New Book on the Fundamentals of Flourishing Achieves #1 Amazon Bestseller Status on Launch Day

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2020 / — Ignite Press announced this week that Jane Mudgett’s new book, Five Alive: Revitalize Your Life One Small Change at a Time, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon this week in the categories of Aging, Menopause, and Health and Nutrition for Parents!

The book is available on Amazon.

Five Alive reveals the five critical elements of incremental change needed to live a life of happiness and success with the help of Jane Mudgett’s Five Alive philosophy to guide you. In these pages, you will discover how to flourish by focusing on finance, food, fitness, friends, and fun. Learn how to thrive with the help of Five Alive!

“Change is woven into the fabric of our heart.” says Jane. “Our relationships are dynamic, our bodies may morph, our material needs fluctuate, and our curiosity and interests expand and contract. Making improvements in all Five Alive areas has led to greater successes.”

To celebrate the launch of the book, the Kindle version of the book will be on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

Jane Mudgett takes living seriously – sort of. She has a love and zest for travel and has visited all of the United States and all seven continents. Her favorite place is always her last trip. As a 15+ year cancer survivor, her key values are having new experiences and living her life to the fullest.

Jane is a deeply experienced leader, coach and trainer. She’s a Partner at Exceptional Leaders Lab. Over the last 30 years, Jane has facilitated leadership training in the automotive, energy, and financial industries. She is an active community volunteer and regularly presents programs on health and wellness, estate planning, empowering women, financial management and leadership.

Jane’s personal motto is that, “It’s better to have 10 new experiences, than the same experience 10 times.” Jane lives in Tulsa with her husband.

For more details booking information, visit her website.

Malia Sexton
Ignite Press
+1 559-477-4202
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SUAOKI Launched new large-capacity portable power supply "S370"-the first USB Type-C I/O compatible, with 14 ports

SUAOKI S370 Image

SUAOKI S370 Image

SUAOKI S370 Image 2

SUAOKI S370 Image 2

SUAOKI S370 image 3

SUAOKI S370 image 3

The newly released S370 was born in a new outfit with upgrade function as an upgraded model of the S270, which is hot sale more than two years after its release

LOS ANELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2020 / — On December 6, 2019, SUAOKI, a portable power supply brand, launched the S370, a new high-capacity portable power supply product that plays an active role in outdoor and disaster situations.

The newly released S370 was born in a new outfit with upgrade functionality as an upgraded model of the S270 series, which is still very popular, more than two years after its release.

“S370” is currently available at the following stores:
[Sales Price] 349.99 USD
SUAOKI Official Site:

* We are offering products for media/Youtuber introduction articles/video creation. Please contact

[Main features of the new product S370]
・ The market's first USB Type-C output-input support, charging convenience and speed are greatly improved
-Equipped with 14 spare ports, convenient for simultaneous charging of many electrical appliances
-322Wh large capacity but compact and stylish

Supports both USB Type-C output inputs for the first time on the market, greatly improving charging convenience and speed

The biggest feature of the new model “S370” is that it has the first slot for both USB Type-C output and input on the market. It supports a wide range of USB-C compatible devices such as notebook PCs, Android devices, iPhone / iPad, and Nintendo Switch, and can be charged at full speed with a maximum output of 60W.

Since the input is also compatible with PD, the charging method has been increased to 4WAYS. In addition to using conventional AC adapters, cigar sockets, and solar charging, there is no need to worry about being unable to charge the main unit with various charging methods.

Equipped with 14 spare ports, convenient for simultaneous charging of many electrical appliances

AC output (4 ports), DC output (4 ports), USB output (4 ports), Type-C output (1 port), cigar socket output (1 port), a total of 14 output ports, TV, electric blanket Many electric appliances such as in-car rice cookers, notebook PCs and smartphones can be charged at the same time.

322Wh Large capacity but compact and stylish

The S370, which has twice the capacity (322Wh) of the popular product "S270" in the series, has a compact size (24.5 x 15 x 14.5cm) that won't get in the way. With a storage handle, you can easily take it outdoors.

Also, it inherits the classic design style of “S270” red x black, and it becomes an urban outdoor style with added stylishness.

