Winners Announced: Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests

Winners announced by name for 2nd quarter Writers of the Future

Winners announced for 2nd quarter Writers of the Future

Winners announced by name for 2nd quarter Illustrators of the Future

Winners announced for 2nd quarter Illustrators of the Future

Writers of the Future Event 2019

India now added to the list of countries with Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest winners as 2nd quarter winners are announced.

The Contests continue to grow each year with submissions sent in from over 175 countries.”

— Joni Labaqui, Writers of the Future Contest Director

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2020 / — The L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests are pleased to announce the second quarter winners.

For the Writers of the Future Contest, the winners for the quarter ending March 30, 2020, are:

Christopher Bowthorpe from Utah
Anj Dockrey from Texas
Elizabeth Chatsworth from the United Kingdom

And for the Illustrators of the Future Contest, the winners are:

Rupam Grimoeuvre from India
Will Knight from California
Stephen Spinas from South Africa

They will be published next April in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37.

“The Contests continue to grow each year with submissions sent in from over 175 countries. Volume 37 will see our first winner from India,” said Contest Director Joni Labaqui.

And providing it is safe to travel in April 2021, the award-winning writers and illustrators will be flown out to Hollywood for a week-long workshop with Contest judges, who are some of the biggest names in the field. Plus a lavish awards ceremony.

Writer judges are Kevin J. Anderson, Dr. Doug Beason, Dr. Gregory Benford, Orson Scott Card, David Farland, Eric Flint, Brian Herbert, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Nancy Kress, Katherine Kurtz, Todd McCaffrey, Rebecca Moesta, Larry Niven, Jody Lynn Nye, Dr. Nnedi Okorafor, Tim Powers, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Brandon Sanderson, Dr. Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Silverberg, Dean Wesley Smith, and Dr. Sean Williams.

Illustrator judges are Echo Chernik, Lazarus Chernik, Ciruelo, Vincent Di Fate, Diane Dillon, Bob Eggleton, Craig Elliott, Larry Elmore, Laura Brodian Freas, Val Lakey Lindahn, Stephan Martiniere, Gary Meyer, Mike Perkins, Sergey Poyarkov, Rob Prior, Dan dos Santos, Shaun Tan, and Stephen Youll.

The Contests are both free to enter and can be found at

The Writers of the Future writing contest was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, its sister contest, Illustrators of the Future was created five years later to provide that same opportunity for the aspiring artist.

Throughout the Contests’ 36-year history, 786 writers and illustrators have been recognized as winners.

The intensive mentoring process has proven very successful. The 428 past winners of the Writing Contest have published 1,150 novels and nearly 4,500 short stories. They have produced 33 New York Times bestsellers and their works have sold over 60 million copies.

The 358 past winners of the Illustrating Contest have produced over 6,000 illustrations, 360 comic books, graced 624 books and albums with their art, and visually contributed to 68 TV shows and 40 major movies.

For more information on the Contests, visit

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New Memoir Offers Hope in Battling Depression

Book Cover Image

Available Now in ebook, paperback, and hardback

“On Cove Mountain: Memoir of a Prodigal” is the story of the author’s commitment to a mental institution and his years-long quest to find healing and peace.

ROANOKE, VA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2020 / — A nice young man isn’t supposed to wind up in a padded cell, ramming his shoulder against the door and screaming in the faces of the orderlies that appear in the reinforced window above him. “But it happened to me,” admits Ian Duncan, author of the newly released memoir, On Cove Mountain, which details his commitment to a mental institution in 2001 and his subsequent struggle with depression, as well as the practical consequences of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

“This really is a story about coming back from the dead,” says Duncan. “When I showed up seventeen years later and started asking how to go about getting my rights back, no one—not even the District Attorney—knew what to do with me. There wasn’t supposed to be a road back from the place I had gone.”

On Cove Mountain is titled after the location of Dragon’s Tooth in Catawba, Virginia, which served as the wilderness setting for the author’s recovery. The memoir offers hope, Duncan says, for those who feel trapped by the labels imposed upon them by their past experiences. “Real victory might be too much to ask of modern psychology,” Duncan says, “but it’s not too much to ask of God.”


