable learner and inspires other to keep on learning as well. She says strengthening our ability to acquire and synthesize volumes of information is essential to success. One of her popular books, Riding the Current, centers on this principle. She is currently working on another related book and will discuss what’s changed from the original.

Dr. Blair says that leaders are all about making prudent decisions at the most critical times. She will discuss more of her theories on leadership, high resilience, innate curiosity and the communities that comprise an organization throughout her informative series. Be sure to get a taste of this noted advisor’s great advice.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Madelyn Blair in a 10-part series beginning January 15th at 12:00pm EST and include interviews every Tuesday with Jim Masters or Doug Llewelyn.

Listen to the shows on BlogTalkRadio

If you have questions for our guest, please call 347-996-3369

To learn more about Dr. Blair and sign up for classes, please visit http://www.madelynblair.com

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Smith Publicity Provides Key Questions Authors Should Ask Before Starting a Book Marketing Campaign

Cherry Hill, NJ office staff

Key questions can help authors clarify their goals and prompt them to think about aspects of book marketing they might otherwise not consider

CHERRY HILL, NJ, U.S., January 10, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Smith Publicity asks authors to complete a questionnaire prior to the start of a book marketing campaign. Many of the questions help authors clarify their goals and prompt them to think about aspects of book marketing they might otherwise not consider.

In an effort to help all authors in their book marketing, here are some sample questions adapted from the Smith Publicity author questionnaire.

• What goals are most important to YOU as it relates to the publication and promotion of your book? Rate each one 1=not a priority to 10=high priority
– Make money by selling books
– Become known as an author
– Build credibility/become known as an expert in an area
– Provide a service/educate to the public
– Raise awareness to a worthy cause/topic
– Become a full time author
– Attract new clients to a business
– Create speaking and presentation opportunities

•Do you have other personal or professional goals for this campaign?

•Describe the target audience(s) of the book (in order of importance)

•Are there vertical markets you would like targeted? (specific industry/type of reader)

•Are there specific geographic markets you want to focus on, and why?

•Is local media a priority for your goals?

•Do you want to be known as a speaker?
– If yes, list organizations/associations or types of audiences you are interested in reaching.

•What media outlets—newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online, blog, podcast—do you believe would be interested in reviewing your book, or featuring you or your book?

•What media outlet(s) do you consider to be your ideal, best scenario coverage?

•Are there trade associations, groups, or organizations you are interested in targeting through publications that focus on their interests?

•Are there awareness months/seasonality (graduation or Mother’s Father’s Day), anniversaries of events, etc. that tie into your book?

•Is your book a candidate as a gift? If so, who would be buying it and for what target audience? Have you thought of ideas to incorporate pitching for gift guide coverage into your book marketing campaign?

• Are you willing to travel for interviews? If so, how far?

• Write a 50 word synopsis of your book. In book publicity, it's important to be able to present a short, compelling description of your book.

• In one or two sentences, what makes your book different from others in the same genre?

• Are there specific problems/challenges facing your target market that your book can solve?

• Is there a particular endorsement on your book that carries the most weight with your target audience?

• Write a brief autobiography, noting your professional credentials and any lifestyle credentials that make you particularly well qualified to write your book, including professional accomplishments, past employment, books published, etc. (Don’t be shy—sell yourself!

• Do you have a tag line or brief description of you as an expert? (For example the “Small Biz Lady”)

• Is there any personal background information such as hobbies, race, religious affiliation, lifestyle, medical conditions, marital status, family, etc. you can use in your pitching efforts?

• What three to five things do you want the media to know about you? Examples may include certain messages, themes in your book, your background/education or accomplishments?

• What are your FIVE key messages or talking points? If you were allowed to only make FIVE statements about your book’s theme or message what do you want readers/listeners to remember about you and or your book?

The next step is to build upon these key points by writing several sentences of “conversation” about each talking point listed above that will help audiences understand your talking point better. (In an interview, the talking points can become how the host moves the interview along and your conversation about these talking points helps the host understand where you are going with your answer and when to move to the next talking point. It also helps you learn to convey a message in 3 or 4 sentences!)

• What are 6-8 questions you would like to be asked in an interview that would allow you to answer in a way that most allows you to share your message? Questions should be “benefit based” to your audiences and address their needs.