S370 is packed with other useful functions
・ With LED light: Switching between high-intensity lighting mode and SOS lighting mode is useful for work in places where there is no light or in emergencies.
-Sine wave output: Can be used with precision machines (such as ventilators) and microcomputer-controlled electrical products (such as electric blankets).

Detailed information on the new product "S370" can be found at the following store:
SUAOKI Official Site:
* We are offering products for media / Youtuber introduction articles/video creation. Please contact

The SUAOKI brand was born in 2015. We plan and produce and sell portable power supplies, solar power generators (solar panel chargers), car accessories, and outdoor equipment. The large-capacity portable power supplies S270 and G500, and the new product G1000, are very popular in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

We always strive for strict management in the manufacturing process and make every effort to ensure product quality. SUAOKI's goal is to deliver products with higher cost performance and to help everyone in outdoor activities and disaster prevention.

Official site:
Official direct shop:
[Amazon: SUAOKI]:

Official Facebook:
Official Comunity:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:

Bruce Li
+86 135 6030 2295
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Audiobook – "The Orchard: Selected Stories" By Ira Sumner Simmonds

Audiobook of Short Stories

Audiobook of short stories

The stories contain an authenticity that makes them memorable. Most of the experiences are ordinary but through creativity, the author reveals the learning points in each of them.”


BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2020 / — Charles Reardin narrates short stories written by Ira Sumner Simmonds in his new book of short stories, "THE ORCHARD: Selected Stories". Listen to the story of a dog who loves to sail, a foul mouth middle-schooler, crop-raiding monkeys, West Indian hot sauce, coping with Alzheimer's disease, bird-watching, vacationing with elderly parents, to name a few.

Ira Simmonds
Ira S Simmonds
+1 646-554-5551
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Free Downloadable Coloring Book for Kids, Parents, and Teachers Now Available

Created by 23 Illustrators on Behalf of the Children's Book Council.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 29, 2020 / — The Children’s Book Council and Every Child a Reader are happy to announce a free downloadable coloring book created by 23 of today’s most creative children’s book illustrators.

Inspired by the 2020 Children's Book Week theme Read. Dream. Share., these coloring pages can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages as they work and study from home.

The featured arstis are Nabi H Ali, Jessica Boehman, Victoria Cossack, Claudia Dávila, Steve Ellis, Paola Escobar, Xavier Garza, Genevieve Godbout, Maria Gulemetova, Jessica Hische, Johnny Hollick, Sarah Jung, Alex Latimer, Marie Letourneau, Jessica Love, Logan Matthews, Marcos Navarro, Katie O’Neill, Debbie Palen, Greg Pizzoli, Susan Szecsi, Raúl the Third, and Sarah Jane Wright.

Every Child a Reader and the Children’s Book Council will continue to spost downloadable activities and resources in the coming weeks as we support and connect with readers and educators all over the country.

During this time, we especially want to thank the thousands of teachers, librarians, booksellers and parents who continue the daily mission of supporting a love of reading

Carl Lennertz
+1 212-966-1990
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Phil Moser’s “Free and Fearless” Becomes A Source of Inspiration during this Pandemic

Father completes late daughter’s bucket list in her honor and to raise awareness of rare and incurable disease.

HAMILTON, INDIANA , UNITED STATES , March 29, 2020 / — Author Phil Moser’s book provides an inspirational love store between father and daughter and inspires him to complete his late daughter’s bucket list and then writes “Free and Fearless” to inspire others with the same inspiration he received for 32 years. Highly powerful and personal his story is about how a father and daughter bond can be forever. Moser details his close relationship with Brittany from an early age until her passing at age 32. Brittany’s adventurous life takes you on many ups and downs and leaves you wanting more. Moser adds “I want the reader of this book to laugh, cry, and be inspired. But mostly I want to take the reader on a adventure of a lifetime to help put our everyday problems in their proper perspective.”
Moser adds; “ I am writing this book to tell our story, of how Brittany’s short life truly made a difference to e and many others. She taught us
– How precious the one life we have is and how we can affect the people around us.
-How keeping an open mind and a positive attitude can inspire us to do things we never thought possible
-How to move out of what makes us comfortable and into a challenging existence which can turn every day into an exciting gift to be explored
-How not to be controlled by fear, but to use our untouched abilities to seek unique, positive, and inspiring adventures we could never have imagined
-To embrace change as a natural part of life. To enjoy every moment because there is no guarantees in this world
-And finally, we won’t be remembered by our things or our savings, but how we made people feel when we interacted with them
Moser also adds that $1 for every book sold goes the NADF(National Adrenal Disease Foundation) to support and bring awareness to Addison’s disease.

