Renaissance Dad Barry Gold Returns to CUTV News Radio in a Brand New Show

SUFFERN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2018 / — F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “There are no second acts in American lives." Barry Gold intends to prove him wrong.

Barry Gold is the author of the forthcoming memoir Renaissance Dad: A Memoir of Fatherhood, which details his journey from “the youngest guy in the coronary ICU to the oldest guy with a newborn.”

Gold was 62 when his son Richard was born. Now 72, Gold reflects on his remarkable circumstances, sharing his story to prove it’s never too late to start again.

“Being a father has been the only constant in my life,” says Gold, “but becoming a father again at 62 was a spiritual rebirth. That’s why I call it a ‘renaissance.’”

Gold is sharing his story to prove it’s never too late to start again.

“I prefer to think of it as running life backwards,” says Gold.

And the ball keeps bouncing. Though he and his wife are divorcing, Gold says he remembers thinking “ah, another Renaissance: a 72-year-old single father of a 10-year-old boy.”

“I’ve since changed the book to incorporate an appropriate degree of irony. Nothing is forever. Don’t relish it just get on with your life and keep writing. I think I’ve make an attempt to understand myself.”

After 18 years of marriage, Gold says he is actually looking forward to being single again.

“I realize I had a very rich life in terms of experience and responsibility and I find myself even in retirement, busy. I don’t know what’s pushing me, but I’m certainly motivated,” says Gold. “I’m blessed with good health and vitality. I have visions of waking up in Prague, Czech Republic, or London, or Germany, and all I have to do is sit down in front of a manuscript and think what thoughts I can add to the story.

CUTV News Radio will feature Barry Gold in an interview with Jim Masters on October 18th at 11am EST.

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Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin Offers Viable and Lucrative Projects at AFM

Image: Bruce Edwin courtesy of

Starpower Management Party with actor Mel Novak and Fashion Models courtesy of

Moira Cue, courtesy of Starpower Management and

Production Company Starpower Management will attend this years 2018 American Film Market, offering 10 new viable and lucrative film properties to investors.

Starpower Management recognizes The American Film Market as one of the most important events of its kind in the world.”

— Bruce Edwin; CEO, Starpower Management

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, October 16, 2018 / — Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin is pleased to announce that his company will attend the 2018 American Film Market, offering 10 new viable and lucrative film properties to investors, in multiple genres.

More information about the offerings for serious investors can be found by contacting the company at +1-310-226-7176, or by e-mail at

One of the leading film industry events in the world, the 2018 American Film Market (AFM), begins October 31st, and runs until November 7th. During this time, more than reportedly 7,000 filmmakers, production companies, and financiers attend the annual summit in Santa Monica, California where they will network, finance, buy and sell motion picture packages. The AFI Fest is the official market partner of AFM, where some of the industry’s top new films screen that are available for purchase, distribution, and awards.

About Starpower Management

Starpower Management is a multi-million dollar motion picture production, management, publishing, and public relations entertainment company headed by film and music industry veteran and CEO Bruce Edwin. Recognized as one of the most powerful entertainment boutique companies in the world, the company represents over 10 billion dollars worth of deals in the areas of master works of fine art, literary property, runway and fashion models, celebrities, Grammy Award winners, entertainment companies, billionaires, and small businesses among more. More information can be found at the website

About Hollywood Sentinel

The Hollywood Sentinel official website of publishes “only the good news,” and features weekly and at times daily new content including interviews with stars and opinion leaders from all areas of the arts. The publication gives free help to those aspiring in Hollywood, and teaches “positive thinking,” avoiding traps of the ego, and “doing good for ourselves and others.” The current issue of Hollywood Sentinel features exclusive interviews with film and TV stars Tracy Reiner, Donny Most, 5 Time Grammy Award Winner Devine Evans, and New York Times contributing writer Nomi Prins, among others. The Archives version of the entertainment news site can be found at