• Are there any relevant facts, figures, research you can use in press material?

• What themes in your book do you believe are relevant to current news topics, society, the world, or life in general? (List at least three)

• What topics related to your book do you feel qualified to discuss with the media?

• What topics, NOT related to your book, do you feel qualified to discuss with the media?

• What is the most controversial aspect of your message or book?

• What ONE question do you most often get asked when people meet you/learn about what you do?

Jamil Glenn
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Smith Publicity Corporate Video

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Authors Jim and Anne Weatherill to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Remember when everyone said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Authors and artists Jim and Anne Weatherill say that what doesn’t kill you is not what makes you stronger. Even worse, if you push it down inside, it will fester like a nasty boil. Finding meaning in your struggle is what can lead to a path to heal from the inside out.

Jim flew 1,341 hours as a combat helicopter pilot during the unpopular and controversial Vietnam War. Anne was a military wife and college student with a newborn baby in 1968 America. They are the co-authors of two books. Both books strongly focus on coping with life-changing events and trying to reconcile the past with the present.

The Blades Carry Me: Inside the Helicopter War in Vietnam is a riveting first-hand account of Jim’s tour overseas.

“History has to be told by those who lived it,” Jim says. “Sharing my story about what it was like as a helicopter pilot was to honor the people who served with me, so our experiences will never be erased. Military families also serve their country by waiting for loved ones to come home.”

The second book, When Paths Cross, takes place in 1973. As the war winds down, the troops carry the war home inside. The novel is a fictionalized love story about self-discovery, forging relationships and beginning to heal.

The authors say their books are about finding yourself after a life-changing experience.

Jim adds, “We discovered that sharing our story became our own path to getting stronger. Our readers frequently share how profoundly our books have transformed their lives.”

Jim and Anne also emphasize how Vietnam war veterans, having been disrespected and stereotyped, went back into society and restarted their lives. The authors show that the stereotype as unhinged and violent is wrong, a reason their books are so enlightening and impactful.

“In order to recover from emotional trauma, you need to discover meaning in what has happened in the past,” Anne says. “When Jim and I came to terms with it, then it no longer owned us.”

Jim is a member of numerous helicopter organizations where he shares camaraderie with other vets all proud to have served their country. Jim’s amazing art work, writing, and music exemplifies his creative and compassionate nature. He finds solace in helping others find a path to healing.

“Encouraging people to find their own paths to getting stronger is absolutely why we continue with our endeavors,” Anne says. “We’re amazed and humbled that our writings have helped others come to terms with their past and their ghosts.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jim and Anne Weatherill in an interview with Jim Masters on January 14th at 2 p.m. EST and with Doug Lewellyn Monday January 21st at 2 p.m. EST

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Review about Conducting Legal Research in the Age of the Internet published by Analyst Mayowa F Odusanya

Blog of Mayowa Odusanya Florida

Blog of Mayowa Odusanya Florida

LinkedIn Profile of Mayowa Odusanya in Florida

LinkedIn Profile of Mayowa Odusanya in Florida

Mayowa Odusanya, Florida, Expert in real estate and criminal law

Mayowa Odusanya, Florida, Expert in real estate and criminal law

News about Mayowa Odusanya in Florida

News about Mayowa Odusanya in Florida

MO Professional Profile of Mayowa Odusanya, Florida

Professional Profile of Mayowa Odusanya, Florida

One of the most common problems when conducting legal research online is the authenticity factor, notes analyst Mayowa Odusanya in his more recent article

Mayowa F. Odusanya (N/A:N/A)

Even though the invention and widespread use of the internet has made research far easier than it was in the past, most people forget the fact that this convenience also comes with a price to pay.”

— Mayowa Odusanya, Analyst and writer in Florida

BRANDON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — As convenient as online legal research has become, there are many pitfalls, notes analyst and writer Mayowa F Odusanya in his newest article, available on his Blog at https://modusanya.blogspot.com/

Conducting research is always an extremely difficult and time consuming process. Not only must one double check facts and figures from a number of different sources, but it’s imperative for you to also ensure that your sources are credible and that you do not support misinformation or flimsy entities through your research.