IAN DUNCAN is the author of a trilogy of bio-thrillers, including Cordyceps, Cordyceps Resurgentis, and Cordyceps Victoriosis. He is an MFA candidate in the creative writing program at New Saint Andrews College, cohost of the literary podcast The Notion Club, and is currently at work on the forthcoming adventure novel, Mouribon Cave. He met his wife, Allison, on the Appalachian Trail, and is now the proud father of Phinehas, Treva, and Ransom. He still frequents that strange collection of rocks on the summit of Cove Mountain called Dragon’s Tooth.

On Cove Mountain: Memoir of a Prodigal is available in paperback, hardback, and ebook from Hammerdown Press, with a forthcoming audiobook read by the author. A full press kit, including cover images and sample interviews, is available at Find the author on Instagram @ourwritinglife. To request review copies please email or call or text 540.819.4590.

Jared Hall
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“I’m Left and I’m Right: The Pocket Handbook for Progressives” by John F. Riddell, Jr. is released

Book Cover "I'm left and I'm Right"

Book Cover “I’m left and I’m Right”

Author  John F Riddell Jr

Author John F Riddell Jr

A satirical instruction manual from the perspective of the political left.

NORTH HAMPTON, USA, August 4, 2020 / — “I’m Left and I’m Right” by John F. Riddell, Jr. has been released worldwide. This 40-page book is a satirical look at the ideas and actions of young progressives, written as a handbook that describes the vocabulary, philosophy, tactics, and other elements of such movements with the author’s tongue-in-cheek criticisms of each.

I’m Left and I’m Right (ISBN: 9781735271064) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $9.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

Summary from the author:

The often-repeated quote of Antonin Scalia, “Words have meaning. And their meaning doesn’t change.” was actually the inspiration for this work. While the clear logic of this insight is undeniable, it occurred to me that a dangerous revision is now in play. Specifically, “Meanings now have new words.” And it is the Progressive Left that has utilized this linguistic and cultural revision to sway those not inclined to critical thinking to support their Utopian Socialist ideals and programs. This Handbook is a parody, an examination of this redefining of our language which, unfortunately, includes a healthy, if somewhat comical, dose of painful truth.

Topics such as Motto, Philosophy, and Tactics are also satirically addressed, climaxing in the universal appeal for that which is required for every movement’s sustainability – money. Parents, do you know where your wallets are?

About the author:

Following a stint in the US Navy’s nuclear power program, undergraduate work was completed at the University of the South (Sewanee) resulting in a BA cum Laude in Political Science (International Relations). This was followed by a twenty year plus career with the Swiss Gernam firm Leica. During this time, and MBA was also earned from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. Upon leaving Leica, along with business partner Sam T. Harper, they cofounded the Institute for Local Effectiveness Training (iLET). Soon companies as diverse as Boeing, Anheuser-Busch, Combustion Engineering, Pepsi, US Tobacco, and others were added to a growing client list. One of the clients secured the direct services with the expressed intention of building up the company to secure a favorable liquidity event. Following the success of this venture, attention was turned to heading up the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Entrepreneurial Growth (CEG). At this same time, attention was also directed toward a position as an adjunct professor in the school of business at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Running concurrently was also a five-year stint as a freelance columnist, generating a weekly business advice column and a bi-weekly, senior focused sports column for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The writing focus continued with the Colorado based Sky-Hi News which featured award winning business columns as well as featured outdoor activity columns. Evergreen, Colorado based Canyon Courier and Clear Creek Courant newspapers provided the platform for the presentation of conservative political opinions. One of the final columns, in fact, provided the foundational ideas for the manuscript. With his wife and three dogs, time is split between the hills of Tennessee and the mountains of Colorado.

About MindStir Media:

MindStir Media LLC is an award-winning book publisher. To learn more about publishing a book with MindStir Media, visit

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TSCF Surveys the 150 Best Universities in the World

The Social Capital Foundation has developed an original evaluation methodology. This is our ranking of the best Universities in the world for 2020-2022.

We are committed to strengthening the community though the promotion of social capital.”

— Dr. Patrick Hunout, President

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, August 4, 2020 / — The Social Capital Foundation (TSCF) has released its ranking of the 150 best Universities in the world for 2020-2022.


Evaluating Universities can be tricky. Institutions can create a favorable environment for pedagogic performance. In a last resort, however, the latter lies on individual staff and students.

In addition, performance evaluation in this sector is widely subjective. It depends on:  the opinion of employers and families, the public image and fame of these organizations, the social class/cultural capital of the students they attract, and the involvement of these organizations in partnerships.