About Bruce Edwin

CEO of Starpower Management, founding publisher of Hollywood Sentinel, Bruce Edwin Productions, and Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations, Bruce Edwin represents companies with dozens of Oscar Winning, Golden Globe Winning, Grammy winning stars, and famous Master Works of Fine Art in private collection, among more. Formerly representing Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, he began his Hollywood entertainment career as a Reader for Lakeshore Entertainment and Production Assistant at the TV show EXTRA! Prior to that, he worked as a model and talent agent, booker, and scout. Prior to that, he self published his own music and film publication, distributed world wide by Tower Records, through which he interviewed and photographed many stars. Bruce holds a B.A. in film Production from Columbia College of Chicago, with immersive training on lot at CBS Studio City, and a focus on Producing / Cinematography, and Film History and Aesthetics. Visit:


Bruce Edwin has received written commendations from the offices of some of the greatest film studios, record labels, movie stars, and pop and rock stars on the planet, as well as numerous billionaires and charitable organizations.


A vegetarian for over 20 years, Bruce has been active for years in valuable causes for animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection. Deeply passionate about all areas of the arts, Bruce states, "Music, film, art, fashion, dance, beauty, nature; these are the things that give my life meaning and fill my spirit. The creation and celebration of art, beauty, and the spirit in all artistic forms is what I have dedicated my life to full time since I was a teenager. That has never changed. I am very blessed and thankful to do what I do for a living, and I thank everyone that has given me their business, their kindness, trust and care." Bruce resides in Los Angeles, where in his spare time enjoys all areas of the arts, swimming, mountain hiking, and martial arts.

Public Service Announcement

Starpower Management states that the only official and legitimate contact for the company founded in the late 1990's are the links in this official press release herein, the number of 310-226-7176, and those listings, contacts, and profiles headed by Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin. Any other entities or social media profiles using the companies names or language found online other than these listings herein are fake.

Charitable Work

Bruce Edwin wrote the report partly used by the California State Assembly for the last new law concerning model and talent agents, managers, and acting schools to help better protect children from sexual abuse. He has for years worked with both city, state and federal authorities in his provable successes in fighting child sex trafficking. He gives free advice to parents on keeping kids safe, and also free advice to teenagers and young adults on how to succeed in Hollywood and stay safe.

Free Help for Kids and Artists

Those seeking free advice on keeping kids safe in Hollywood, or any other free advice on success in the entertainment industry from a positive, moral perspective can call the companies public line at 310-226-7176.

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Bruce Edwin Official Video of Hollyweird Episode 1 starring Michael Lohan and Moira Cue

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Dr. Srikumar Rao of the Rao Institute to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

COMMACK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2018 / — The human predicament: we want to be happy, to be free of suffering, but invariably we find there is still something a little bit off with our life. We live our entire lives desperately striving but never reaching. We're unhappy with our career choice, in our relationships, with our finances. We are always finding that we’re not where we’d like to be, and it detracts from our ability to be truly happy, peaceful, and content.

Dr. Srikumar Rao is an executive coach, motivational speaker and founder of the Rao Institute. Dr. Rao has helped thousands of executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world achieve quantum leaps in effectiveness, resiliency and overall happiness through his Creativity and Personal Mastery program.

"This course will profoundly change your life, and if it doesn't, we've both failed,” says Dr. Rao.

Today, Dr. Rao’s Creativity and Personal Mastery remains the only business school course in the world to have its own alumni association. The course shows students how to discover their unique purpose, creativity and happiness, through individual and group work and a different philosophical orientation.

“We believe we live in the real world, but we don't,” explains Dr. Rao. “We live in a real world, not the real world. The world we live in is a world that we have constructed through our mental models, and this is actually a hugely liberating thought. If you're living in the real world and you don't like it, you have to grin and bear it, but if you're living in a real world you’ve constructed, and you don't like it, there's hope. You can deconstruct the parts of it you don't like and build it up again. My program teaches you how to do this.”

Dr. Rao was inspired to develop the course through personal experience.