Even though the invention and widespread use of the internet has made research far easier than it was in the past with all sorts of information available at the click of a button, most people forget the fact that this convenience also comes with a price to pay.

While the internet has contributed immensely to the availability and accessibility of information, it goes without saying that there’s a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to conducting research on the internet. Not only does credibility remain a major issue when conducting research on the internet, but the intrinsic sensitive nature of legal research worsens the problem tenfold. Moreover, with novices claiming to be professionals and uploading researches and creating legal blogs full of misinformation, conducting legal research over the internet can be quite a hassle for a variety of reasons.

With that said, however, disregarding the importance and value of a source of information as vast and grand as the internet simply because of fraudsters and credibility issues is the wrong approach and should be avoided. Instead, it is imperative for researchers to exercise due diligence when conducting research over the internet to ensure that they can benefit from the platform without worrying about being duped.

Additionally, since most people are worried about legal research costing an arm and a leg, it’s still possible for people to conduct research on legal matters using the internet – that too without paying a penny!

Interested in learning all about how you can conduct legal research over the internet without spending a fortune? Read on to find out as we tell you all about some of the best tips and tricks that you could use to conduct legal research over the internet for free.

Journal Articles

While lawyers are generally looking for primary law that includes court statuses, opinions, and regulations, it is generally easier to resort to secondary law as a starting point. This is primarily because secondary law is not only easier and far more convenient to understand, but free journal articles that essentially classify as secondary law are full of analysis and explanations to legal matters that can be difficult to understand when viewed or researched in isolation.

What’s more, certain online sources and platforms are also integrated with Google-powered search engines for you to enter appropriate keywords and browse through countless articles from numerous online journals and law reviews.

Legal Research Applications

Fortunately for legal researchers, countless developers interested in making legal research more convenient and hassle free have launched applications that contain credible information making research extremely easy – that too without the risk involved. Since all information on these platforms and applications goes through intensive checks beforehand, one can easily benefit from the contents of the research without worrying about authenticity.

One thing, however, that must be taken into account is that since you have to be extremely specific about the name of the application before buying it, it is imperative for you to conduct research regarding the best applications out there. Luckily for many, since that is a common problem that researchers had to go through, certain individuals and entities have also increased the convenience of researchers in this regard and have created comprehensive lists of all of the relevant applications and resources that one can benefit from. The UCLA’s Law Library, for instance, is a comprehensive and alphabetically ordered list of law apps that users can benefit from when they are interested in conducting research without spending a fortune.

Background Information

As mentioned above, one of the most common problems when conducting legal research online is the authenticity factor. Since the credibility of information is questionable, there are also multiple techniques through which you can retrieve background information regarding legal professionals to ensure that you don’t take home from misleading reports or articles.

If you need background information regarding any professionals in the legal world from lawyers to judges, your best bet is to resort to the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory which is essentially the most traditional and trusted source for all information of this type. Additionally, you could also opt for the FindLaw Lawyer Directory and the Justia Lawyer Directory.

If you’re looking for something a little less conventional, you could also opt for the directories by Nolo and Avvo, the latter of which includes a lawyer rating system based on “a mathematical model that considers elements such as years of experience, board certification, education, disciplinary history, professional achievement, and industry recognition.” For increased credibility, the directory also allows users to put in reviews of lawyers that they have worked with to ensure that others looking for lawyers can understand exactly what they can expect and the type of cases that the lawyer has already dealt with.

For the convenience of researchers, these portals and platforms also contain a lot of additional information that you should be able to benefit from for a variety of reasons.


Since you might need access to dockets and could want to review case documents to extract relevant information, portals and platforms have been created to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), you could also resort to RECAP, a docket site which allows you to view millions of federal dockets for bankruptcy, criminal, and civil courts of the United States – all for free!

About Mayowa F. Odusanya

Mayowa Odusanya is an expert in the fields of criminal law and real estate. Florida International University, College of Law, Juris Doctor, 2009. Florida A. & M. University, B.S., 2005. Former work experience includes the Miami Dade Public Defender's Office; and the law firm of Walton, Jones & Browne, P.A.

Blog: https://modusanya.blogspot.com/
News: https://hype.news/mayowa-f-odusanya/

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Library of Congress – Legal Research Tutorial: Finding Case Law Using Google Scholar

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