Philip J. Moser
Philip J. Moser
+1 260-336-8261
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Life is Yours to Win – It All Happens in the Mind

Clearing Obstacles

Open your Life Path

Life is yours to win

It all happens in the mind

The Perfect Harmony of the 4 Elements

Sunset on the Nile

Take charge of your fears, thoughts and emotions. Grab a good reading. Enjoy!

The cycle of nature is a piece of clever machinery. Human life is part of this infinite existence that constantly evolves in the interrelations of events.”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos AKIA Philosophy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 29, 2020 / — Life is yours to Win

Although today’s events were clearly foreseen, however, nobody could imagine the vast impact they have already placed on, and continue to affect, the lives of earthlings.
In this trying time keeping the mind fresh and free of further confusion is vital to the much needed mental health.
I am not the first philosopher to observe that the fiercest enemy of mankind is fear. However, not many would take the next step as to figure out the actual origin of this overpowering, omnipresent, life-altering and heart bouncing feeling. Fear is equally in eating or not, walking or not, doing or not, saying or not and having or not. Regardless of the choice one makes, the little devil is always there to doubt the decision. Earthlings have the peculiar idea that making the right decision is vital. However, what they do not comprehend is that every decision one makes is the right one for the given event. The momentary mind-set creates the decision to fit the capabilities of the person. Therefore, every choice one makes is the right one at the time.
Due to the emotions caused by the delicate understanding of happenings, the conscious and the subconscious create filters and gateways through which information comes in and selected.
However, in the genes, earthlings remember. Not only the current one but all the previous lives on Earth and on other planets. There are scientifically proven methods that help in healing and with emotional blockages, such as kinesiology and deep hypnosis, where patients are taken over the bridge, to the past, in an attempt to solve emotional or physical pain of the present. The success of these methods depends on the reading ability of the practitioner, and upon the patient’s openness. It follows the fact that one can only see, whatever one would be able to imagine, therefore, either consciously or subconsciously, understands. This statement might not correspond with the everyday behaviour of the person, for humans put on many layers in order to please others or the imposed requirements of society, workplace and family. In one word, to conquer fear. If a practitioner has problems with seeing past lives on other planets in the physical realm, they will not be able to notice them, and if the patient cannot comprehend the possibility of such life, there is no point in mentioning it.
This understanding is present in the sciences also. A member of this knowledgeable profession learns certain facts about life, past and present, many of them are only assumed or put there for convenience, usually as the starting point. In their work, they apply those criteria regardless, so as to actually narrow the possibilities and the outcome of the discoveries about the past. If you think about it, the past cannot be proven, neither the present, for reality depends on the intelligence and understanding of the person charged with the valuation of certain events. Since the starting point is shaky, due to an ideology, whish or non-proven conclusion, the whole finding will take the turn towards hypothesis rather than real value.
When it comes to mind, there are no general rules to follow. The only fact is given that everything is interrelated. It is the basic and only requirement of the whole universe to exist with Earth and earthlings in it.
The cycle of nature is a piece of clever machinery. Human life is part of this infinite existence that constantly evolves in the interrelations of events. Every living energy has a place in this cycle, humanity included. However, due to the lack of intelligence, earthlings gradually stepped out of it, by imagining that they are above it all, and have the power of ruling, therefore ruining everything. On the other hand, they created God Almighty, who is supposedly in charge of life and death. In this contradictory reality, the responsibility is conveniently shifted over on the shoulders of the Creator, while people of the planet are persistently ruining The Great Work.
This basic contradiction is the root of every confusion, misconception, and misunderstanding in the minds of many.
It is very naïve to think that the mind could be healed by superficial aids such as medication or conventional psychoanalysis. It takes learning, understanding and will power, to get on the path of joyful living. It is time to realize that nothing valuable comes to you without work, for valuable thoughts, understandings and knowledge are hidden. It takes a committed, curious and life-loving earthling to dig for the treasure without being satisfied by the glittery surface.
I have selected 7 good reads for you to ease the solitary confinement or self-isolation we are facing at the moment. They would provide you with great enjoyment, wisdom and above all, help to hang onto your sanity.
Have a nice life!