“There was a time in my life when I wasn’t really enjoying what I did and I felt stuck,” says Dr. Rao. “I got the idea to collect the teachings of the world's great masters, strip them of their religious and cultural connotations, and adapt them so they're acceptable to intelligent people in a post-industrial society. The thought of doing something like that made me come alive. I created the course and the rest is history.”

According to Dr. Rao, the great masters of the world completely understood the human predicament and developed solutions that have been tested over millennia and they absolutely work. However, they spoke in the language and used examples that were relevant to the time and geography that they were in. The concepts are valid, but not the examples or the way in which they were put down. Dr. Rao has sought to address this problem.

“This has everything to do with our relationship to ourselves,” says Dr. Rao. “Any time you get into the habit of comparing yourself with someone else, that is a sure path to misery. You're unique, you're you, there's never going to be another person like you. This is not something to be proud of. Or ashamed of. It is simply something to accept and when you do, you experience a feeling of lightness.”

“We spend enormous time and emotional energy in putting up a mask because we want to be perceived in a particular way. And we frequently have no clue that our effort is failing. This is draining. We only recognize how enervating it is when we put down our mask,” explains Dr. Rao.

His programs show you how weighty your mask is and how you can put it down.

Dr. Rao is the author of Are You Ready to Succeed: Unconventional Strategies for Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life (2006).

“I really believe that I am the trustee for this information that was articulated by these giants,” says Dr. Rao. “My job is to make the transmission of this information as clear and powerful as I can and get my self out of the way. I am proud of being a good instrument.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Srikumar Rao in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on October 17th and November 14th at 11am ET and with Jim Masters on October 24th and November 7th at 11am ET.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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Dr. Constantine Zois to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

UNION, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2018 / — Dr. Constantine Zois has accomplished a lot in his field (Meteorology) and his life. He retired at nearly 80 years old from a career at Kean College that spanned 50 years and included time as an educator (Professor), researcher, Department founder/Chair, and the author of several workbooks, critical papers, a Doctoral Thesis on the Newark Heat Island, and lab manuals. He credits a lot of it to his mother.

Dr. Zois’ mom was no scientist, but she was literary, and penned hundreds of poems. She was also an intellectual, who helped stir her son’s inquisitive side, and the owner of a cottage by the water in New Jersey. This is where Dr. Zois first discovered his love of the surrounding climate—the ebb and flow of the ocean, the fluctuations in the temperature, and the moods of the sky, as reflected by the clouds.

One of Dr. Zois’ several books is considered a coffee table book, and it’s also the one he dedicated to his daughter, who passed on way too young due to a heart condition. Cloud Anthology (2011) is a collection of stunning photos of the clouds that Constantine Zois took (photography, hiking and fishing are among his hobbies.) Cloud Anthology could also be considered educational, as the book explains the different types of cloud formations and has been admired by students and teachers as well as the general public.

Dr. Zois’ chosen field of Meteorology (the science of the earth’s atmosphere and climate) sprung from his love of Math. He says we don’t realize how intricately math and complex calculations are involved in Meteorology. From his fourth-grade teacher who dwelled on climate and weather, to Mr. Strasberg, a Math teacher at Central High in Newark, many educators helped pique his interest and shape Dr. Zois’ future career. Students, too, are part of learning, the retired professor says, as they make us ponder and do research to resolve their inquiries.

Studying Meteorology tells us about the climate, today, tomorrow and in the past, and might be a clue to the climate change issue. Dr. Zois says that climate change is real, and that it is warmer now than 100 or 1,000 years ago. And even a million years ago, when our planet was entirely frozen over and known as Snowball Earth. The temperature will surely continue to shift, Dr. Zois says, but anyone who says they know exactly what will be happening 100 years from now is just whistling in a cave.

That expression is typical of the humor that keeps Dr. Zois going. He says being positive, knowing how to laugh, and being smart about risk (e.g. don’t take up skydiving) are some keys to longevity. He is going to share more wisdom and laughs on his radio show. Please join in, as we celebrate Dr. Zois as a scientist, educator, author, hobbyist and all-around great guy.