TSCF has developed an original methodology to cope with these issues.

Institutional purpose

– The purpose of a University is first to transmit knowledge.

– Producing new knowledge through research comes second.

– Producing dissemination, applications, social promotion and economic development comes third.


Because of this, our evaluation criteria include:

a) quality of education (student/faculty ratio, pedagogic methodology and research, logistics, income and budget) for 50%,

b) support to research (research budget, faculty involvement, patents, indexation and citation per faculty) for 25%,

c) and organization development (HR policy, institutional income, collaboration with the economy, international outlook including faculty, research and programs) for 25%.

Our approach, while it does not endorse as such the UN sustainable Development goals (SDGs) as some of them express a policy agenda. But it does take into account reformulated impact areas such as quality education (SDG4), economic growth (SDG8), industry and infrastructure (SDG9), and partnerships (SDG17).

Finally, we also take into account consensus within existing surveys, with exception of the Leiden ranking, which is based on limited and irrelevant criteria. As for the CHE ranking list, it is limited to German-speaking Universities,  which makes international comparison very difficult.


We evaluate Universities against our scale levels.

In addition to the classic TSCF evaluation class, we attribute to each University a score in points.

Such institutions are unlikely to implement and materialize new policies in a very short time. As a result, we attribute our ratings for a period of 3 years.


TSCF Ranking Department is here:

TSCF SQUAS methodology is here:

TSCF University ranking is here:

Mr. Koen Demol
The Social Capital Foundation (TSCF)
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Self-Inflicted Limitation Is A New Motivational Book About Empowerment Success And Personal Development

Self-Inflicted Limitation -Why We Achieve So Little So Often

Self-Inflicted Limitation -Why We Achieve So Little So Often

Self-Inflicted Limitation is a non-fiction self-empowering novel that sets the path in life of achieving personal goals alongside learning to stay motivated.

Follow your dreams no matter how distant they seem”

— Mithun Sudarshan

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — Self-Inflicted Limitation ( ) focuses on defining the meaning of a person's life. Mithun Sudarshan says, "the path you choose to take, is a dependent factor which contains mysterious journeys as you follow your road map." Throughout the various chapters of your life, you will understand and experience what variables are repugnant and gratifying. This comes with patience and resilience, which are the two critical elements in self-improvement. Those who have the will power and determination to succeed will benefit from understanding the incompetencies and harsh reality that this book entails. Sudarshan continues to say, "the many adversities we face, the more lessons there are to be taken away from them. Life gives us reality checks to let us witness what we took for granted."

In his book, Sudarshan talks about how understanding the negative influences in our lives may be the master key to overcoming the fear of failure. In other words, success becomes a by-product of our failures. As we experience failure, it gives us the knowledge, strength, and wisdom necessary to succeed. The problem with failure is that it is exasperated through our influences and becomes a negative force creating the subconscious fear of failure itself." Sudarshan says.

About The Book

Self-Inflicted Limitation is a non fiction novel that enlightens you to the effect of change in direction. To begin this journey, one must first analyze the three constant variables: influence, environment, and past critical events.

Mithun Sudarshan
Self-Inflicted Limitation
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The new Kronos Rising Novel has Been Unleashed, and it’s Everything Dinosaur Fiction Could (and should) be

Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3) cover art, by Max Hawthorne

Cover art for Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3), by Max Hawthorne

The Velociraptors (raptors) from Max Hawthorne's Kronos Rising: Kraken series, running on water.

Artist’s interpretation of Max Hawthorne’s Diablo Caldera Velociraptors (raptors) running on water, from the Kronos Rising series. Copyright 2019 FFTTP, all rights reserved.

Author Max Hawthorne at the American Museum of Natural History, in NYC

Max Hawthorne’s latest novel has it all, from water-walking raptors to acid-oozing octopuses. No wonder his readers are in a tizzy!

Hone your writing skills as if they were your finest weapons of war. For in the literary arena, your pen will truly be your sword.”

— Max Hawthorne

NEW HOPE, PA, US, August 3, 2020 / — Max Hawthorne’s latest novel has it all, from water-walking raptors to acid-oozing octopuses. No wonder his readers are in a tizzy!

Two-time Book of the Year and People’s Choice award-winner, Max Hawthorne, continues to crank out what are arguably the tastiest dinosaur fiction novels since Michael Crichton. His new novel, Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3) hit the shelves this past Independence Day, and hungry readers have devoured the 500+ page tome with great gusto.