Zsa Zsa Tudos
AKIA Publishing
+44 7938500960
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OmegaDragon Entertainment Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Osziana, an Expansion for 5e Tabletop RPGs

The God of Magic Coveting the World of Osziana

The World of Osziana

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, ‘Osziana’ takes the Concept of Tabletop RPGs to the Next Level!

BRANSON, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2020 / — OmegaDragon Entertainment has proudly announced the launch of an exciting new tabletop RPG called Osziana. This new massive campaign setting is an entirely new and unique world with its own races, cities, capabilities, technology, rules and much more. Moreover, this new world depicted in the form of a tabletop game will transform the way people play tabletop RPGs in Fifth Edition (5e).

To introduce Osziana to the world and to raise funds and support for this project, OmegaDragon Entertainment has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The game basically began as a passion project and quickly evolved into an entirely new and unique world of fantasy and imagination.

“We are a small group of creative individuals that have been enjoying tabletop RPGs together for nearly a decade, and we owe it to the community of tabletop gamers to gift this to them.” said the spokesperson of OmegaDragon Entertainment, while introducing this project to the Kickstarter community.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and tabletop RPG fans from around the world can become a part of this new fantasy world by making generous pledges and donations. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of US$ 4,500 and the entertainment company is offering a wide range of rewards for the backers with worldwide shipping. Furthermore, all funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will play a major role in the release of this game and more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About This Project
Osziana is an upcoming tabletop RPG by OmegaDragon Entertainment, a US based company founded by a small group of creative individuals. This game is not only a campaign but also features a complete imaginary world for the fans of games such as Dungeons and Dragons, etc. Moreover, the game is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and backers can find out more by pledging and donations.

Contact Person: Zachary Wamsley
Company: OmegaDragon Entertainment
City: Branson
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Phone: 4175989011

Zachary Wamsley
OmegaDragon Entertainment
+1 4175989011
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Osziana: An Exciting new Campaign Setting for 5e

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Fran Briggs Releases Best of Spring Reading, 2020

Fran Briggs, American Journalist

Fran Briggs, American Journalist

List includes authors from Canada to USA; to Asia and the U.K.

The list includes novice and best selling authors, alike. It pays homage to the authors’ vision; subject; creativity; impact, and influence.”

— Fran Briggs

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 27, 2020 / — For book lovers, every spring is an exciting one. American Journalist, Fran Briggs recently recognized ten books as among the best of spring reading, 2020. The annual promotion puts the spotlight on a select group of emerging and established authors from Los Angeles, to New York; to the U.K., and Asia.

The spring reading list is organized by title, publisher, author, a short synopsis of each book, and a link for additional information and purchase. Genres include health and wellness; science-fiction; children’s; mystery; humor; spiritual, and suspense.

“Every quarter, I share ten books which depict talent and diversity within the literary world,” explained Briggs. “The list includes novice and best selling authors, alike. It pays homage to the authors’ vision; subject; creativity; impact and influence,” she concluded.

Below are the ten selections. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. Drau: Blood (Ingram Spark) by Elizabeth Stephens. The disgraced House of Dhal-Marrah may be able to prevent the coming storm but to do so they will need to face an enemy whose hatred knows no bounds.