CUTV News will feature Dr. Constantine Zois, Meteorology Professor and Author, in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday, October 15th at 3:00pm EDT

Listen to the Show on BlogTalkRadio

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IT Governance ottiene la certificazione ISO 27001 e BS 10012

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 15, 2018 / — Certification Europe ha ricertificato IT Governance allo standard di sicurezza delle informazioni ISO 27001 che, per la prima volta al mondo, ha permesso di ottenere anche la certificazione BS 10012.

In questo modo, IT Governance ha ottenuto ciò che poche organizzazioni di tutto il mondo possono fare: allinearsi ad un quadro completo di conformità in materia di protezione dei dati che fornisca una garanzia solida ai propri clienti e fornitori.

Ciò è stato reso possibile nel corso di un audit di ricertificazione del proprio ISMS (sistema di gestione della sicurezza delle informazioni) rispetto ai requisiti dello standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013. L’audit è stato condotto da Certification Europe, che ha rilevato come IT Governance fosse anche conforme ai requisiti e controlli contenuti in BS 10012, lo standard per un sistema di gestione delle informazioni personali (PIMS).

Alan Calder, fondatore e presidente esecutivo di IT Governance, ha dichiarato: “Si tratta di una pietra miliare per l’azienda, che dimostra il nostro impegno nell’intraprendere i passi necessari per sviluppare ed implementare un sistema di gestione delle informazioni personali. In un ambiente sempre più regolamentato, IT Governance è orgogliosa di superare le aspettative dei suoi clienti in ambito di trasparenza, efficienza operativa e conformità”.

Sebbene oltre 33.000 organizzazioni in tutto il mondo abbiamo ottenuto la certificazione ISO 27001, lo standard BS 10012 è relativamente nuovo e, ad oggi, non esiste uno schema di certificazione accreditato. Poiché BS 10012 è stato sviluppato per allinearsi ad altri sistemi di gestione, come ISO 27001, è logico incorporare i controlli richiesti nel ISMS. La certificazione ISO 27001, insieme a quella BS 10012, consente alle organizzazioni non soltanto di dimostrare la conformità ai requisiti del Regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati, GDPR (e le altre leggi in materia di protezione dei dati), ma anche ai requisiti di sicurezza delle informazioni, definiti come le misure tecniche ed organizzative richieste dall’Articolo 32 del GDPR.

Cos’è lo standard BS 10012?

Si tratta dello standard inglese che delinea le specifiche per un sistema di gestione delle informazioni personali (PIMS). È stato sviluppato per aiutare le organizzazioni a rispettare i requisiti relativi alla protezione dei dati imposti da leggi come il GDPR.

Cos’è lo standard ISO 27001?

È lo standard internazionale che fornisce un quadro comprovato di gestione della sicurezza delle informazioni. Utilizza un insieme integrato di policy, procedure, documenti e tecnologie raccomandate sotto forma di un ISMS. Scopri qui come lo standard ISO 27001 ti aiuta a raggiungere la conformità al GDPR.

Per maggiori informazioni su come IT Governance può aiutare la tua azienda ad implementare un ISMS conforme ISO 27001 o ad ottenere la certificazione allo Standard, visita il sito web, invia un’email a o chiama il numero 0 800 48 484 484.

Liam Papworth
IT Governance
+ 44 3338007000
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Paula Apro of Mariposa Energy to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ROCKLAND, MAINE, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2018 / — Most of us are aware what stress can to our body on a physical level and how dangerous it is, but it’s not so easy to figure out how to reduce stress in our life.

Paula Apro is the founder of Mariposa Energy, an energy medicine practice dedicated to healing your body and mind to look and feel better naturally.

“Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly and the butterfly is the ultimate symbol of transformation,” says Paula. “After experiencing such a profound personal transformation, I’ve been called to share my story and my knowledge in hopes of helping others.”

Our bodies are made of energy. Just like our blood should flow without blockage throughout our vessels, so should the body’s energies flow unhindered. When these energies become stagnant or blocked, illness and disease result. Energy Medicine balances and restores your body’s natural energies. According to Paula, when these energies are in balance and flowing properly, it can increase your vitality and optimize your health.