“As an author, such passion from one's readers is incredibly flattering,” Hawthorne said during a recent interview. “When you see comments from followers on social media, sternly warning others to not give out spoilers, you know they’re really into the series. I even saw one reader post that he stayed up all night reading Kraken 3 and missed the 4th of July fireworks because he was so engrossed. At that point, I knew I’d done my job.”

When asked about comparisons to the late Michael Crichton and his Jurassic Park novels, Hawthorne was surprisingly humble. “I’ve had readers compare me to both Peter Benchley and Crichton. It’s a huge honor, but I don’t know that it's deserved. Those guys are legends and always will be. I’m just an indie author with a flair for writing action thrillers. I consider myself lucky to have a fan base that puts up with me and my monsters.”

Although he never got to communicate with the aforementioned greats before their passing, Hawthorne did receive an endorsement for his current book from bestselling British author Peter Tonkin. Tonkin is the author of 45 novels including Killer, a 1978 hit that had a profound impact on an adolescent Max Hawthorne. “Peter’s timeless classic about a militarized Orca going on a rampage against humanity had an undeniable influence on me and my writing. He and I have spoken on social media, and I felt privileged to get a cover blurb from him for Kraken 3. Honestly, I was thrilled.”

To keep his stories fresh and to stir his readers’ imaginations, Hawthorne states that he likes to add unique aspects to his stories, from exotic backdrops to the prehistoric terrors that roam the pages of his novels. He has monster octopuses that ooze acid and Velociraptors that can literally run on water! “You always want to be innovative when it comes to your set pieces, characters, and, of course, creatures,” Hawthorne explained. “My series started with the notion of a caldera off the coast of Cuba that is swamped by a mega-tsunami, caused by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. When that wave turned Diablo Caldera into a giant fish bowl, teeming with prehistoric nasties, it opened up a whole new realm of possibilities, both in terms of what’s in there and what may have escaped.”

When asked about his titular Kraken, Hawthorne summed it up succinctly. “The whole ‘monster octopus’ thing is based on real sightings and, of course, they've been featured in many books and films. Heck, there was one on ‘Kong: Skull Island’ recently. I wanted to give my octopuses a new spin. I made them deep-water predators that feed on hunting sperm whales, and I gave them a molecular acid that oozes from their suckers to help them grip slippery prey. It made them ten times more lethal.”

His water-walking raptors, however, were addressed in far more detail. “Again, we’ve seen the ‘raptor’ thing done quite a bit – mainly from such mega-hits as the ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’ franchises. My raptors are imprisoned within Diablo Caldera, an 8-mile-wide saltwater lake with a crescent-shaped rain forest on one end. It’s a relatively small landmass, so big dinosaurs like T-rex were automatically out. I needed something small but lethal and terrifying. Especially since my protagonist, Natalya Dragunova, the Russian-American captain of a US anti-biologic submarine, has an encounter with them. She calls them Messiya yashcheritsa, which means “Messiah lizard”.”

The development of Hawthorne’s water-walking raptors was a long and laborious process. “I put them on the drawing board back in 2005, when I’d just finished the manuscript for my first novel and was mapping out book two. For the sequel, I wanted people to explore Diablo Caldera. It’s where my pliosaurs originated, but I wanted them to discover that the forest there was just as dangerous as the water.”

Hawthorne’s explanation for how his dinosaurs could walk on water was well researched. “I based my design on the basilisk lizard, which can run on water over short distances. With my ‘raptors’ having only limited terrain on which to hunt, it made sense that they would also prowl the shoreline, and that those that were able to venture further out (without being eaten by a pliosaur or X-fish) would pass on the ability to move faster across the shallows to their descendants. Fast forward 65 million years and . . . presto!”

The actual mechanics was a bit more in-depth. “Dromaeosaurs like Deinonychus had three main toes. They ran on two and kept the inner one, with its curved “killing claw”, retracted. I needed mine to run on three toes. They needed the water version of snowshoes to keep from sinking. So, I made the killing claw their dewclaw. Webbed feet would’ve been silly and fragile. Instead I gave them long, specialized scales on their toes that, when they’re on land, are kept retracted, like a tent over each toe. But when they hit the water those scales all push down, giving them plenty of surface area. That way they can run across the surface of their lake like cheetahs, snatching fish as they go. It gives them the entire length and breadth of the caldera to hunt, instead of just a small rain forest.”