2. From the Barrio to the Board Room: Second Edition (Writers of the Round Table Press) by Dr. Robert Renteria. The author’s journey from East L.A. and gang and drug life to becoming VP of a publicly traded company, owner of his own businesses and now his work as a civic leader, empowering our nation's youth to stay in school, out of gangs and off drugs. Available at

3. The Key to Survival by Daniel M. Warloch (Amazon)
The story begins when twelve-year-old Jake Hollywood finds an envelope on his way to school one morning. Unexplainably, he feels it is drawing him towards it and he bends to pick it up. Then, it happens…

4. Our Red Skies: Free-spirited African American adventurers who know no boundaries ( by Pamela C. Rice. Real adventurers have a sixth sense, a necessary intuitive tool to achieve the task at hand. It’s called survival.

5. The Secret Summer Field Trip ( by Pamela C. Rice. Andy tells the story of a magical adventure with friends during one summer vacation.

6. Drain ThatPain (Amazon) by Joanna Cameron Drain ThatPain presents a new concept-a holistic energy technique for chronic pain elimination using active imagination.

7. Jaguar Jungle (Amazon) by Jim Ward. In this riveting and catapulting enthraller, a high-stakes land grab for the Amazon, war breaks out between the tribes and the miners. http://www.

8. Blindly In Love: The Red Lair Book 1 (Indie) by Kelanie Black Blind from birth, Dante is his own worst enemy. Adrift in life, Cassie is looking for more. Both look for happiness in all the wrong places. When they meet at The Red Lair, the two learn who they are to each other, and to themselves.

9. Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series (Dr. Dawn Menge ) by Dr. Dawn Menge . A multi-award winning children book series of adventure. Available at

10. The Yellow Fever Revenge (Indie) by Jackie Ross Flaum. As the yellow fever devastates towns on its march up the Mississippi River to Memphis, Elizabeth McAlister learns her rapist is in town and plots revenge in a time of plague.

Fran Briggs
+1 928-275-1642
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Medical Publishing 2020 Global Market – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts 2025

WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On –“ Medical Publishing 2020 Global Market – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts 2025”.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, March 27, 2020 / —

Medical Publishing Market 2020


Publishing is the dissemination of literature, music, or information.Medical publishing is the dissemination of information in the medical field.

Digital publishing has gained prominence because of its benefits, including the instant availability of medical articles, real-time updates on already published articles, and secure access to articles. Furthermore, these publications can include video summaries that make the content even more engaging and easy to grasp. These factors have eliminated the need to attend medical conferences or other such programs to access medical content.
In 2018, the global Medical Publishing market size was xx million US$ and it is expected to reach xx million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during 2019-2025.

A detailed review has been carried out that showcases the latest trends and modes that are prevalent in the industry. A brief informative overview of the product or service market has been provided that defines and describes the market. The report also mentions the volume and value of the product/service at the global level, regional level and company level. From a broad perspective, this extensive study represents the overall market size by analyzing historical data and prospects.

Get a Sample Report @

For more information or any query mail at

Major Key Players Listed Are:

IBM Corp.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
RELX Group Plc
Springer-Verlag GmbH
Wolters Kluwer NV.

Drivers & Risks

The market dynamics that are molding the Medical Publishing market are presented which offers an analysis of the volume trends and historical price data and figures of the product. The number of potential growth factors such as the risks, drivers, constraints, challenges, and opportunities is estimated to get an overall grasp of the global market. The growing innovations nowadays and the rise in the global demand and supply of the product/service and the numerous policies regulated by the government are also highlighted in the report.

Regional description

The market forecast of the Medical Publishing market is analyzed not only on a global basis but also on a regional level. A prospective study has been conducted, depending on the demographic changes for understanding the real-time market scenario. The market players have been observed for analyzing their potential in the present as well as in the forecast period. The report concentrates on the regions wherein the market is focused such as the Middle East & Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America.

Method of research

The main aim of the report is to provide an analysis of the Medical Publishing market during the periods as mentioned and the parameters of the report have been analyzed based on Porter’s Five Force Model. Apart from this, the data experts use the SWOT analysis, with the help of which the research experts are able to give accurate details about the Medical Publishing market. All these research approaches help to analyze the global market that in turn helps to identify the main strengths, risks, opportunities and weaknesses of the product/service market.