“Everything we need to heal ourselves and be healthy is right within us,” says Paula. “All of the answers are inside, as well as the power to heal ourselves. All we need to do is tap into the energy.”

Energy Medicine has ancient roots and draws heavily from Eastern health practices and disciplines such as acupuncture, yoga, and qi gong. It is both a complement to other medical practices and a complete system for self-care. Energy Medicine can also be preventative. By recognizing energy disruptions before symptoms appear, the energy problem can be corrected rather than allowed to progress into physical illnesses.

Paula recalls she suffered from severe stress for most of her adult life, not due to a particularly difficult job or even a particularly difficult life, but rather her genetic makeup. She experienced a profound trauma when she was young, losing her mother at a very early age, leaving her hyper-sensitive, with all systems in her body on hyper-alert. Living like that has been somewhat of a curse, until she learned how to turn it into a blessing and use this high level of sensitivity to read, not only her own body’s energies, but also those of her clients. Paula is able to talk directly to a person’s subconscious to uncover the root causes of what is ailing them.

“Simple things in life were a little bit too much for me to deal with. It turned into lots of medical problems, the biggest one being severe neck pain and pinched nerves, which was somewhat debilitating for me for many years until I finally I sought real medical help.”

Following surgery to her neck.

After an 18-month recovery following neck surgery, Paula’s pain returned.

“I just didn’t understand why everyone else that had the same type of surgery healed and I did not. That’s when I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has been a vital part of my transformation. I got very interested in the power inside me to heal myself without surgery, and without prescription drugs. It was profound. There is no limit to what you can do if you know how to control your mind. It’s just so powerful that I feel like I want to change the world.”

Paula’s miraculous success led her to pursue a career in this field. Today, Paula practices Eden Energy Medicine, developed by Donna Eden, one of the pioneers in energy medicine, as well as The Emotion Code ™ developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

“What brings people to me is how truly passionate and excited I am to help them,” says Paula. “Energy medicine is a commitment to put the work and the effort into healing yourself. I am not a healer, I cannot heal you, however I can teach you and help you heal yourself. I want people to know that they can take control over their own health.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Paula Apro in an interview with Jim Masters on October 16th at 11am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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For more information on Mariposa Energy

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Dr. Kim Redman of Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc. and Go Quantum™ Programs to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

AURORA, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 11, 2018 / — Talent is the icing on the cake. The cake is your skill set. In order to build a cake you need a recipe. So whatever happened to mentorship? It used to be we could rely on someone to take us under their wing and show us the recipe and how to avoid the pitfalls, but we don't do that as much today. Where is someone going to pick up the skill sets to hold space as a leader, build a cake, and let our talent shine? What are those skills?

Dr. Kim Redman is a Master Trainer of Leaders, Conscious CEOs, Results Coaches and the founder of Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc. and her Go Quantum™ Programs, where she empowers leaders to empower others, and launches them into becoming experts in their field. Creatrix specializes in personal growth for business success, Quantum Leadership™ and empowerment with Ancient Wisdom secrets.

“We studied the Ancient Wisdoms all over the world to identify the core competencies, behaviors and skill sets of leaders,” says Dr. Redman. “We're working with passion and we're working with purpose and creating legacy. We wake people up from the ‘Matrix’ and ask, ‘What do you need to step out and live your dream to be happy, healthy, and wealthy?’”

Creatrix works with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching at the board designation levels from basic practitioner up to institute levels valid in over 38 countries.

“When we're talking about Go Quantum™, we're talking about the influence you can have to empower the people around you,” says Dr. Kim Redman. “The world is changing. We need compassionate voices out there, especially as it applies to women and power. We show people the recipes for compassionate action and success.”

According to Dr. Redman, since most leadership positions have traditionally been held by men, women have been learning leadership skills as men do, and women’s brains are different. Women need to approach leadership from a more authentic place and a place that is more aligned to how women’s minds and brains work.