Hawthorne’s impressive imagination seems to have no bounds, and his readers obviously love that. Fan approval is at an all-time high, and his presence on social media – like the monsters he writes about – continues to grow.

Kevin Sasaki
Media Representative
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Max Hawthorne’s KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN (volume 3) official book video trailer.

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Announcing Release of Author Joan Nwosu's Non-Fiction Book: ‘iRise: 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down’

Discover the life you want. The life you were dealt. The secrets that connect them.

This book is a must read for all who strive to discover self, heal, improve in all spheres of life, increase their net-worth and impact the world”

— Chinwe Ezeanya

TORONTO, CANADA , August 2, 2020 / — Announcing the Release of Author Joan Nwosu’s Non-Fiction Book: ‘iRise: 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down

Discover the life you want. The life you were dealt. The secrets that connect them.

Toronto, ON – Author, inspirational speaker, business and career coach Joan Nwosu is pleased to announce the release of her highly anticipated non-fiction book, iRise: 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down, now available on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback formats. The book reveals the secrets, lessons learned and strategies for the reader to live an abundant, joyous and fulfilled life, even in the face of adversity.

As a successful black woman, Nwosu has herself experienced the pain of being knocked down by life many times over. Her experiences not only served to make her stronger, but also left her with an important message to share with her readers.

“It's so difficult nowadays for people to achieve the life they actually want. Most of us end up feeling like we have no control – we’re relentlessly being pushed into things we really don’t want to do. If you have that feeling of being trapped and that you’re missing out on the life you truly want, my book will help you turn things around.”

But Nwosu warns that her advice is not easy to follow:

“I’m not offering easy, cookie-cutter type solutions,” she says. “You will need to deal with your past, confront your fears, and prepare to fail again before finding your true path. But if you can stay the course and keep believing in the life you desire, it will all happen with limitless abundance.”

By the end of ‘iRise,’ the reader will understand who they really are, why they are where they are, how to discover their purpose and go on to create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

The book is already receiving rave reviews:

“Joan is an inspiration. Her coaching skills and her branded methodologies revealed in iRise will reset your mind to actually iRise. This book is a must read for all who strive to discover self, heal, improve in all spheres of life, increase their net-worth and impact the world. IRise has explored Joan’s milestones in life and the lessons learned will teach you how.” ~ Chinwe Ezeanya (Author and Entrepreneur.)

About the Author

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Joan Nwosu considers herself a global citizen, having spent the last four decades between Nigeria, United Kingdom and Canada in addition to her exposure to other parts of the world. Having achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Computing from the London Southbank University, she transitioned through a number of careers and industries in Management, Leadership Development, Marketing, Communications, Business Development, and Operations roles with multi-national companies across North America, Europe, and Africa.

The Founder of Joan Nwosu Coaching, which focuses on helping her clients find their purpose and create the meaningful life they love, Nwosu is also the founder of My SoftLanding, an immigration settlement business especially for those seeking to settle in Canada.

She has been featured in Business Africa Online, WhoIsWho Nigeria in Diaspora and nominated for the Women of Inspiration Award 2020.

For more information about this remarkable author, visit her website at More details about ‘iRise: 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down’ are available on Amazon.

Contact Information

Joan Nwosu
Toronto, Canada

Facebook: joannwosucoaching
Instagram: joan_nwosu
Linkedin: joan.nwosu

Joan Nwosu
+1 416-576-6311
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Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Eric Ayala Launches ELA Productions

Eric Ayala,  Award-Winning Writer, Producer

Eric Ayala, Award-Winning Writer, Producer

by Fran Briggs

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 1, 2020 / — Eric L. Ayala is expanding his entertainment platform, his publicist announced today. The multi-award winning screenwriter, director, and author is credited with three new TV pilots, and 12 best-selling books.

With the launching of ELA Productions, Ayala plans to enter more diverse markets and expand globally.

“Eric is a writer for all reasons,” stated an enthusiastic, Cynthia Stillwell of ELA Productions.

To that point, Ayala, who is also an actor, singer, and producer, is widely known for his original screenplays, novels, Netflix contributions and movie productions. At the time of this writing he has received 31 awards for his independent films and screenplays, and is a contender for at least one other.