Enquiry About Report @

Table of Contents – Major Key Points

1 Report Overview
1.1 Study Scope
1.2 Key Market Segments
1.3 Players Covered
1.4 Market Analysis by Type
1.4.1 Global Medical Publishing Market Size Growth Rate by Type (2014-2025)
1.4.2 Open Access Model
1.4.3 Subscription-based Model
1.5 Market by Application
1.5.1 Global Medical Publishing Market Share by Application (2019-2025)
1.5.2 Journals
1.5.3 Print Books
1.5.4 E-books
1.6 Study Objectives
1.7 Years Considered

12 International Players Profiles
12.1 IBM Corp.
12.1.1 IBM Corp. Company Details
12.1.2 Company Description and Business Overview
12.1.3 Medical Publishing Introduction
12.1.4 IBM Corp. Revenue in Medical Publishing Business (2014-2019))
12.1.5 IBM Corp. Recent Development
12.2 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
12.2.1 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Company Details
12.2.2 Company Description and Business Overview
12.2.3 Medical Publishing Introduction
12.2.4 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Revenue in Medical Publishing Business (2014-2019)
12.2.5 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Recent Development
12.3 RELX Group Plc
12.3.1 RELX Group Plc Company Details
12.3.2 Company Description and Business Overview
12.3.3 Medical Publishing Introduction
12.3.4 RELX Group Plc Revenue in Medical Publishing Business (2014-2019)
12.3.5 RELX Group Plc Recent Development
12.4 Springer-Verlag GmbH
12.4.1 Springer-Verlag GmbH Company Details
12.4.2 Company Description and Business Overview
12.4.3 Medical Publishing Introduction
12.4.4 Springer-Verlag GmbH Revenue in Medical Publishing Business (2014-2019)
12.4.5 Springer-Verlag GmbH Recent Development
12.5 Wolters Kluwer NV.
12.5.1 Wolters Kluwer NV. Company Details
12.5.2 Company Description and Business Overview
12.5.3 Medical Publishing Introduction
12.5.4 Wolters Kluwer NV. Revenue in Medical Publishing Business (2014-2019)
12.5.5 Wolters Kluwer NV. Recent Development


Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe. Wise Guy Reports features an exhaustive list of market research reports from hundreds of publishers worldwide. We boast a database spanning virtually every market category and an even more comprehensive collection of market research reports under these categories and sub-categories.

email us here

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Pedro Iniguez announces the release of his dark horror cyberpunk collection Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks.

Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks

Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks

Pedro Iniguez’s new collection Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks will leave you inspired, unsettled or just plainly horrified but willentertain you.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 26, 2020 / — Pedro Iniguez announces the release of his dark horror cyberpunk collection Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks.

London – Santiago – Los Angeles, 03/25/2020

Amidst the pandemic and forced quarantine across the world today, you might wonder what are you gonna do with all this ‘free’ time on your hands? Well, we have a solution now. Pedro Iniguez’s new collection Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks will leave you inspired, unsettled or just plainly horrified but is sure to entertain you at the very least.

Pedro Iniguez says, “The stories in this collection all have something to say to whoever will stop and listen for a while. They inhabit the realms of Science-Fiction and Horror. Others exist in that dark space where the line is blurred. They are intended as either reflections or warnings. Some offer hope while others have more sinister motives. They are just as unpredictable as humanity. And that’s the point of fiction. It’s the metaphorical funhouse mirror that reflects the best and worst in all of us; individually and as a whole.”

About the author
Pedro Iniguez has had a love of speculative fiction, art, and film since childhood. His fiction and poetry can be found in publications such as Space and Time Magazine, Crossed Genres, Altered Sates II, and Writers of Mystery and Imagination. His cyberpunk novel, “Control Theory,” was released in 2016 and he is currently working on his second book. He lives in Eagle Rock, California.

General information
Synthetic Dawns & Crimson Dusks is available to buy from 25th March, the book is available on the online bookseller – Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

Contact Details
For more information contact the publisher Indie Authors Press through their website For review copies (ebook only) please send an email via our contact page.
Twitter: @Indie__Authors

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon at the following links:

Jorge Salgado-Reyes
Indie Authors Press
+56 967410375
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Pedro Iniguez getting his copy

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