“Women, once we become mothers, there's an automatic conflict in the societal programming between who you're supposed to be as a mother and who you're supposed to be as an entrepreneur. There's no dialogue about how you can be both without compromising those roles,” says Dr. Kim Redman. “Leadership needs many skills; strategic, tactical, power, and being really present. Most of us are in this place where we're totally not present. The reticular system of our brains has the wrong focus. We're running arguments with people that happened three years ago, or running a grocery list for later on. We're in the future or we're in the past, we're not right in front of where we need to be. And if we're going to lead, you have to pay attention to where you are in the moment in order to have an impact.”

Creatrix Go Quantum™ programs are about learning to rebuild trust with our unconscious minds as we insert the correct ‘apps’ to be more mindful, more aware, and more successful, as we build sustainable futures out in the world.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Kim Redman in an interview with Jim Masters on October 16th and October 23rd at 2pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on October 30th at 2pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Creatrix Go Quantum™ programs, visit

The Sisterhood Folios: The Balancing Act is available on Amazon

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Crash: From Appice to Peart to Van Halen by David Frangioni

by David Frangioni

SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA, October 11, 2018 / — This illustrated history details a one-of-a-kind, personal collection of iconic drum kits as they appeared on rock ‘n’ roll’s biggest stages.

San Rafael, CA – October 10, 2018 – “Crash: From Apprice to Peart To Van Halen,” is a new hardcover book illustrating iconic rock and jazz drum kits. Award-winning author, audio engineer, and drummer David Frangioni profiles legendary drummers from Ringo Starr, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith), Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath), Eric Singer and Peter Criss (KISS), Zac Starkey (the Who), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Alex Van Halen (Van Halen), and many more with an inside look at their custom kits complemented by exclusive photography from photographer Mark Weiss, a foreword from Carl Palmer, and an afterword by Eric Singer.

“Crash” is an insider’s tour of author David Frangioni’s collection of some of the most famous drum kits in rock ‘n’ roll and jazz history. More than a historical reference, the book’s spectacular photography gives an up-close-and-personal view of many rare drum kits which were amassed over decades of live tours, road shows, behind-the-scene sessions, and recording studio moments — the like of which has never before been assembled.

Detailing 30 drummers and over 60 drum kits and the personal connection between the artists and their instruments, readers can dive into the significance of both on rock history and music trends from the 1960s through present day. With “Crash,” readers can study the artistry and graphics, specifications, autographs, and wear-and-tear of the drum kits up close — from the mirror-ball finish on Eric Singer’s kit from several KISS tours, the Drum Workshop Collector’s Series custom acrylic kit played by Zac Starkey at the Super Bowl in 2010, to the “dog-and-human-face graphic” on the bass drum Joey Kramer’s kit from the Aerosmith’s Nine Lives tour.

Frangioni curated the collection displayed in “Crash” throughout his career as a drummer and renowned audio consultant and engineer, in part through personal relationships with many of the drummers which brings insight into their talent and passions described in the book. In the foreword by ELP & Asia drummer (Modern Drummer Magazine’s 1989 Hall of Famer) Carl Palmer, describes “Crash” as “one of the most important collections of drums kits in the world—truly one of a kind.”

“‘Crash’ puts drummers and their equipment on center-stage for enthusiasts, history buffs, and music fans to explore,” said Frangioni. “This book champions each drummer and what they brought to rock, plus the extraordinary details of memorable kits. ”

“Crash: From Apprice to Peart to Van Halen” is published by Insight Editions and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author
David Frangioni is an award-winning veteran of the music industry, with expertise ranging from being a drummer and producer himself, to a renowned audio consultant, installer, and recording engineer. Starting out as a drummer as a teen and establishing his own audio consulting business put him on the map with Aerosmith and led to his work with music icons including the Stones, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Sting, Bryan Adams, Journey, Styx, Phil Collins, Shakira, Rascal Flatts, Ozzy Osbourne, and Chick Corea.
David has authored two books under his company Frangioni Media including his books Icon and Crash, and continues working in the industry at his company Audio One as well as the Frangioni Foundation and All Access IDA.