Ayala is the screenwriter for End Touch Movie's, "Sunday Morning Rapture." The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. End Touch later approached Eric and offered him the screenwriter contract for “Cancer.” The movie is scheduled to be released in 2020, and production of the sequel is underway.

As part of his ELA Production launch, the Atlanta, GA resident has hired a management team for his business, talent, and general operations. That group includes Cynthia Stillwell, Winston G. Williams, and Philip Spartis, respectively.

“Eric is especially gifted. He has assembled an incredibly talented and ambitious team to help meet his objectives,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Eric Ayala. “He is also broadening his marketing and public relation efforts. His aim is to attract the best talent, partnerships, and opportunities.”

For additional information including how you or your group might work with ELA Productions, visit Alternatively, you may call Business Manager, Philip Spartis, 347-279-5139; or Talent Manager, Cynthia Stillwell, (323) 972-7975.


Eric Ayala was Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised and educated in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an award-winning writer; director; author; actor; singer; producer, and CEO of ELA Productions. Eric has been published in three genres. Within each genre, he uses a pseudonym which is a variation of his full name. His first book, “Restoration, (1997)” is categorized as inspirational fiction. In 1998, he wrote, directed and produced the stage play, “Will You Be Made Whole.” This production debuted on stage of the 14th Street Playhouse. The play was followed later that year with what was to become the first in the writer’s Wholeness Series. The book, “Will You Be Made Whole” was followed by the sequel to “Alabaster Box…Two Women One Struggle,” and “If I Should Die Before I Wake.” Under the author's pseudonyms, Erica Lewis and Lewis Ericson, he penned "Arlington Heights" and Darkness in the Mirror" (Erica Lewis); and "Outcast," "Avenging Alex" and "Retribution" (Lewis Ericson).

Forward Looking Statements
A select number of statements in this release are considered “forward-looking statements” as it pertains to the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect the current views of Netflix (the “company”), End Touch Movies (the “company), ELA Productions (the “company), and Eric L. Ayala (the person) with respect to, among other things, the impact of COVID-19.

Fran Briggs
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Online Leadership Summit Inspires Young Minds from Home Nationwide

MC Terry Henderson

Bethany Hamilton

The IYF has over decades of experience in planting hope in the hearts of the youth, and it has never been more important than this year.

ONLINE, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 / — Students flocked to attend the 10th annual IYF World Camp, a youth leadership summit hosted by the International Youth Fellowship, which is a nonprofit organization looking to strengthen emotional and mental fortitude in young people by providing character-development education that addresses mental health issues. This year, due to the circumstances regarding Coronavirus, the camp was held all online.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual youth leadership summit had to move online in suit with many public and private educational curricula”, commented Glen Heil, the Program Director of the IYF Online World Camp. “Along with the overall danger with the virus, many young people have had a hard time during prolong quarantine and experienced ingrained stress from having to undergo social distancing as well as remote schooling. The camp featured interactive, online team challenges and events, motivational lectures by world-class speakers, as well as skills and crafts taught by experts in their field.”

Academy classes where students could like Fitness with instructor Carlos Salas a Calisthenics Master Trainer at Fit Calisthenics in Toronto, Canada, Acting with Instructor Trudy Steibl, the NY Director of the HB Teen Intensive in Acting, Illustration and Comics with Kyle Fewell, a skilled Illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. Motivational Speakers included Jodi Benson, acclaimed Broadway actress and the voice of Disney’s Ariel, Bethany Hamilton, world champion surfer and survivor of a lethal shark attack, and Phil Handy, the assistant coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

About International Youth Fellowship
International Youth Fellowship USA ( is a nonprofit youth organization providing extracurricular activities to young people that facilitate emotional and mental fortitude in the heart, provide character-development education to address mental health issues, and instill global mindedness through cultural exchange. Through programs such as international volunteer trips, community service projects, culture events, premiere musical concerts, and youth leadership summits, IYF wishes to provide an experience where young people can feel good about themselves, young minds are strengthened to overcome the challenges in their lives, and lives are catapulted in a positive direction.

Philemon Yoo
+1 646-907-9854
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Memory Loss Reversed or Abated in Those with Cognitive Decline

Affirmativ Health Logo

Affirmativ Health: enhancing memory through science and lifestyle

Diagram describes contents of the  Affirmativ Health Personal Therapeutic Plan

Affirmativ Health: Personal Therapeutic Plan

Bookcover: Outsmart Your Brain, The Insider's Guide to Life-long Memory

Outsmart Your Brain, The Insider’s Guide to Life-long Memory

Latest research from Affirmativ Health succeeds in treating cognitive decline using personalized, precision medicine.