Laura Shubel
Caster Communications
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Kym Whitley Releases Steamy Debut Novel: Readers Get Lessons in Love, Lust, and Self-Worth

The Delusion of Cinderella

The Delusion of Cinderella by Kym Whitley

Kym Whitley

Comedian Kym Whitley, author of The Delusion of Cinderella

Kym Whitley’s The Delusion of Cinderella is a “Can’t-Put-It-Down” book according to Sybil Wilkes (Tom Joyner Morning Show)

not only is she taking you on an erotic journey, she goes deeper into the psyche of women who are broken in spirit… Kym takes you on a hilarious, hot and sometimes heart wrenching ride.”

— Sherri Shepherd

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2018 / — In August comedian Kym Whitley released her first novel, The Delusion of Cinderella, which chronicles how a young woman’s obsession with her lover drives her into an emotionally destructive path.

According to Sherri Shepherd, “Kym has done it again… not only is she taking you on an erotic journey, she goes deeper into the psyche of women who are broken in spirit. I loved the journey into realizing that Cinderella is a fairytale but loving yourself is real. Kym takes you on a hilarious, hot and sometimes heart wrenching ride. I couldn’t put my friend’s book down.”

One of The Delusion of Cinderella’s readers wrote, “Kym Whitley has done a fantastic job of telling a story that is funny, real, thought-provoking, and heartfelt.” Kym hopes that readers will enjoy the emotional rollercoaster. Whitley says, “we teach our daughters about how to protect themselves sexually but we need to also teach them how to protect their heart.”

A young woman’s obsession with her lover drives her into an emotionally destructive path. She learns the hard way that Cinderella is a fairytale. Jade, a self-assured young woman becomes mesmerized by the instant chemistry she has with her first lover and first orgasm. Months of intense sexual encounters with Dre lead her to believe that he is her Prince Charming but after a romantic trip to Catalina Island, he suddenly disappears, and Jade has a mental breakdown. Rushing to be by her side, Jade’s childhood best friend Monica arrives promising to help Jade recover. Monica becomes distracted in her own relationship with a wealthy but abusive trust fund baby. Unable to deal with the physical abuse of Shawn, Monica uncovers his dirty secret and all hell breaks loose. Jade and Monica endlessly spin their wheels trying to resolve their illusion of a perfect man by becoming the saving grace for each other. As the destructive lives of these women overlap their friendship, they find one thing in common: sex is different from love but true friendship can overcome anything.

The Delusion of Cinderella is available wherever books are sold.

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About Kym Whitley
Kym Whitley, widely known from her frequent appearances on Larry David’s groundbreaking HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm or the Tom Joyner Morning Show, is a former school teacher who, after a chance encounter with Redd Foxx, left the classroom for the stage. Whitley has appeared in Married with Children, Moesha, and The Wayans Brothers. Just last year, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of “Big Candi” in The Bay, The Series. Although mom to Joshua is her most coveted role, Kym can now add “author” to her resume. Her first book The Delusion of Cinderella is available wherever books are sold. To learn more about Kym and upcoming projects, please visit or

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Author Releases Website For His Books

Author Releases Website For His Books

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 10, 2018 / — Following the successful publication of Eugene McCann’s books: Jesus Was & Always with Me: Throughout My Life, The Journey of My Life: Part One and The Journey of My Life: Part Two; the author takes a leap as he releases a website for these titles that are definitely close to his heart. The website will display features that are easy to navigate and will give readers the opportunity to get the latest from the author.

In his book titles, the author opens his life to the readers. He shares the joys, sorrows, challenges, triumphs and failures before becoming a Benedictine devotee. Furthermore, he specifically states how his life changed when he embraced the Benedictine spirituality.

The author invites everyone to check his Facebook Fan Page: for more announcements regarding the release.

About the Author:
Eugene McCann is Professor in the Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University. His research focuses on the ways in which policies, especially urban policies, are circulated among communities of practitioners across the global and how these 'policy mobilities' are related to urban politics.

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