The findings, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports (Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports 4(1)), are encouraging and indicate that a more extensive clinical study is warranted.”

— Brian K Kennedy, PhD


Affirmativ Health sought to determine whether a comprehensive and personalized program, designed to mitigate risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease could improve cognitive and metabolic function in individuals experiencing cognitive decline. Findings provided evidence that this approach can improve risk factor scores and stabilize cognitive function.

Cognitive decline is a major concern of the aging population. Already, Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 5.4 million Americans and 30 million people globally. Without effective prevention and treatment, the prospects for the future are bleak. By 2050, it is estimated that 160 million people globally will have the disease, including 13 million Americans, leading to potential bankruptcy of the Medicare system. Unlike several other chronic illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise–recent estimates suggest that Alzheimer’s disease has become the third leading cause of death in the United States behind cardiovascular disease and cancer. Since its first description over 100 years ago, Alzheimer’s disease has been without effective treatment. While researchers continue to seek out a cure, it is becoming clear that there are effective treatment options. More and more research supports the conclusion that Alzheimer’s disease is not a disease of only Beta Amyloid plaques and Tao tangles but a complex and systemic disease. In this study of patients with varying levels of cognitive decline, it is demonstrated how a precision and personalized approach results in either stabilization or improvement in memory.

Interventions to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease have been marginally successful at best. This study uses a more comprehensive, personalized approach addressing each participant’s unique risk factors. “The findings, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports (Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports 4(1)), are encouraging and indicate that a more extensive clinical study is warranted", said Brian Kennedy, PhD, Director of The Centre for Healthy Aging, National University Health System, Singapore and Chief Scientific Officer, Affirmativ Health.

The Affirmativ Health scientific team, after thorough review of published research, has developed a comprehensive approach to addressing scientifically supported risk factors that have been rigorously defined as interventions to promote prevention, increased resiliency, and stabilization of brain function in the realm of AD and dementia. Utilizing cutting edge technology in concert with in-person coaching and consultation, we are demonstrating that a multi-modal and personalized approach promotes an improved resiliency and restoration of optimal brain function. The personalized therapeutic program includes genetics, an extensive blood panel, medical history, and lifestyle data to evaluate relevant metabolic risk factors and nutrient levels associated with cognitive health. "Target laboratory levels differ from standard laboratory ranges as the goal is to reach optimized levels for cognitive health", Ginger Schechter, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Affirmativ Health

The study approach considers more than 35 factors known to contribute to cognitive decline. Results demonstrate that certain of those factors are more affected than others again demonstrating the need for a more precise treatment plan. "This study supports the need for an approach that focuses on a one-size fits one, not a one-size fits all, approach that comprehensively assesses all involved risk factors affecting memory loss", Denise M Kalos, CEO Affirmativ Health

In conjunction with the publication of this vital study, and to expose alternative treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, the team at Affirmativ Health has written a book, Outsmart your Brain – an Insider's Guide to Life-Long Memory. “Memory is not something that should diminish with age; you are never too young to start developing healthy habits that can ultimately impact your cognition,” Outsmart Your Brain. This book leverages the foundation of Affirmativ Health's research to deliver a tips and tools guide for the maintenance of good cognitive health. "Far too few people understand how critical lifestyle and dietary choices are for brain function. ‘Outsmart Your Brain’ is an important tool to get this information into the hands of those who should know it, everyone!, in easy-to-understand language", Ryan R. Fortna, MD, PhD, Chief Medical/Scientific Officer, ADx Healthcare.

ABOUT AFFIRMATIV HEALTH: Four years ago, Affirmativ Health was the first to bring the latest health-conscious science to those living with or at risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. By taking a personalized medicine approach, we address an individual’s unique, modifiable medical and lifestyle risk factors tom improve cognition. Affirmativ Health empowers people with the information necessary to take control of their cognitive health. If you are looking for hope that is based in science, please reach out.

ABOUT THE JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE REPORTS (JADR): Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports is an Open Access international multidisciplinary journal to facilitate progress in understanding the etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, genetics, behavior, treatment, and psychology of Alzheimer's disease. The journal publishes research reports, reviews, short communications, hypotheses, and case reports. It provides an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

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